Investor Sea Review: Scam Brokerage or What?

Investor Sea Review: Scam Brokerage or What?

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In this review, we will be talking of Investor Sea with the intention of letting you know what this platform is all about and whether or not it’s worth investing with them.

On the surface, Investor Sea appears to be a legitimate brokerage platform where investors can trade stocks, crypto pairs, and other assets. They are also allegedly going to give you lessons on how to trade Cryptocurrencies such that if you are a complete beginner, you will always get started like a professional.

We doubt if the people who are going to train you are experienced in this field, given that Investor Sea is a suspicious brokerage. We have all the reasons to doubt their intentions. That’s why we had to post this review to air our thoughts and make certain assertions that will go a long way into helping you make a wise investment decision.

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Investor Sea Review

There are several problems with Investor Sea platform, and we believe that these problems are purely intentional. Let’s start with the ownership of this platform before discussing whether or not they are regulated.

The brokerage does not state who owns it since the domain is privately registered on This is a common pattern that scammers love. It implies that the owner of the website is not willing to disclose their information due to some shady activities that may involve the site in question.

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It is not a good sign, and neither does it inspire any confidence towards this site. The other thing that this site fails to disclose is whether or not their activities are backed by any registered corporation.

investor sea review

So far, Investor Sea is only operating like a solo entity whose operations are not overseen by anyone. Most of the time a brokerage will have its operation overseen by its mother company. This company has to be registered and compliant with the regulations set forth by the FCA.

In the case of Investor Sea, we see that the platform is quite deceptive because they are claiming that they are licensed by the FCA to offer brokerage services on the internet, yet that information cannot be authenticated or verified.

Usually, an online brokerage will publish their licensing information on the footer of the site. In fact, this is a requirement by the FCA. All traders must be able to see this information before considering any transaction with the said platform.

So the first offence that Investor Sea is making is related to deceptive tricks which they are employing to overshadow the fact that they are not licensed. This means that Investor Sea website is running an illegal business. It is illegal for the brokerage to run such a service on the internet. It is also illegal for traders to conduct business with such a website.

However, it appears that this is a deliberate move to scam traders. We do not want to believe that the owner of this platform is not aware of what regulators are saying concerning setting up of professional brokerage platforms on the internet. We cannot even call it ignorance because it is quite clear that the faceless owner is operating with impunity and intending to steal money from their customers.

On top of that, there is no address that is associated with the location of this business. You must remember that this is a requirement.

Last but not least, Investor Sea has never published any risk disclaimer on their site. This is a requirement as well. If you’re operating an online brokerage, you must disclose all the risks that are involved in trading online assets. If you miss this part, then you are not acting in good faith since you’re breaching regulations set forth by the FCA. Therefore, this platform is operating business illegally.

No about us or contact information

These are critical features of any website out there. Any website owner must tell us who they are and what they are intending to do with regards to the product or service which they are offering.

And of course they need to include a phone number, an email address and even a troll box because most (if not all online brokerages) have these means of communication on their site.

None of these things have been included on the Investor Sea website, which actually makes us even more suspicious.

The only feature that we can find on this website is form where you can input your name, email and phone number. You cannot contact the operator through any means.

Now, this might suggest that the faceless owner of the Investor Sea website is planning to collect leads which he can sell to other brokerages since there is no evidence that Investor Sea is a broker itself.

And even if they are a brokerage platform, they would be committing a grave mistake. It’s only a matter of time before authorities can crack down on this illegal brokerage.

Fake testimonials

Apparently, this site also has a German version which is featuring fake testimonials. How exactly did we know this? Of course we checked the photos to determine if they were stock photos. As expected, we discovered that this site was using fake photos which don’t represent those of their clients.

You can rest assured that this is a brokerage that can attract negative client feedback – if they ever manage to convert a few leads.

We do not see how a trader can fall for such blatant tricks which are obviously telling us that Investor Sea is a scam.

One cannot use fake photos and expect to go Scott free. We will always assess the photos and find out if there was any foul play in the process.

How this scam is supposed to work

Our suspicions finally bore fruit when we attempted to sign up with fake details, except our phone number. We had not choice but to give them our true phone contact just to see what would happen.

The first thing you need to realize is that such people are scammers who harvest contact information and sell it to others within the same industry.

If you sign up and fail to convert, you will become the target of an email campaign where basically the scammers will bombard you with marketing emails every now and then. You’re lucky that they’ll automatically be redirected to the spam box. No worries.

The point is, this website is playing an introducing broker. After you sign up, Investor Sea will take you to an unregulated broker called Sitalix.

The redirection is happening because the owner of Investor Sea has partnership with Sitalix. If they successfully refer depositors, they will earn a commission. Of course this does not make the process any safer because already Sitalix is an unregulated broker. They could also be referred to as rogue brokers because they do not scrutinize the kind of people they work with.

Our best advice for you

Enough has been said about Investor Sea, and we believe that you can now see why we are saying that this is a big hoax. If you want to save yourself from pain and agony that comes with losing money, avoid this brokerage. You might want to consider these regulated ones instead.


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  1. j’ai été arnaqué (80000€) il y a quelques années sur le tradding binaire je peux vous donner des détails quand vous le désirez

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