Amsterdam-coin Review: Lazy, Cheap Bitcoin Mining Scam

Amsterdam-coin Review: Lazy, Cheap Bitcoin Mining Scam

Share This! is a fake cloud mining platform that is obviously run by a high yield investment program scammer. The promised returns are impossible to achieve. The company ” Enterprise” does not even exist as you will find out when you search details of this platform on Google or any other search engine.

However, according to Amsterdam-coin, anyone who wants to get rich should utilize their cloud mining service because it’s apparently the quickest way to become rich without any effort.

Their alleged ”professional financial team” are always ready to help you make easy money. The question is, why exactly is Amsterdam-coin giving such an amazing opportunity to everyone and for almost nothing? Think long and hard. This website has all the characteristics that we normally see in scam high yield investment programs.

But of course the site admin doesn’t want you to realize that they are taking you for a ride so they can cash in on your ignorance. That is why they are frantically making false promises. They claim that they have implemented strategic investments for their clients and that they are currently managing 6 Billion worth of portfolio across some 40 markets.

Indeed Amsterdam-coin would be a very popular hedge fund if that was the case. They would be quite popular in the Cryptocurrency investment community.

Unfortunately, nothing is known about Amsterdam-coin. The site admin prefers a secret life, which is why they have deliberately registered the domain of the site privately. You should remember that this is a serious red flag especially when it is coming from someone who is asking you for money in the name of investing it on your behalf. You can’t just trust them no matter what.

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.

This fraud has to come to an end. But for that to happen, we have to warn people against committing their money to this website or any other similar site with the same operation procedures.

Note: Mine Bitcoins here.

Amsterdam-coin Review

The only qualification to join this scam is when you have money to throw away and are willing to get rich. Their About us page confesses that they are only interested in working with people who want to get rich overnight.

amsterdam-coin review

Unfortunately, getting rich overnight is not possible. Legit businesses don’t promise guaranteed profits because, like any other investment, Cryptocurrency mining can be characterized by high operational costs and so on. Unless you’re mining Bitcoins with a company that has invested in efficient mining facilities, you will end up losing your money most of the time.

Amsterdam-coin does not mention or reference to their mining facilities or farms, yet they claim that they are offering Bitcoin cloud mining services to members of the public.

The promotional material on the website is quite generic and misleading. In their about us page, the site discussed irrelevant things as opposed to going straight to the point to discuss who they are and what they intend to do.

The operators are anonymous. The so-called professional team of financial advisers are equally anonymous. This trend is worrying because it is often followed by scam investment platforms. We have no other option but to think that Amsterdam-coin is yet another scam investment platform.

They also claim that they have successfully managed to create long term relationships with their customers. This is not true because if indeed they have clients who depend on their investment activities to make money, they should proudly show them to the world. They should even boast of their verifiable track record for mining Cryptocurrencies and paying out profits. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, and we are not even expecting any kind of transparency from these guys.

The point is, don’t invest in any of their too good to be true packages. You will lose your money since those packages are misleading and aimed at defrauding members of the public by persuading them to send money which will never generate any interest down the line.

Investment plans: too good to be true

Amsterdam-coin has 6 different investment packages. Plan 1 is supposed to pay 25% in 14 days. In one month, this is supposed to give you 50% ROI. In one year, that would be a lot of profit.

The second plan is promising 50% ROI in 16 days. Again, that is not a realistic figure as these interests are highly inflated and not achievable.

Plan 3 and 4 are 75% and 100% in 20 and 30 days respectively.

However, when we look at these plans, we see total lies. There is no legitimate business under the sun that generates these figures easily and for free. They are just too good to be true. Probably scammers never realize that these returns are not achievable. The reason they are not realizing it is because they are not involving themselves in any kind of Bitcoin mining activities. Instead, 100% of their revenue is generated through scamming innocent investors who have no idea what is going on behind the curtains.

We don’t have to look very far to realize that Amsterdam-coin is run by scammers. Those numbers are more than enough to make you see that something is not right with this platform.

Inaccurate user stats

According to the website, Amsterdam-coin has been running for 606 days online. But according to, the domain was registered in December 2017. It is just too months from the date of registration. But already scammers are claiming that they have operated this business for 2 years.

We should definitely trust what is telling us concerning the start date of this platform. Otherwise, ignoring these small details will end up costing us a lot of money.

Our best advice for you

Rest assured that there is nothing legitimate in this shady Cryptocurrency mining platform. They have failed to give a detailed explanation of who they are and are instead using generic texts to fill up the page. Their activities are not crystal clear. While the homepage is suggesting that they mine Bitcoins, the other parts of this website don’t affirm that statement in a crystal clear way. To mine Bitcoins and actually make money, make use of these trusted companies. 

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