Bitflash Review: Scam Domain is Back!

Bitflash Review: Scam Domain is Back!

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Bitflash is an old closed down high yield investment opportunity that just reincarnated into a fresh domain. The domain in question is You are being warned against sending any of your Bitcoins to this domain. If you do so, you will lose funds to a hyip thief. This is not rocket science but common sense.

Unfortunately, the admin at Bitflash is not giving up yet because the market is lucrative. That is why they closed down the old domain (after getting basted) and opened a new one. This one too will close down with people’s funds because they are clearly a ponzi scheme which is in business for a season.

The website tries very hard to persuade visitors of their activities by first giving quick lessons on the meaning of saving and investing. Once they are done with that, they proceed to telling us that they trade Cryptocurrencies, although there is also a reference to Cryptocurrency mining.

Bitflash does not assert clearly whether or not they are involved in Cryptocurrency mining. However, according to the suggestion on the site, we assume that they are also claiming this area of business too.

As usual, there is only one way to contact the anonymous owners of Bitflash, and that is through an email which they have provided on their site. If you ask the hard questions, they might just decide to ignore it because scammers really don’t get concerned with answering tough questions which appear to investigate their credibility.

That being said, it would be best to practice caution because it is clearly evident that Bitflash has a lot of red flags. If ignored, you will lose a significant amount of Bitcoins.

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.

Bitflash Review

At first, Bitflash comes across as a professional financial advisory website where investors are taught lessons on saving and investing. But if you continue to scroll down the homepage, you will suddenly realize that it is a shady Cryptocurrency investment program and not a professional financial advisory website.

bitflash review

The thick veil of lies has already been detected and exposed by the numerous red flags which has almost made this website look like red carpet.

They have given us a Hong Kong business address, yet when we verify that address, we discover that it is non existent. In other words, the address which they are using does not represent any physical place in Hong Kong. So that is the first thing that you should consider quite suspicious.

Why is it that Bitflash does not want to expose their exact location? It could mean that they are not even based out of Hong Kong. Now that misleading prospective investors is the order of the day, you shouldn’t expect them to speak the truth on this one ever.

It actually turns out that Bitflash this whole affair of saving and investing as a scapegoat for their criminal activities. They must sound like a professional brokerage platform in order to win the trust of visitors who land on their website. But as we have stated before, these guys went under and resurfaced with a different domain. The same activities which they used to run the old domain are the same activities which they are carrying on with at

The investment plans

There are 4 separate investment packages which Bitflash is claiming to offer. These are namely Bronze, Silver, Gold and Bitflash.

For every investment package, there is a promised fixed return. With Bronze package, the duration of investing is 100 and you are supposed to make ).06 BTC out of an investment of 0.03 BTC. You are essentially doubling your Bitcoins in just 100 hours. Seems like a too good to be true story. And given that Bitflash already has a murky reputation, we can be sure that the thief admin behind it will always execute their plan precisely.

Basically, all the 4 plans here are promising to double your Bitcoins after a certain duration of time, usually in less than 72 hours.

This does not require you to be a financial or investment expert to see that this website is totally lying. Regardless of what and how they trade, they cannot double your capital in a matter of days. It is impossible. This is logic that does not require any rocket science or experience to understand. You just need common sense to see that whoever is running this site is a scammer at best.

So definitely there is no trading, and there is no mining of Cryptocurrencies either. When you send your hard earned coin, that will be the end of it.

Fake owners and user testimonials

You can expect such a fake website to lie about everything, including their owners and alleged investors.

A few supposed operators of Bitflash have been mentioned with pictures too. But it has now emerged that their both their names and pictures are fake. Their pictures are stock photos. Those of their supposed users are also stock photos. No one can believe this Bull crap because it is just getting out of hand.

The anonymous admin is definitely convinced that you will be persuaded when they use such tricks on you. You must understand that this promotional content is misleading and illegal.

One final remark is that they are not licensed by any governing body to trade on behalf of investors. In which jurisdiction does Bitflash operate from? We have no idea. Who operates the platform? Again, we have no answer to give.

That information should have been retrieved from their about us page. But unfortunately, no such page exists on this website.

Our best advice for you

Definitely everything about this website is not true. It is a high risk Bitcoin investment platform with 100% chance of ripping off its users. The scam characteristics are so obvious that you can’t miss them out no matter what. You have to keep your coins safe. But if you want to trade Cryptos profitably, we urge you to make use of our approved trading robots for Cryptos. That way, you will participate in real trading to make money.

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