Hurriya Trading Review: Scam Elements Present, Suspicious!

Hurriya Trading Review: Scam Elements Present, Suspicious!

Share This! is an unregistered and unregulated investment brokerage whose services are geared towards all kinds of investors, whether newbie or established. The brokerage is currently in its infancy stages because it was registered nearly 5 months ago. This means that it is nearly impossible to find sufficient user feedback or complaints against the platform.

Nevertheless, Hurriya Trading is showing all the red flags that we have been looking for. We don’t need more evidence to make a conclusion that they are not a trustworthy investment brokerage.

Hurriya Trading also claims that their activities are overseen by a company called Financial Freedom. Even if this is true, we still need to know whether Hurriya Trading is  a legally registered brokerage entity allowed to offer financial investment services on their platform.

Hurriya Trading review

Who’s behind this website? That’s the first thing that we would love to know. The reason why we are already suspecting this website is because ownership information is not readily provided. In fact, in order to find ownership details of the company in question, one has to jump over multiple hoops along the way.

hurriyatrading review

The first thing to do is to check out their About us and their Term and Condition pages. These are the most likely places to find details of the company you are dealing with. We must say that both pages were not useful in our question to find out about the owner of  Hurriya Trading platform.

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.

We resorted to the information that was already provided on their website instead. One of the most important things to take note of is the alleged licensing number which  Hurriya Trading has provided as 10914612.

Unfortunately upon verifying this information on Companies House. we discovered that this reg number already belonged to another company called Financial Freedom Trading Ltd.

This entity provides their physical address as 15 Blackbird Hill, London, United Kingdom, NW9 8RR which is very different from what Hurriya Trading has provided us with. The address is a sharp contradiction because Hurriya is claiming that they are based out of 2A Powis Street, London, England, United Kingdom SE18 6LF.

So, what next? Do we conclude that Hurriya Trading is a deceptive scam? Maybe yes or maybe no. But what we are absolutely certain about is that Hurriya Trading is definitely playing games with its audience. Financial Freedom Trading Ltd was incorporated in August 2017. However, Hurriya Trading was registered in September 2017.

This is quite suspicious because so many things are not adding up as far as Hurriya Trading is telling us that they are based out of a particular location. You must be afraid to ignore these details and deposit money with Hurriya Trading anyway. At this point, we think it’s damn risky.

What exactly do they offer?

This brokerage does not give investors control over their funds. Instead, they have chosen to go with the invest and forget model where you will be required to trust their so-called ”hedge fund managers or trade professionals” with a sum of money which they will allegedly use to trade on your behalf.

This type of exercise generally restricts clients from having 100% control to their money. It restricts them from performing withdrawals as well until such a time when the person holding the funds is ready to release the money to the owner. Most investors will not go putting their money in the hands of people who have not proven that they can trade and make profits consistently.

What Hurriya Trading is offering is a fixed return for a particular deposit. The amount of return that you can allegedly earn depends with the amount that you are willing to place as deposit.

By now, you should realize that no legitimate investment platform will ever promise a particular ROI. Legit businesses do all their best not to promise investors a particular sum of money since it can be misleading. Markets don’t behave the same way every day. That is why you cannot promise an audience a fixed return for their investors. You will be lying in that case.

There are 5 investment packages in total. The basic plan offers over 200% annual ROI, something that novice investors will find hard to resist. But you should know that this kind of thing is very misleading. It will result in these investors losing their hard earned money.

If we look at the numbers, we get a good clue that things are not the way they seem to be.

More red flags on the way

We are obsessed with the lies that Hurriya Trading is telling. This is important because it helps us make you see why this investment brokerage should never be trusted under any circumstances.

Our Google map can show that something similar to Hurriya Trading is situated at 2A POWIS STREET, London, England, United Kingdom W1J 8DJ. However, when we use our GPS to attempt locating the exact location, we cannot do it. So that could mean that the provided address doesn’t even exist. It’s a creation of the scammers who run this town.

Moreover, if you search their provided telephone number on any search engine, you will discover that this number is also the same contact used by BitProKnight. BitProKnight is also an investment brokerage which bears the same resemblance with Hurriya Trading. They recently made a slight change on their address because they were actually sharing the same address with Hurriya Trading.

And of course the owners of this investment brokerage are doing all they can to remain anonymous. It’s a very difficult thing to fathom or ignore to the point of sending your money to these individuals. If you don’t want to be suicidal, you must avoid or end up in tears.

Our best advice for you

At this point, it should be clear that these guys are taking their audience for a ride and are not being real at all. The best approach is to ignore them since they can’t convince anyone of their track record. Find genuine opportunities to invest your money in.

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