Bitcoin Trader Code Review: Bold Scam Indeed!

Bitcoin Trader Code Review: Bold Scam Indeed!

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We are at it again, this time warning you not to go in the way of BitcoinTraderCode. The reason for this is that Bitcoin Trader Code is a cloned scam. There is nothing as bad as cloning a robot that is known for losing money. Someone’s mind is not functioning correctly here. While others are busy trying to clone a working formula, scammers are busy figuring out how to clone a money losing software. This clearly shows that they are dumb, and they want you to lose money if you will not think twice.

Now, the fact of the matter is that Bitcoin Trader Code was meant to lose you money and profit the owner instead. Because this is a zero sum game, you should expect that all your losses will go back to the creator of this software and the people they have teamed up with to make stealing from you a possibility.

We are especially disgusted with the claim that Bitcoin Trader Code has a win rate of 99.4%. They are just taking it too far. This is unacceptable. No trading robot can double your investments in a single day. Making $1300 is not a realistic goal, not unless you’re trading with a balance of $100,000. Not so many traders out there are rich since many keep falling for these scams, thereby losing money every day.

We do not want you to be another statistic. What we want you to understand is that Bitcoin Trader Code is a scam which has never won any award in the US. We want you to understand that this trading app has never doubled the investment of its users.

And last but not least, we want you to understand that this software has probably done one thing — to lose money and profit the creator.

We do not believe that becoming a millionaire is something you can achieve for free. You have to sacrifice a lot of things in order to gain that status. That’s just how nature works.

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But you see, these guys are taking it too far by claiming that with Bitcoin Trader Code, you can become a millionaire for free because the trading app does not require you to purchase any license. That must be a miracle, right?

So, what’s the catch?

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Bitcoin Trader Code Review

It would be correct to say that the Bitcoin Trader Code is the same software that was used in the case of the Bitcoin Code scam. 

That is a very obvious thing here. You do not need to be told that scammers recycled an old failing software and peddled it as new.

bitcoin trader code review

You must think like this: if this software is a clone version of a scam, then chances are that it will still lose money. There is no rocket science here. It’s plain simple.

And if you’re not making any money in the process, you will feel betrayed because Bitcoin Trader Code says is promising $1300 per day without fail yet you are making nothing. In fact, the software will even blow your trading balance. These crooks are not willing to take responsibility for their action. You can therefore rest assured that your cries will fall on deaf ears.

The other claim that caught our attention is that this software won awards in the US Trading association. We are not sure if such an association exists in the US. This is because despite doing our research to try find that association, our efforts bore no fruit.

Therefore, it looks like these allegations that Bitcoin Trader Code won awards are total lies. These folks must be very lazy and careless because they disregard the fact that everything they say in this website can be confirmed and verified.

Like we said earlier, they must be dumb people whose intelligence is questionable.

Now that the so-called US Trading Association does not exist, what other lies do you suspect these guys must have told you?

Probably the win rate. It’s absurd for someone to claim that they are giving away a free trading robot that wins trades 99% of the time. We have never seen such a trading robot anywhere.

And if this software is able to produce such results, we would like these crooks to produce evidence pointing to proof that Bitcoin Trader Code actually wins most trades as claimed on their official website.

Unfortunately, crooks will never produce any trading results. They over-promise and even lie in the process of trying to chase the money.

Look, these crooks don’t even have past performance. If they are claiming that the robot is so new, they should first use it and then post their results on their website. That way, we can have something to refer to when issues of trading performance arise. But so far, nothing of that kind has happened. It was expected anyway.

bitcoin trader code promises

How the scam intends to lose you money

There is this one claim that we almost forgot to mention where the crooks state that this software executes trades with amazing speeds. The alleged speed of execution is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market.

These guys cannot be real because such speeds are unheard of. This is just a dream. But it is also a wrong marketing tactic that can never convince people who are familiar with the ins and outs of Cryptocurrency trading.

That speed has never been proved anywhere. The Bitcoin Trader Code is just taking us for a ride here since they cannot verify any of their claims.

And of course the fake badges which you see on the site suggest that the website is operated by crooks. None of those security badges are actually in place.

But the worst thing of all is that the owner of this software is not willing to disclose who they are. We have searched and hit a dead end, which clearly shows that they are willing to hide rather than showing their faces to the world.

Because of the above reasons, you should rest assured that this is a scam.

Stealing from you will therefore be an easy task for them (actually a walk in the park).

The crooks are currently working with Olsson Capital broker. This broker has a bad reputation of ripping off its traders. That’s something you don’t want to be involved in.

The steps are like this: You will be required to register with your personal details before being taken to the broker’s website where you will be required to fund your trading account.

Things can get thick if you actually take that step. The reason being, the broker has liaised with the vendor of this scam vendor. They share commissions and pocket the rest.

As you can see, you are the losing party here. If you’re not careful, you will keep losing from one scam to another.

Our best advice for you

Bitcoin Trader Code should be avoided at all cost if you want to actually trade and make money. It’s detrimental to your trading career.

Let’s do this: pick any of these trading robots and start trading Bitcoin. That is the only way to make money here. Otherwise, if you ignore this advice, you probably deserve what’s coming to you.

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