Cloud Hash Pro Scam Review: Recycled Templates not a Good Idea

Cloud Hash Pro Scam Review: Recycled Templates not a Good Idea

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It gets even more interesting how scammers treat would be victims with ignorance. The web template that has been used at is definitely being recycled across hundreds if not thousands of scam Crypto mining and trading portals. We still wonder how people get sucked in by these obvious fraudulent websites like Cloud Hash Pro.

Cloud Hash Pro is a total mess, and they are making their intentions quite obvious when they give a shady presentation and even tell us that we can triple our investments in 24 hours.

Definitely Cloud Hash Pro is an interesting subject. If it were real, many people would have become millionaires by now. If you can earn 300% in 5 days for real, then it means you can become a millionaire in less than 1 year. That’s a fact.

But the reason why we are suspecting that these crooks are scammers is because they are hustling money from random members of the public instead using their own resources to generate the ridiculous investment returns. It is certainly too good to believe. If you want to know more about these guys and how they plan to rip you off, read the rest of this Cloud Hash Pro review.

Cloud Hash Pro Review

The website is full of contradictions and total nonsense. Nobody in his sane mind can believe what they are trying to pitch at Cloud Hash Pro.

cloud hash pro review

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.

The first claim is that Cloud Hash Pro was launched in 2017, which is the truth because Cryptocurrency mining scams first appeared in numbers in 2017. So it is only possible that this website was launched in 2017. We would have checked these details on However, this is not the point here. We are looking to expose a very sharp contradiction that will leave you wondering what these guys are up to.

Scroll further down the homepage and you will see a blue section where alleged statistics of this site’s operations have been published.

The first claim you will see there is that this site was launched on 10, May, 2016. Now the story has suddenly shifted from 2017 to 2016. In essence, they are now claiming that this site was launched in 2016, of course forgetting that they had mentioned otherwise earlier on.

What a sharp contradiction? It looks like this page was done by two different people who never paid attention to the details that had already been posted by someone else.

The other claim is that Cloud Hash Pro has been operating for over 600 days. We do not think this is true. 600 days have not passed since the true launch date of this site. There is no way they can have over 380,000 active members on this site. This is clearly fake data that cannot be trusted. It is pure fabrication that is meant to attempt defrauding people who are looking for genuine cloud mining opportunities on the internet.

What exactly does Cloud Hash Pro do?

They claim to mine Cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The site also tells us that they own their data centers which are spread out across the USA, Asia and Europe. The alleged data centers have been pinpointed on a graphical map, and there is no way we can verify this information.

The admin of Cloud Hash Pro is using a generic Cloud mining template, which automatically comes with these pictures straight from the developer. Because they are integrated with the template’s function, the site admin can edit whatever location they desire.

Therefore, the alleged mining locations are not true. You can take this to the bank and you will get a loan. Similarly, their investment plans are ridiculous. One might wonder what these crooks were thinking about when writing figures such as 114% in 24 hours, 300% in 5 days or even 600% for an undisclosed investment duration.

As you can see, these profits don’t make sense. It is not possible to double your investments in one day through Bitcoin or any other altcoin mining. We have been mining Cryptos for a long time now, and one thing that we have seen is that doubling our investments in one day is just a far-fetched dream. That is why contracts have to last 1 year or more in order to double investments.

Therefore, these numbers are utterly ridiculous. They are nonsensical and definitely a fabrication of scammers who run Cloud Hash Pro.

In reality, this is just a ponzi scheme. Look at the referral commissions which pay quite a lot. There is no real mining of Bitcoins or Ethereum in this website. They don’t own any mining facility, yet they want you to believe that this is what they do to yield such high returns.

You do not need to be cheated out of your money with a scam like Cloud Hash Pro. Things are so obvious. For example, there is no way they can confuse their launch date ever. 2016 is different from 2017. The numbers which they are quoting here are definitely a fabrication of the people who run the cash cow.

Cloud Hash Pro isn’t properly registered as a company

Cloud Hash Pro is providing us with their Ltd status company registration certificate. When you click it to verify the information, you will see that this certificate actually belongs to another company called Exizerior Ltd, of which Cloud Hash Pro is not related to in any way.

Exizerior Ltd is actually registered under the category of land transportation etc. It has nothing to do with Cryptocurrency mining. This makes us wonder whether Cloud Hash Pro still stands a chance of lying about their company registration status. It is definitely a red flag which you must take note of.

Our best advice for you

Cloud Hash Pro is just a ponzi scheme using a too common template to mislead and persuade ignorant investors into losing their money. Surely if you test them with any amount of Bitcoin, they will take it and you will never see that money again. If you still want to mine, only consider these companies. Forget this nonsense that Cloud Hash Pro is spreading on their website.

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