Astro Trades Scam Review: Cheating Investment Platform

Astro Trades Scam Review: Cheating Investment Platform

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After assessing, we have formed an opinion and arrived to the conclusion that Astro Trades is a dodgy brokerage looking to swindle investors of their hard-earned money. Astro Trades has designed falsified investment plans with unrealistic returns and are using these traits as a bait for persuading investors to utilize their investment program.

Now this review will give you reasons as to why we believe that Astro Trades is a scam investment program. You must decide for yourself whether this is something you want to participate in.

You can be sure that the alleged monthly returns that Astro Trades is promising and completely false and unattainable. They know it very well, which is why they are not giving you any evidence of their track record showing their performance in the last few months.

Just in case you’re wondering, be informed that 30%-76% monthly ROI is not possible. Even if they combine a number of income generating activities in this investment program, they cannot realize such returns.

Now that this is out of the way, let’s focus on the critical details and traits of this investment program. You can make a decision after reading this review.

Astro Trades Review

Astro Trades websites tells us that they are a licensed international brokerage who have specialized in providing a wide range of financial services to investors.

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.

Astro Trades functions as a deposit and forget type of investment. They also claim that when you invest with them, your money will be effectively utilized by investing it in the Forex, Cryptocurrency, stocks, bonds, real estate and Gold industries. This way, your money will automatically generate lucrative returns every month without the need for you to learn how to do it.

This website is also claiming that their operations are regulated by the Chinese Security Regulatory Commission (CSRC), yet our research does not return any evidence suggesting that Astro Trades activities are regulated by any governing body.

astrotrades review

Looking at the footer of the website, we find a UK and Australian address, which is a sharp contradiction to what they claim. You see, for them to operate in the UK, they need FCA licensing. The same applies to businesses that run financial advisory services in Australia.

Also, for them to seek regulations CSRC regulations, they must be based out of China. Unfortunately, the addresses which they are giving us don’t reflect their alleged location.

These might as well be fabricated as they are textual-based with no evidence at all. Even if you investigate these locations on Google maps, you will not find them.

Astro Trades is shamelessly claiming that their business was established in 2009, yet a quick search will reveal that the domain was registered in June 2017 and not in 2009.

They are allegedly backed by a corporation called Bach Investment Advisors Ltd. This prompted us to investigate the relationship between Bach Investment Advisors Ltd and Astro Trades since they claim that Bach Investment Advisors Ltd is the corporate entity that is overseeing their activities.

Apparently, their Terms and Conditions page state that Astro Trades is operating as a sole entity. There is no reference to Bach Investment Advisors Ltd anywhere in that page.

No matter how you search for this alleged relationship, you will not find any affiliations or links between this investment service and Bach Investment Advisors Ltd. So that means Astro Trades just lied using the name of another company which they are not even affiliated to.

As stated before, Astro Trades does not appear to have a valid physical location since the two addresses provided on the homepage of the site don’t show up on Google maps.

To cut a long story short, their corporate details and physical addresses cannot be verified. As a prospective investor, you have to have faith that these guys are telling the truth. You are left with anonymous means of contacting these individuals. It is like walking into a Nevada casino and gambling while hoping to hit a jackpot. That will never happen because you are dealing with smart people who have set up cheating mechanisms to make money off your pocket.

That is the same case with Astro Trades. Anyone who trusts Astro Trades with their money will eventually lose everything because this investment platform is shady, creepy and definitely a scam.

Astro Trades: the investment plans

There are 4 plans in total, and all of them are offering ridiculous monthly interests. The first plan requires a minimum investment of $500. You can allegedly make an impossible 30-42% per month. If you combine it with a 5% referral bonus program, you can easily make 48% per month or more. Clearly someone is lying to you here.

The second plan wants you to ”invest” $25,000 (minimum) with the promise that you will earn 52% monthly interest. If you combine it with their falsified referral program, you can become a millionaire in one night. Go there at your own risk anyway.

The other plans seem to target wealthy individuals looking to earn even more residual income. The minimum amount required to ”invest” with Astro Trades is definitely a crazy figure as you are required to part with 57K and 150K respectively. Now, if you do so, you will be disappointed to the point that you will consider committing suicide. Go there at your own risk. But think long and hard because these investment returns are not real, and are definitely not achievable.

More Red flags

Since Astro Trades is an illegitimate investment program, you cannot expect them to generate any revenue for you. They have failed to verify their location and licensing details and are instead lying that they are regulated in China when that isn’t the case.

The truth is that Astro Trades isn’t regulated, and the owner is not willing to confess this fact because he will lose business.

Once you know that fact, you cannot risk your money here because you will definitely lose it if you send it to them.

These folks are promoting ludicrous returns while failing to provide us with evidence of portfolio transactions and performance in the last few months.

Their so-called ”financial experts” are anonymous too, and they appear to be unlicensed. This shows the risky nature of Astro Trades. They love to promote lies. In fact, this site is nothing more than a cesspool of falsehood. You get involved at your own risk.

Quick scam checks

The owner of Astro Trades prefers anonymity. Therefore, it makes sense to conclude that they are not transparent, honest and legitimate.

Disregarding that fact, these folks go ahead to request a minimum investment of $500, which will obviously go to their pockets.

What they want is to align their pockets from your hard earned money. Since they cannot be trusted, don’t think that your case with them will be an exception. They won’t spare you. It’s your money they want.

Our best advice for you

Astro Trades is simply a silly investment brokerage and platform. Anyone with a little bit of common sense and logic will see these traits and steer clear of their path. They intend to do more harm than good to you. If you want to invest in Forex, use these companies. If you’re into Cryptos, use these companies instead.

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  1. Astrotrades es una gran estafa perdí mucho dinero en esa compañía más de 80k al rato de hacer los retiros desaparecen y los supuestos administradores llamados como Connor J Smith y Max Cunninghamson los peores

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