NuVoo Mining Review: Not Scam, Already Confirmed

NuVoo Mining Review: Not Scam, Already Confirmed

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NuVoo Mining is a Canadian company whose focus is to providing tools needed to generate Cryptocurrencies in the cloud. Apart from offering Cloud Mining services, NuVoo mining is also offering both Dedicated and Co-located Miners where clients can either choose to operate their dedicated mining rig or share resources with other miners within the NuVoo Mining community.

Besides this, NuVoo is also targeting both experts and large scale entrepreneurs with an eye for the Cryptocurrency mining industry. This category of individuals can rent one unit farm or multiple tier-1 home dedicated mining farms from NuVoo.

The other aspect of NuVoo that you will lover very much is that they offer customer support in both English and French languages.

By utilizing a bilingual approach, the company believes that they can target a wide audience. Nothing can be further from the truth.

In addition to this, NuVoo Mining is also offering live customer support. If you have any problem or question, the friendly customer service will address your concerns instantly.

NuVoo Mining Review

This company offers a wide range of plans which ensures that everyone can get their most preferred plan.

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top right hand side of their page to select your language.

All plans offer guaranteed hashing power, meaning that your chosen plan will always make you money anyhow.

While the starter plan has a minimum deposit requirement of $225, the company has a plan (not listed on the homepage) which can be purchased for $125 only.

nuvoo mining plans

It is also important to understand that all plans are open-ended. This means that you can mine altcoins with this company for as long as your plan remains profitable. When it stops being profitable, NuVoo Mining will close it.

The pre-order date for all plans is March 15, 2018. When you pick any of these plans, you will not pay the cost of electricity as NuVoo has invested in mining farms which are situated in Quebec, Canada. This location is one of the few areas in the world with low cost of electricity.

The other reason why you’re paying nothing for the cost of electricity is because this company has heavily invested in cheaper yet natural sources of electricity. There is a strong emphasis on using eco-friendly sources of energy which at least puts their miners ahead of the competition (that is, if you compare NuVoo Miners to other miners who still depend on one source of electricity).

Needless to say, the most expensive plan here costs $54,000, and it gives 126500.75 GH/s of hashing power. If you’re not paying electricity fees, then it means your profit potential should be higher than what you would have received from other companies selling the same amount of hashing power.

Benefits of choosing any plan with NuVoo Mining

The reason why many investors opting for cloud mining services are picking NuVoo over other companies is because this company has crafted their marketing plan in such a way that it appeals to both experts and novices.

Some of the reasons given include low cost of electricity, efficiency,high level of security and diversity of hashing power plans.

  • Efficient and low cost energy

Since this company chose a good location for their mining activities (Montreal Canada), it translated to lower cost of electricity. In the end, the benefits trickled down to the customer who is now enjoying hashing power plans with no electricity costs to pay.

The company also says that their HVAC cooling system is custom-designed. It’s cost effective to run. It’s environmentally friendly as well.

In addition to this, the company claims that their data centers are located in Tundra climate, and so cooling is never an issue.

Although no pictures or live videos have been provided as proof that these data centers are located here, we can see that clients are not paying the cost of electricity. That could be a hint that these guys are not incurring a huge bill in electricity consumed. And even if it was still big, the cost would be easily offset by highly efficient mining equipment. So that’s why they are not charging their clients anything for the cost of electricity.

  • High security panel

When you sign up with this company, you’ll get access to high level security web panel where you can manage your NuVoo services from.

In addition to this, the company has made it a priority to provide their clients with webcam security system in live stream.

  • 100% uptime and supportive customer professionals

Of course providing 100% up tome is not something you can guarantee. But at least this company does everything it can to ensure that their up time percentage is always high.

While NuVoo Mining cannot guarantee 100% up time, you can be sure that this figure is somewhere in the zone of 99% which is more than enough to make money.

Also, when you have any issues or questions you want addresses, you can make use of the troll box to get it solved.

Their support is very responsive. Their ticketing system is equally responsive.

nuvoo mining benefits

NuVoo Mining: Other things worth taking note of

NuVoo Mining does not have a calculator on their site to help you project what you could earn at the end of the day.

That is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a good thing because these calculators are highly deceptive. Using them would give an investor a totally wrong picture of what they will earn.

For that reason, only scams can use such calculators on their site.

Price and mining difficulty of altcoins are hard to predict. So if someone offers you a calculator and asks you to input a random figure for your investments, run because they want to scam you. No doubt about it.

Customer feedback

Generally, customer feedback is not bad, expect for some few individuals who were not satisfied with how they conduct their operations.

Generally, any site that scores 4 out of 5 stars in most forums is a good site.

Most people claim that they make money with NuVoo Mining. Others claim that the profits are so small.

Remember that these complaints don’t mean that this company is a scam.

In fact, every legitimate company out there should attract a fair amount of criticism. A good amount of criticism is healthy because it helps the company make changes where they have weaknesses.

So the bottom line here is that NuVoo Mining is a trusted company. It has managed to attract a huge crowd into its community who are currently active miners.

What we don’t like about NuVoo Mining

When you visit the site, you should immediately realize that the navigation menu is awkwardly big, with most of the space being taken by the large NuVoo Mining logo.

This interferes with user experience. In fact, while reviewing this website, we had a difficult time going through some texts because the navigation menu was blocking most of it, thus leaving a small part of the website exposed.

Our best advice for you

It terms of cloud mining, these guys can deliver, no doubt about that. If the main aim is to make money as opposed to user experience, then this company is your best bet.

You can sign up here if you want to get started. We love the fact that they have a good rating. We also love the friendly customer support on this site.

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