Bitcoin Flux Review: Scam Cannot Find Legitimacy

Bitcoin Flux Review: Scam Cannot Find Legitimacy

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Bitcoin Flux is a shady Bitcoin to altcoins exchange. Their tag line suggests that their platform is simple, secure, transparent and is providing the best exchange rates on the internet.

We are a little bit skeptic about it. And we definitely do not recommend using this anonymous exchange because your Bitcoins could be at high risk.

They claim that this platform was built by Cryptocurrency enthusiasts to facilitate easy and quick exchange of Cryptocurrencies using their internal liquidity structure. However, the names of these Crypto enthusiasts have not been mentioned anywhere on the website. This might suggest that Bitcoin Flux is not a transparent platform. If these signs are ignored, they may spell doom for people who attempt to send a large amount of Bitcoins with the intentions of exchanging them into altcoins or vice versa.

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Bitcoin Flux Review

According to the website where this platform is hosted at, Bitcoin Flux was built to make Cryptos accessible to everyone. It was built with transparency in mind. Lastly, it was built by a group of ”Cryptocurrecny professionals” who wanted to help Crypto enthusiasts exchange their coins for other altcoins.

That is all they could say on their ”About us” page. There are no other pages that explain who these people are in details. They are completely faceless, which makes us think that the site admin is probably hiding something which you might not know.

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Bitcoin Flux is a very new website as it was registered in 2018-02-19. It is barely a month old, yet they are already creating the perception that their site is so successful. They have even managed to link to other external exchange for purposes of providing more liquidity.

bitcoin flux review

Like most Cryptocurrency investment platforms, Bitcoin Flux is privately registered. The site admin prefers to conduct this business while concealing their identity from the people they claim to serve.

One thing we have always said is that if the site owner is living a secret life and does not want to reveal their identity to the people they claim to serve, you should think twice before sending such a person your Bitcoins.

Since Bitcoin Flux is a very new site, most people have not developed confidence towards their service. This is the world of Cryptocurrencies. If you trust just about anyone who claims they will help you exchange your Bitcoins into another currency, you should be careful with them especially if they are new to this industry.

Bitcoin Flux is already claiming massive success with their platform. We wonder how many guys they have served since launching the platform two weeks ago.

There are other better and more established platforms for trading and exchanging Cryptocurrencies. It would be the last thing in the mind of a Crypto enthusiast to choose this platform instead of going for a platform like IQ Option for example. These folks have a better reputation, and have been operating for the last 5 years. They have already built their reputation unlike a brand new exchange like Bitcoin Flux. We know where the crowd will most likely head to.

Dubious user statistics

On the website of Bitcoin Flux, you will see a table with 3 rows and 3 columns which is supposed to show recent user activity on the platform.

The table is showing us people who have exchanged their Bitcoins to other altcoins, the amount that they exchanged as well as the time at which those transactions happened.

Please understand that these are mere textual-based assertions which cannot be verified in any way. In fact, if building credibility takes installing a widget like this particular one, we would be better off trusting a Cryptocurrency exchange that doesn’t fake orders or try to manipulate an audience by making them believe that their platform is busy with user activities.

Fake testimonials: the hallmark of a scam Bitcoin exchange

Bitcoin Flux has already started attracting negative criticism which could be a sign that something is really wrong with this exchange.

The site is using fake Trust pilot references which are linked to another exchange called Now, you should understand that Nexchange is already a berated Cryptocurrency exchange.

Think about it. A brand new exchange seeking credibility through the name of a more established dodgy exchange. That is not confidence inspiring. We have no idea what these guys are doing.

More red flags

The theme of the site is that which doesn’t inspire any confidence. We do not know these individuals since they have refused to disclose their identities.

Their ”about us” page is vague and quite irrelevant since it does not give any useful leads that will help us find out who these people are.

Since Bitcoin Flux is a very new site, they don’t even have a social media following yet. If you combine their anonymity with the fact that they are new to this industry, you can never take that critical step of trusting them and going as far as making a deposit in their platform. It would be disastrous to have this faith in them.

Moreover, Bitcoin Flux does not mention any corporate entity that is backing their business. This website is not related to any other entity on the internet. We really don’t know whether this is a professional way of making their presentation. The more we dig deeper, the more we find things that kill our trust towards it.

What they should have done is to embrace transparency and still ensure that users are transacting anonymously. This does not give them the right to remain anonymous in any way.

The fact that this platform is not recognized or registered anywhere means that it is a risky website to transact your coins at.

These tale tell signs are sufficient enough to help you make an informed decision as to whether you’d like to exchange your coins with them.

They claim that Bitcoin Flux uses external exchanges to boost liquidity. These external exchanges have not been mentioned, except Nexchange.

If they had mentioned them, we would have verified that information to get a clear picture of what Bitcoin Flux is.

So far, the only exchange Nexchange which they mentioned here is a company that has been trolled several times. It has been criticized by many users. Generally, user feedback for this company is quite poor. Nevertheless, Bitcoin Flux is disregarding those complaints and going ahead to claim that they are affiliated with them.

The problem with Bitcoin Flux is that it lacks legitimacy. It does not have any element of legitimacy to inspire confidence in someone who is really looking to exchange their Bitcoins into another Cryptocurrency.

Claiming that they are transparent, Bitcoin Flux has actually gone ahead to conceal almost every other part of their operation and ownership.


Our best advice for you

Bitcoin Flux is a shady, bogus and non transparent Bitcoin exchange. We are not sure if these guys will ever receive any endorsement in this industry because their approach is pathetic.

If you have been scammed or have encountered any problems with this exchange, please leave your comment below. We would like to know how it goes for people who actually ignore these red flags to gamble their money with this platform.

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