Fintech Mining Review: High Risk Scam

Fintech Mining Review: High Risk Scam

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FINTECH MINING ( is supposedly mining Cryptocurrencies for those who would like to earn passive income. Unfortunately, they are a new player in the market with very poor trust ratings. We have been informed that this domain was registered in July 2017. It appears the owner of this website didn’t want to expose their identity to the world. So they decided to keep it private. It does not serve any use to try finding out about the owner by just looking at records.

This has prompted us to scrutinize the background and legitimacy of Fintech Mining in details to establish its authenticity. They claim to mine Bitcoin and many other Cryptocurrencies as well. In addition to this, they are also claiming to provide professional investment advisory service to those who want to trade Cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, nowhere on their investment plans did they mention this extra service.

Fintech Mining is allegedly overseen by Aorta Digital LTD. A quick Google search reveals that no such corporation exists anywhere. Aorta Digital LTD is not a corporation. It is not registered anywhere. In fact, it is purely fictitious and quite misleading to go to this extent of lying to investors about their company affiliation.

fintech mining review

For that reason, we highly suspect that Fintech Mining is a scam. There are many more reasons why we believe that anyone who dares this website with their money will definitely cry foul because nothing in this website suggests that their activities are legitimate.

Fintech Mining Review: It might be a disastrous scam

This platform is claiming to facilitate the mining of digital coins on behalf of their investors to empower them financially by offering an opportunity for everyone to earn residual income.

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.

They also claim that their equipment are able to offer high return on investments across all coins that are being mined on the platform.

Their physical location is listed as Aorta Digital LTD Transpolispark 17-27 Siriusdreef, Hoofddorp 2132 WT, Netherlands, although no one can confirm that location. Besides this, the website has listed some phone numbers and email address which can be allegedly used to contact their customer reps 24/5.

On the homepage, there is a short introduction video which utilizes the services of a video model to talk about what Fintech Mining is all about.

On their ”about us” page, Fintech Mining has a picture of their alleged location but fails to give us satisfactory background information of the said company that backs their activities.

In fact, the content of this page is too general and somehow vague when it comes to giving us more information about their background, track record and activities in the last few months.

In addition to that, there are no company directors or owners that were mentioned anywhere. It is completely an anonymous company with promises that they will anonymously and remotely mine Cryptocurrencies on your behalf. Of course no wise investor will go an extra mile to send any amount of money to these faceless individuals on the internet. It is one of the riskiest approach you can take to investing in Cryptocurrency mining.

What makes you think that Fintech Mining can mine Cryptocurrencies for you? Is there any assurance that this platform is really mining Cryptos for its investors? We doubt, plus there are many red flags which we feel must not be ignored when it comes to discussing Fintech Mining.

The plans

Fintech Mining has the most expensive Cryptocurrency mining plans on the internet. In fact, you cannot test their service because of the high prices which their plans are going for. You either gamble your money to find out or simply ignore them completely because there is a huge risk of losing your funds in their hands.

The basic plan costs a whooping $299 and contract is supposed to run for a year. Maybe you should consider investing in these legit Cryptocurrency mining companies because they are fair in terms of minimum investments. You can test with a small amount before committing with a large amount of money.

But we definitely do not recommend testing Fintech Mining with $299 – of course unless you’re willing to lose that $299. But if you are not psychologically prepared to lose that amount, you should never go ahead and do the opposite of what your conscience tells you.

The second plan is for Litecoin mining. It costs $3710 and the contract is supposed to run for 3 years. Our advice is that if you truly want to mine Litecoin, don’t gamble this much. It will be your greatest undoing if you lose the entire amount. Fintech Mining is giving hints everywhere on their site that they should not be trusted. Their platform is not backed by any corporation.

They even go to an extent of claiming that they are backed by a corporation that does not even exist. It should send shivers down your spine because they are not transparent with their clients. You definitely have to think twice when considering putting your money into their bank account in the name of mining digital coins.

You can expect more ridiculous minimum investment requirements for Dash coin. Anyone wanting to mine this digital coin with Fintech Mining should be prepared to fork out $6000 and above because there is no cheaper plan. Again, that would be taking a huge risk trusting anonymous people with a lot of money on the internet. We caution our audience against putting so much trust on these guys. It is not a wise idea.

Fintech Mining: things you should remember

Fintech Mining is not any popular among the Cryptocurrency mining community of investors. They don’t have any social approval yet.

Their trust rating is basically zero because it is not clear yet if people are using this service to mine digital coins.

They lack transparency as well. This is a concern that shouldn’t be overlooked at any given point in time.

Our best advice for you

Fintech Mining is a suspicious investment platform for mining Cryptos. Their abnormal high minimum investment requirement should raise eyebrows. They definitely look shady.

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3 Replies to “Fintech Mining Review: High Risk Scam”

  1. Please don’t use products from
    Run Away from this money laundry escheme.
    They Are a SCAM.
    NONE of the products is profitable.
    It servers only to stole your money,and then they will clean the 80-90% of money stolen and a clean Business…its money laundry.
    You Will lose at least 50% of investment, It’s a scam.
    And Police by now, should already block the Web DNS.

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