Kings Marque Review – What a Giant Scam?

Kings Marque Review – What a Giant Scam?

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Kings Marque is an investment scam that pretends to be very successful. And for some reasons, these criminals are willing to share their profits with you on condition that you must purchase at least one investment plan.

The main thing here is that you will lose money that is equivalent to the investment amount used to purchase the nonsensical plans.

There are 6 investment plans in total. Kings Marque claims that the basic plan will earn you between 2% to 5% per day. The second plan is supposed to earn you 7% daily profit for 3 weeks. The third plan offers 12% for 12 days. The fourth plan earns 130% per day for one day. The fifth and sixth are supposed to earn you 195% for 3 days and 330% for 7 days respectively.

Now, you do not need anybody to tell you that Kings Marque is a scam. Look at the numbers? Do they make any sense to you? Can you make these profits for simply purchasing these plans and doing nothing afterwards?

That’s the question you must ask these scammers. But since they are dishonest people who don’t see the need for transparency, you can rest assured that this answer is hard to come by. Read this Kings Marque review to find out.

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Kings Marque review

From what you can see in the above plans, there is no genuine thing about this website. You see, there is no single legitimate business that can make you 1000% returns per month. Anybody who claims that they have a secret magic to multiplying your investments is definitely a liar.

kingsmarque review

If this was true, they would never share their profits with you. They would simply have nothing to do with you. There would be no need to ask for your money in the name of investing it on their plans. Things simply don’t make sense here.

The numbers that you see on this website suggests that Kings Marque is a full blown ponzi scheme. Such a giant ponzi scheme has one intention – to collect money from as many people as possible so that they can issue small payouts for a short period of time before refusing to offer any more payouts. This happens because the owner wants to keep a large profit. Otherwise, there would be no need to run such a business if the owner can’t generate profits down the road.

Kings Marque is actually asking for a minimum deposit of $1 and a maximum of $50,000. We can’t believe that a naive investor with some money to throw away can send these scammers $50,000. It would be disastrous because Kings Marque is already a prove scam with no intentions of making you any money. The bigger the amount, the more they become happy with you. It is not likely that they will pay you back anything in return for the capital which you shall have invested in their platform.

Which activities does Kings Marque participate in?

Now that returns are huge and abnormal, one who isn’t familiar with the world of ponzi schemes would wonder what activities Kings Marque is participating in to generate such returns.

If you look at their about us section of the site, you will come across claims that Kings Marque is a company registered in the UK and that their main line of business is investing in market events.

They allegedly want your money so that they can invest it in currency pairs, securities and Cryptocurrencies.

Their anonymous traders and always alert and responsive to market changes.

They claim that their job is to minimize risks by investing in the world’s most lucrative industries.

Actually, if you analyze this page carefully, you will realize that their staff members or people whom the ”company” is using to make their operations a success are mysterious.

There are no names or pictures to confirm that Kings Marque has employed an experience team of traders and analysts who watch the market with the intention of investing.

In the about us section, the website claims that their company makes consistent profits every month – part of the profit is supposed to end up in their clients’ accounts.

While expecting them to back this claim with trading results showing how this company has been performing in the last couple of months, Kings Marque just states these claims and leaves everything to our imagination.

Based on what is written on this part of the website, we can infer that Kings Marque does not have any qualified personnel to manage your assets, and two, they do not intend to invest your capital on any market.

The website has not released any proof showing how they have been making the alleged profits. So how can we believe them?

As you go through this part of the website, you will feel that the information presented there is not adding any value or even answering the burning questions that we may have concerning the legitimacy of Kings Marque.

More red flags along the way

The more we investigate Kings Marque website, the more we are able to pick the tell tale signs.

The first thing you should notice is that this site is not encrypted with SSL technology. What this means is that if you decide to purchase any of the plans using your credit card or any other form of payment, your banking information will be exposed to hackers on the internet. Don’t be surprised that the operators of Kings Marque are the hackers.

It’s a way of harvesting your banking information through a seemingly legit asset management website which claims to make overnight profits. This is quite shady.

There is no professional team behind Kings Marque. Do not be fooled that these guys have employed a professional team to handle your portfolio. Why would they do so if the main intent is to scam you? It beats logic.

The other thing you should notice is that if a professional team was in place, they would never shy away from introducing their faces, names and even track record.

Currently, we have no idea as to whether the alleged team members are existing. We cannot just rely on information published on this corny website. It would be disastrous to do so.

The alleged licensed script on this template is also a big fat lie. This is not a licensed script since all licensed scripts can be verified. So far, we have not been able to verify this information.

Also, while the site claims that they are seeking to establish long term relationship with their clients, that may not be the case at all.

kingsmarque plans

If you look at the alleged return on investments, you will see that those numbers cannot be sustained in the long run. So how exactly does Kings Marque intend to attract and hold their customers for the long term? This is clearly impossible. In fact, the scammers know it very well. They will not tell you this because they want you to discover it on your own.

Our best advice for you

This website is definitely aimed at cheating. They intend to steal from you through manipulation and marketing tactics usually seen in scam websites. You cannot trust Kings Marque with your hard earned money. We advice you to explore these Cryptocurrency companies instead. They are legit and approved by the trading community.

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