Capital Coins Review: Corrupt and Shameless Scam

Capital Coins Review: Corrupt and Shameless Scam

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This unbiased review will discuss Capital Coins, a suspicious Cryptocurrency brokerage that has been mentioned several times by investors in the Cryptocurrency trading community.

We generally feel obligated to address issues of concern once they are brought to our attention. Therefore, even as you read this review, you will discover how dangerous and illusive this Cryptocurrency investment project can be.

This Capital Coins review was written after considering a number of scam indicators. These include ownership, date of website registration, customer feedback among other things. So if you have any other opinion or concern that was not addressed here, feel free to contact us.

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Capital Coins Review

Capital Coins is marketed as an online trading platform for Cryptocurrencies, CFDs and FX Options. However, Cryptocurrency trading seems to be of more priority than CDFs and FX options trading.

capital-coins review

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top right hand side of their page to select your language.

The site claims that they have been in this business for 3 years in a row. They are allegedly the leading Cryptocurrency trading destination where some 300,000 traders are actively participating in the exchange of altcoins each month.

We have also noticed that Capital Coins website is boasting about the alleged opportunities that traders can enjoy on their platform. They keep saying that they are the best trading platform for Cryptocurrencies in the world.

We have not verified any one of these claims so far. The reason being that we already know that they are not true. The only truth here is that this platform is dealing in Cryptocurrency assets, nothing more.

Capital-Coins has also alleged that they are regulated by industry authorities. We actually caught hold of their ”licensing number” and verified it. Surprisingly, this licensing number appears to belong to that of a social trading platform known as eToro.

The other false claim that Capital-Coins is making is that they have operated as a Cryptocurency brokerage for the last 3 years, yet information can reveal that the site was first registered in August 2017.

There is generally no reason as to why someone should lie about these crucial details. If this platform was genuine and legit, they would have been straight forward and transparent with their audience. But since most of the things which you can read on the Capital-Coins website are lies, you cannot trust anything else that they will tell you.

To prove that this website is suspicious, let’s look at certain factors and discoveries which we have made so far.

Ownership of Capital-Coins

The site has presented its audience with an about us page where they mention that Mickael Jhonson is the CEO of this company.

However, we are beginning to doubt whether this information is accurate and real. This is because after trying to investigate details of the said person, we were not successful.

The person does not have a Linkedin profile or his biography listed anywhere on the internet. Mickael Jhonson does not exist anywhere on the worldwide web. Because of this, we have actually concluded that this guy does not exist at all.

The same page goes ahead to list a company known as Capital Coins Ltd. This is the supposed corporation behind Capital Coins website. They claim that this company is registered with Cypriot Investment Firm or CIF if you like. The company registration number listed on this section of the website is HE20058.

Upon further research and investigations, we realized that Capital Coins Limited is an entity that does not exist. We searched it through the CIF website and nothing returned for the query Capital Coins Limited.

But this is not by coincidence because we have already seen that the provided company registration number belongs to eToro, which is currently the internet’s largest social trading platform.

Furthermore, eToro CySec profile did not list Capital Coins as one of their domains. This tells us that the scam brokerage just used this information to try building credibility in a false way. They did not know that we would find out and use that information against them. That’s quite unfortunate for whoever that is in charge of this shady website.

Should you use this red flag as a reason for avoiding Capital Coins? Absolutely.

Apart from this, the scam brokerage has also copied eToro’s FCA licensing number while claiming that they are based out of the UK yet we know that this is not true. They are not recognized by any law, and are therefore operating illegally. What is more, since they have copied registration details of another company, we can assume that this is an illegal business waiting to the basted and owner sued in the process.

What does this scam brokerage purport to offer?

They allegedly operate what is known as contracts for difference. But in this case, they are mostly dealing in Cryptocurrencies. The trading platform allegedly has leverage too, just like Forex brokers do.

Besides this, the website has also employed unlicensed financial advisory people who are entrusted with the role of ”helping” you make wise investment decisions when it comes to investing your money on the platform. It is highly encouraged that you team up with them so that you can learn the ins and outs of investing on their platform.

Apart from this, Capital Coins appears to encourage investors to use their copy trading mechanism. They support all major Cryptocurrencies in the market right now.

Red flags and discrepancies which should worry you

Already we have gone through some red flags here and there which suggest that Capital Coins website is a scam. But we feel that some red flags haven’t been covered yet, and we must mentioned them all in this review.

As you can see, this website is using blatant scamming tactics which can no longer work in this era of information. The other thing that should concern you is that the corporation in question does not exist. The alleged number of traders who use this platform on a monthly basis is also false.

Basically, this site authenticity, and therefore cannot convince at all. These discrepancies should be taken seriously because failure to do so will obvious have consequences like losing all your funds.

Reason why you should avoid this false brokerage

With all reasons given above, you should not continue pondering about whether or not to invest in this Cryptocurrency scam.

It is crystal clear that this is a weird investment platform where people deposit and lose money. It is a known fact going by our discoveries.

If you truly value your hard-earned money and well-being, we highly discourage you from investing with this shady site.

The site has clearly proved that they are not interested in telling the truth. They are after manipulating investors to win their trust with the intention of ultimately stealing from them.

Our best advice for you

You shouldn’t do business with someone who is clearly manipulating you with false details. These folks always have an evil agenda which you may not know. There is no explanation that can justify the reason for using another company’s licensing number. But as you can see, this website is blatantly making this mistake with the sole purpose of manipulating its audience. That’s a very weird thing to do.

At this point in time, you can feel free to explore these investment alternatives which will actually make you more altcoins in the process.

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