Coin Energy Review – Desirable or Scam Mining Operations?

Coin Energy Review – Desirable or Scam Mining Operations?

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With the popularity of Cryptocurrencies being on the rise, it can feel like marketers and scammers alike are pitching endless solicitation ranging from illicit Bitcoin mining practices, to scam Crypto exchanges and robots that pretend to trade for profit when all they do is to generate random signals that lose money. Coin Energy is one of those tactful engineering investments program that aim to swindle the average investor of their hard-earned money. is basically a fraudulent Bitcoin mining platform where investors are promised 2% hourly returns for the next 100 hours. The idea may sound fantastic to newbies who know nothing about these investment schemes. But if you think about it carefully, you will come to the realization that Coin Energy is nothing more than a trap for stealing Cryptos.

They are anonymous, and that’s the first problem. The second problem is that they are blatantly deceptive. They lack morals, and for that reason, this will cost you if you happen to make a deposit as requested by Coin Energy website. The thing is, they will betray and victimize you the moment you send your money. You can only lose money if you send it to scammers. On the other hand, you can save your money if you choose to take this warning seriously and desist from sending money anyhow in the name of investing.

Do you still want to know more about Coinergy, the ruthless and misleading investment opportunity on the internet? Read on.

Coin Energy review

Coin Energy is a sleazy platform where ‘’expert investors’’ will accept your Bitcoins (regardless of the amount) and use it to invest in trading and mining for purposes of generating profits on your behalf.

coin energy review

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We don’t believe that Coin Energy is a genuine fund management platform. The only thing that is likely to happen here is that after you make that deposit in Bitcoins, it will go to their accounts and disappear completely as they ‘’manage your funds’’ behind closed doors.

It is now alleged that the moment your money starts working for you, you will make 2% returns per hour for the next 100 hours.

Their motto is ‘’Think Big and Earn Big’’. That should mislead newbies into thinking that Coin Energy and the team behind it have their best interest at heart. We know that this is a Bitcoin deposit trap. But some investors who haven’t lost money yet are uncertain about this platform. They don’t know whether or not to call it a scam.

There are many red flags to look for here. You see, this website is claiming that they can deliver outrageous profits. But they are not backing that claim with any evidence of their activities. Also, they are making sure that their identity can’t be established by an average investor. Maybe authorities can still find them. But rest assured that the average person who browses the internet in search for Cryptocurrency investment opportunities will never establish their real identities. These scammers are tactful in all their ways; hence it can be difficult to anticipate their actions.

The bottom line is that their actions can’t be overlooked. We conducted a basic scam test to establish their true intentions.

Here’s what we have for you in this review.

Is the owner of Coin Energy disclosing their information?

Coin Energy is too careful not to disclose any information that would lead their audience to identify the owner or operator of the site. The only way to reach them would be through using a contact form or a free email service which they’ve published on their website.

The footer of the site contains social links for their Facebook, Google+ and YouTube pages alongside their terms and condition, disclaimer and privacy policy pages. However, clicking their social links will only lead to their contact page and nowhere else.

In other words, the owner of this website is anonymous, and is not willing to reveal his information to the audience whom he is targeting. That is a big red flag.

Are their returns huge and unbelievable?

We believe that Coin Energy is promising unbelievable returns. 2% hourly returns would translate to 17,520% annual returns. Isn’t this too good to be true? Certain yes.

Now, remember that the owner of this website is not transparent with their investment portfolio. He is not willing to introduce team members. Lastly, he is not even willing to show us how this team is experienced in this kind of work, yet they still maintain that Coin Energy has the ability to generate 2% returns by the hour. Clearly this is a far-fetched dream.

How old is this platform?

This is just a reality check which could go a long way into helping us understand whether or not one is likely to lose money here. The site in question was registered in August 2017. Information about the owner was privately registered. On the other hand, their terms and conditions make it clear that the site is not going to accept responsibility for any type of damage that will arise from the use of this site.

Also, the site is only giving a contact form and an email address for communication purposes. Rest assured that there is no other form of active communication that is being supported on this site.

This discovery is not confidence inspiring at all. Something is not right with this site. The site is also making use of dubious statistics to falsely create the impression that people are making use of this service. But when you check carefully, you will realize that this is falsified information. The only people who have used this service have ended up in a loss. Their information cannot be published on this site at all.

Other false information that this site cannot prove

Coin Energy claims that their team of employees has 3 years of experience mining Bitcoin for its members. But we have already seen that this team is anonymous, and probably does not exist.

In relation to this, the site claims that they are engaging in mining operations, specifically Bitcoin mining. However, there is no evidence that they own any mining hardware. The site does not even mention if mining rigs are being outsourced.

Summary of important points to keep in mind

If you’re going to use this sleazy service anyway, you have to remember that you’re sending your hard-earned money to people who are anonymous. Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed. Nobody has ever figured out how to reverse Bitcoins. That is why scammers often prefer Bitcoin payments to other forms of payment.

The other thing you should remember is that the operators of Coin Energy have refused to disclose their practices. They cannot prove whether or not they have mining facility, and two, they cannot verify who their employees are and what experience they have.

In short, Coin Energy does not qualify to receive your portfolio for purposes of investing in Bitcoins or any other altcoin.

Our best advice for you

If you ignore this since review, the mistake is going to be costly. That’s an assurance. Having gone through the website entirely, we can say that CoinEnergy is not a safe place to invest in. But you can always trust these companies to mine on your behalf.

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