Ripple Code Scam Review: $7,000 Per Day Is Not Attainable

Ripple Code Scam Review: $7,000 Per Day Is Not Attainable

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Scammers have once again committed the offence of launching a fraudulent trading robot called Ripple Code. The suspect trading app can be found on a landing page with a very weird domain name – It is clear that the mysterious owner of this domain didn’t intend to use that website to promote Ripple Code. But for some reason, they found themselves utilizing that domain for a very different purpose.

There is no need to sugar-coat things here. Based on concrete evidence which we have gathered to help us write this sincere review, we can conclude that this Cryptocurrency trading robot was launched by a moronic scammer whose intention was to rip off anyone who will dance to their tune.

These outrageous marketing tactics are outdated. There is nowhere on earth that a trading robot can generate $7,000 profit per day. Not in this business of trading Cryptocurrencies. This has never been possible in any industry out there.

The rudimentary promotional video is making obnoxious promises which cannot be fulfilled in any shape or form. And from what we can see, this scam is clearly targeting novice investors who may not be aware of how the Cryptocurrency trading industry works.

In this review of the Ripple Code program, we have the sole intention to expose the hell out of them. We already know that these folks are selling lies which are likely to cost naive investors in terms of their trading deposits.

ripple code review

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For that reason, we are sounding a warning to everyone who will care to listen. Ripple Code has no working algorithm to make that kind of daily returns. This algorithm is unheard of. You cannot make 7k a day from this software or any other trading robot out there.

High end hedge fund managers use robots too. But they will always tell you that this kind of daily return is exaggerated and unheard of. It cannot be achieved. And most importantly, even if the software was able to achieve this goal, it would not maintain those returns in the long run.

Let’s go deeper into the main issues that make Ripple Code a no-go zone for anyone who values their heard earned money.

P.S: Go to our list of trusted Crypto trading robots here.

Ripple Code Review

The aim of this shady landing page is to convince newbies that they were fortunate enough to find it on the internet. They supposedly launched this project in a beta testing mode, and they are hosting a feeble video on their site where they can tell you more lies involving money and how much this software is able to generate even if it’s still in its beta testing phase.

As a matter of fact, this program masquerades as a Cryptocurrency trading robot when the truth is that it is an ad surfing system where users can browse various Crypto ads and as a result, can generate daily income from these activities.

The point is, Ripple Code is an automatic ad surfing portal as opposed to a trading robot. The theory which they are basing their claims on sound enticing. However, the site refuses to present transparent evidence to verify their claims.

The site makes no mention of which Crypto-based ads are being utilized or even how members are supposed to be compensated. There is not a single explanation anywhere on this site as to why people should invest their hard earned money on this site.

Now, the reality of Ripple Code is that it is a deposit trap with no focus on Cryptocurrency trading, advertising or anything. You will soon find out that their deceptive ways are aimed at convincing newbies to make a deposit. Once that is done, the obvious thing will happen – they lose all their money.

Who’s behind this shady project?

The landing page where Ripple Code is promoted at suggests that this project is supervised by Ripple Code LLC.

A quick search with regards to Ripple Code LLC reveals that no active corporation with that name is existing at the moment. Nevertheless, we were able to find a useful lead with regards to who may be owning this entity.

It should be noted that the promotion video which is appearing on the Ripple Code landing page is just a shortened version of the original YouTube video.

ripple code youtube

When you watch the full version, you will see that someone by the name ‘James White’ is the alleged owner of the project.

Now, according to the allegations being made by this video, James White started out as a software developer before switching his career to that of an investor. Shortly, he became a ‘millionaire maker”.

This character also claims to have been featured in a number of established media website such as CNN, Forbes and Wall Street Journal.

Unfortunately, when we checked the 3 sites, we did not find any reference to James White.

In addition to this, we were not able to verify whether it is true that after using this software for 90 days only, he was able to turn himself into a self-made millionaire. No verifiable proof has ever been presented to make us believe the claims.

What you should know

This Ripple Code project is nothing else but a nesting ground from where falsehood involving financial matters can be bred.

This Crypto-based ad flipping system is a fraud. The promise of making $7,000 a day in profit is far fetched and obnoxious. No one can believe this nonsense when evidence has not been presented. Furthermore, if Ripple Code is that good such that the owner is already a millionaire, why do they want to distribute it now? It makes no sense to us. So definitely this should not make sense to you too.

They are clearly building credibility through shady means which works against them instead of helping them gain the trust of their audience.

If this guy has ever been mentioned by the 3 major news sites, it should be easy for him to churn up in the search engines the moment you type the words ”James White”. Unfortunately, that name does not return any relevant results with regards to the owner of this program.

Finally, we have also discovered that the alleged developer of the Ripple Code is also the same person who was introduced as the owner of Bitcoin Code scam.

The moment you land on the website where this nonsense is being promoted at, it will be crystal clear that you are dealing with a manipulative scam. The site operator doesn’t want anything to do with transparency. Moreover, they are fabricating almost everything that appears on the site. This means that they are frauds who don’t deserve to be trusted.

Our best advice for you

The only advice we can give you is to stay away from any website or landing page where the owner is not transparent and is not dealing with facts.

In the case of Ripple Code, the operator is clearly promising us $7,000 per day, yet we know very well that no trader can earn that much. They hate to deal with factual information.

Also, the fact that they are misleading us with wrong information is something you should think twice about. The fact of the matter is that no one is using this website or its affiliated program to make wealth. There are only two known ways to generate wealth with Cryptocurrencies. Either mine them here or trade them using special robots. Is that clear?

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