FX Atom Pro Scam Review: Another Mediocre Indicator By Karl Dittman

FX Atom Pro Scam Review: Another Mediocre Indicator By Karl Dittman

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Karl Dittman has released a new trading software called FX Atom Pro. Dittman is a household name in the Forex software industry. He has released a number of trading software and indicators, some of which we have reviewed here before. Unfortunately, a lot of people have claimed that his products are of sub-standard quality, and will always lose money in trades.

FX Atom Pro is basically a signal software. It is supposed to generate Forex signals for newbie traders who have not mastered the art of trading yet.

FX Atom Pro allegedly works by identifying Reversal patterns in the Forex market. If it sees a good reversal pattern forming in a market, it will jump into the opportunity by giving you a buy or sell signal.

According to Dittman, FX Atom Pro software is extremely reliable since most of its trades end in the money. Of course we don’t expect a vendor to tell the truth even if their robot or software is of substandard quality.

To know whether FX Atom Pro is a really good or bad software, we have to consider several factors, including the reputation of Dittman in relation to other trading software that he has released before.

FX Atom Pro Review

This software costs $147, and traders want to know whether or not it is worth spending any penny on the FX Atom Pro software.

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Unfortunately, we think that this software shouldn’t even be sold or distributed for free to traders since there are a number of misleading statements that Dittman has been making in a bid to promote it.

FX Atom Pro review

You see, if someone claims that he has created a software that will automatically know with 100% accuracy where price will move next, that person is not being realistic with you.

We have been trading for a long time now. Based on our experience, we can assure you that nobody in this world can predict at all time with 100% precision where price will go next. No one can predict all reversals either.

Therefore, to tell us that FX Atom Pro software is predicting all reversals with laser accuracy, we will almost think that Mr. Dittman is a god. We will think that he is an extra ordinary trader and software programmer whose products should be sold for a billion bucks or more. After all, this is like a Gold mine. If you find it for real, you will be rich for the rest of your life.

We believe that if this man was this skilled in trading, he would be making all his money from trading and not selling Forex software and indicators. His reputation suggests that he is a vendor of Forex trading indicators. He has never proved that he is a professional day trader.

And the problem is that we can never trust someone who makes software and doesn’t trade. We should be interested in real traders who can put together their skill into a trading robot or indicator and not the other way round.

As always, the landing page where FX Atom Pro is sold at is full of charts showing how the algorithm is picking the tops and bottoms of the trend it is riding.

Now, if you scrutinize these pictures carefully, you will begin to doubt the presentation. That’s because your conscience is debating with you, even if you are not a day trader. You will get the feeling that this is definitely too good to be true. What you are seeing in these pictures is total nonsense. Dittman is actually telling a fairly tale by the way. Nobody can predict the exact movement of the market at all time. But of course we can raise our chances of predicting the correct thing.

Is Karl Dittman even real?

There are some rumors going round that the name Karl Dittman is like a pen name and that nobody knows his real name.

Where exactly did we get this news from? Well, he has already admitted it on the website’s disclaimer page. Besides this, he has stated very clearly that all trading results and past performance are not real and that FX Atom Pro website will never be responsible for any loss arising from the use of this product.

Do you still want to pay $147 to get it? We bet that it will take a lot of courage to actually fork out that amount of money in return for a raw deal. Look, Karl just admitted that his real name is not Karl Dittman but something else which he has never dared to mention in any of his landing pages.

Basically, you can neither trust this man nor his Forex indicator.

The reality of the matter

FX Atom Pro could be considered a substandard product which is typically sold through Clickbank. Even if it makes money now, it will quickly lose it all because draw down is typically high for such Forex indicators. They can never make money in the long run.

At this point in time, you should know that this man is selling you a fairy tale or a dream that can never be achieved.

You have to decide what you want for yourself. Do you want gamble your trading account using a false indicator that picks wrong trading signals without giving it a second thought? Do you want to trust someone who has made it clear that trading results which they are displaying on the landing page are fake? You want none of these things, right? That means you shouldn’t be spending any money on  FX Atom Pro.

Our best advice for you

You have to stay away from this software because the landing page is full of lies. The other reason why you have to stay away from it is because the owner just confessed that he is using hypothetical results instead of real results. Nobody can gauge the performance of  FX Atom Pro. That is why you should not spend any money on this product. We actually have very good Forex trading solutions here. Make use of them.

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