World Mining Review: Scam Never Mines Bitcoin

World Mining Review: Scam Never Mines Bitcoin

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World Mining at is purporting to offer mining contracts to investors who are interested in cloud mining. They also claim that they started their operation in early 2017, and that they recently incorporated the project into a British company in October the same year.

But there is no evidence of the alleged solid experience in the Cryptocurrency mining industry. And secondly, details of the corporation in question are not available anywhere on the internet.

It prompted us to dig further. We discovered that World Mining was surrounded by a cloud of anonymity. On the other hand, the website seems to be promising nothing but excellent mining experience where customers can allegedly make money fast and easily.

Is World Mining legitimate? We doubt this. Given that this is a mysterious company/website, we don’t think they are any legitimate. But let’s see anyway.

Note: You can mine Cryptocurrencies with legitimate companies here.

world mining review

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top right hand side of their page to select your language.

World Mining review

The experience that World Mining is talking about cannot be confirmed.

They claim that they have invested in modern, powerful Cryptocurrency mining hardware with an average capacity of more than 67 PH/s.

We really don’t know whether this is true. Also, World Mining is claiming that they are involved in leasing servers of varying capacities to those who are interested. Unfortunately, there are no records anywhere showing this website’s activities in that space.

The alleged customer who utilizes the services of World Mining is supposed to choose what they want as the company is very flexible with its offering. The website claims that customers are able to choose speed and power of the leased servers, profitability, period of time it takes to pay back rent and so on.

On top of that, they claim that their project has been able to adapt a variety of mining algorithms which include Scrypt Mining, Dagger-Hashimoto, SHA256 and X11 respectively.

Well, that could really mean that World Mining is a highly equipped company.

However, since their operations are covered in mystery, we are not able to verify any of these claims. Remember that scammers too make claims that can’t be verified. And this website fits very well in that category.

Supposed benefits of mining with World Mining

The website has listed a number of advantages which they claim customers will enjoy if they work with them.

These include the possibility of enjoying a stable income, decent interest rates, lowest rental rates and good terms of service.

They want you to see how reliable their service is. But remember that nothing can be guaranteed in the world of cloud mining. Just like any other investment, you can’t guarantee any significant returns.

This website is actually misleading investors because they are guarantying stable income and secondly, they are making claims that cannot be verified.

Do they own data centers?

Since this project is operated by people who thrive on obscurity, you can expect to find nothing when it comes to their alleged hardware and data centers.

The fact that World Mining is talking about their ”modern hardware” and ”data centers” does not mean that they actually have them.

We searched for any evidence that would lead us into finding their data centers. We did not find anything. This is just empty talk guys. There are no hardware or data centers here. That should be very clear.

world mining calculator

This automatically nullifies the alleged increment in their income which they claim was increased by 15% between March and September.

There is also reference to natural resources for generating electricity and facilitating cooling. World Mining claims that they’ve been able to cut costs significantly.

And lastly, they claim that they have been able to provide high interest rates for their clients because they put in place measures that would automatically cut costs.

We only wish that these things were true. The problem is that these claims cannot be verified. But the website is still insisting that their claims are reality.

They are talking of high interest rates. This prompted us to experiment with their online calculator to see just how much we would earn with this website.

The values that were coming up as a result of inputting certain figures representing our investments was unbelievable. Those figures suggested that World Mining was a get rich quick scam.

We could not think twice about it because all websites that have utilized such calculators have often turned out to be scams.

This one can’t be an exception either. We have done our research thoroughly, and the only thing we can tell you for sure is that World Mining is the worst website you can send your bitcoins to. That’s because it’s easy to believe that they mine Cryptocurrencies. Their style of presentation makes it easy for people to think that actual mining operations are going on.

Company ownership

Don’t be surprised that a company doesn’t exist here at all. This website isn’t backed by any corporation. They are just lying to make them look credible in the eyes of a potential investor.

That is a really bad thing because they are misleading investors, thus making them lose their Bitcoins in the process.

We thought that would give us a good lead. When we run the domain on this tool, we discovered that it was privately registered to prevent the public from finding out who owns this website.

When we checked out the company in question, we discovered that it was not existing anywhere. It’s not a real company because these details aren’t listed on either.

That makes World Mining a dangerous scam. Why do you send your Bitcoins to someone who doesn’t want to reveal their identity to you?

Why do you send Bitcoins to people whose operations are not clear?

These guys are bound to take your coins and disappear because they are operating a project that is akin to a ponzi scheme. Any expert who looks into this website will tell you that World Mining is a ponzi scheme as opposed to a legitimate mining operation.

User feedback

This service is really popular in Italy. It appears that the popularity of this site is boosted by the fact that the shrewd owners are paying traffic exchange websites to have their members browsing World Mining website.

We assume that people from Italy visit this site the most. And so that begs the question of why there are no user feedback on Google or elsewhere on the internet.

Usually, popular services will have users talking about them in forums like Reddit and BitcoinTalk. However, with this one, we don’t have any reviews or testimonials from people who could have used it in the past.

You might want to treat this as a red flag because there is no way a service can be possible yet they don’t have people talking about them.

Our best advice for you

World Mining is a dangerous site to send your Bitcoins to. We have always warned people not to send Bitcoins to strangers or websites whose ownership details and track records are hidden. This is a high risk website. Your investment will go down the drain.

Please use these approved cloud mining companies instead. Don’t believe that something good will ever come out of this pathetic scam.

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8 Replies to “World Mining Review: Scam Never Mines Bitcoin”

  1. They do have a video of their data centers on their website and their company registration can be verified it seems. I’ve also heard that they do payouts (not that it proves anything) and they also seem to accept credit cards (most scam companies insist on payment in BTC). Their support is also very responsive which is more than I can say of even HashFlare. I’ve bought a small amount of hashpower through them to test out. ROI should be in a couple of months (if not a scam). Their referral system is concerning though (smells like a ponzi).

  2. Another interesting ‘fact’ on their website, they mention that they are using Antminer S5 and S7, which most of us know are no longer profitable based on their output/electricity usage.

  3. Another red flag is that the person listed on their company certificate as the owner has only 1 measly share. Who starts a company up with 1 share outstanding. Plus he is not listed as a part of the yound looking management group whom none of which have linkedin profiles.

  4. Hello, friends!

    I started investing in World Mining two months ago. My investment in WM is $1000, so daily accrual for my investment is about $10. As noticed people like World Mining Company a lot.
    They pay very well! The withdrawals are fast. Respect to the company! It became very popular around the world. God bless!!!!

  5. It’s working good and I have proof of payment if somebody want to see please reply I will offer you a proof….
    For receiving 30 Gh/s bonus register here with a link below:
    link removed

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