The Billion Coin Scam Review: Will You Lose your Bitcoin?

The Billion Coin Scam Review: Will You Lose your Bitcoin?

Share This! is a textbook definition of a too good to be true investment scam. The name of the actual investment project is the Billion Coin or TBC if you like. If you spend some time analyzing this website, you will see that most of the activities here are based on scam marketing techniques.

Gullible yet prospective investors who find their way to this site will be ushered into a platform that uses a fictitious and self-creating altcoin that promises unrealistic earnings.

It is undeniable that The Billion Coin is a get rich quick scam. The aim is to target the new Bitcoin investor and pump lies into their heads suggesting that becoming wealthy with Bitcoin is a walk in the park affair.

the billion coin review

If you are looking for an illicit investment scam, then The Billion Coin fits that description very well. The scam is very calculating in its moves. They want as many people as possible to spend money on this miraculous coin that will go nowhere.

For that reason, we have decided to write down this honest review using facts and a little bit of common sense. If you are not aware of the happenings around this site and the supposed coin which they are aggressively touting now, read this post till the end.

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.

The Billion Coin Review

To cut the long story short, this is a hoax. There is no private group or investment community backing the activities of this site. What the owner wants you to do is deposit your hard-earned Bitcoins into his wallet in the name of investing in the new kid on the block — the supposed TBC coin.

This is not a decentralized platform. As we have said, we all need to be realistic and not get carried away with the idea of joining a ‘private community’ of Cryptocurrency investors.

Since there is no community to join here, we can safely assume that The Billion Coin is a fraud in the worst case scenario. Nothing is going to change this fact whatsoever.

How it works: you will be surprised

I theory, the site claims that investors should make a deposit in Bitcoin in order to earn anywhere between 2% to 5% daily profit until it will a point when The Billion Coin has achieved its ”ultimate price”.

But this site is operating a little bit different from most scams in this space. You see, when you join The Billion Coin, they require you to purchase a digital wallet with them where your alleged TBC will be deposited for a lifetime.

The site claims that the value of one TBC is over 460 BTC. If the current price of Bitcoin is anything to go by, then converting TBC into a fiat currency like USD or EUR would return a staggering amount of money — something that you will not believe for a second.

What they call ”ultimate price” is the point at which your investments will reach maturity. Upon maturity, your investments with this site will return over 2.3 million euros in pure profits (something that is ridiculous and more than excessive).

Now, the real focus of this scam is to drive as many Bticoins into their wallet as possible. You must understand that this is a corrupt business model that only scammers can employ. Bitcoin transactions are not reversible once the transaction is complete. Con artists know this very well, hence they must take advantage of that fact to steal money from you.

Even if it were a ponzi scheme, it would still be a scam because all of them somehow process the first withdrawal requests before declining to honor subsequent ones. The type of business that is being conducted here can never be sustainable in the long run. That’s why we suspect that The Billion Coin is a deliberate attempt to scam investors.

If you still don’t believe this, we will walk you through a few questions to validate whether or not you should participate in The Billion Coin investment scam.

Are they promising unbelievable returns?

Of course yes. 2% or rather 5% daily returns is an absurd claim. We can’t believe this. Furthermore, you are supposed to earn this amount until your investment matures or reaches the so called ultimate price.

We have even used the earning projections calculator on their site. We tried with an investment of $100. The calculator returned a potential annual returns of $132,392.18 from an investment capital of just $100.

The point is, these earning claims are absurd and too good to be true. You do not expect to make this much from a small investment of $100 only. Unless you’re dealing with a con artist, this can never be the case.

Ownership of the site

If ownership is disclosed, that’s a good sign that the owner has no need to hide their identity. But if ownership of the site isn’t disclosed, we can only suspect that this is a scam operation.

The Billion Coin website has no information about the owner anywhere on the site. We thought this information would be available in their about us, terms of use or any other page where this information can be published. But that has not happened.

The same information cannot be retrieved from domain checking tools like The domain is privately registered, which makes it impossible to know who owns this site.

The aim of maintaining such a low profile is to make it difficult for people to identify them. After all, their business operations are unethical and illegal. It therefore makes sense to provide such a service while keeping a low profile altogether. When they are mysterious, they have the freedom to continue ripping off anyone who doesn’t do their due diligence.

The other red flag has to do with lack of a physical address. It confirms that The Billion Coin website is a scam project with no identity or physical location at all.

Community feedback

When you search for the terms ”The Billion Coin scam”, you will see loads of complaints from people who have allegedly lost a significant amount of money to this scam.

The final nail on the casket is that even many industry blogs out there have already concluded that this is a shady investment scheme which intends to scam rather than helping investors make money. They’ve even gone to great lengths to provide evidence which supports their conclusions.

Bitcoin Talk users have even called The Billion Coin a blatant ponzi scheme. Everyone is convinced that scammers are in charge of this domain.

Our best advice for you

The Billion Coin is an extremely deceptive operation. If the above concerns are anything to go by, you can rest assured that this site will steal the amount of Bitcoins which will end up in their wallet.

It is not a secret that all ponzi schemes exhibit similar characters. This one fits into the puzzle very well. There is no grain of doubt that these guys are taking us for a ride. The alleged coin is not even a valid altcoin worth trading or doing any form of business with.

If you have a genuine desire to invest in Cryptocurrencies, invest with these approved companies. You won’t lose your funds. Instead, you will make daily profits.

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