Invexic Review-Scam, Disaster Waiting to Happen

Invexic Review-Scam, Disaster Waiting to Happen

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Invexic is a deceptive stock investment website and possibly a scam. Before you can dive into this mess, think long and hard. We have identified a number of inconsistencies on the website, and we think that these markings should be considered serious red flags. For example, it is written on the Invexic website that they founded this business in 2015.

They allegedly started as a financial portal offering end-of-day stock prices. But according to, Invexic did not exist in 2015. This domain was registered on 6th February 2018. There were no traces of Invexic in 205. This proves that Invexic is lying about their background story concerning when and how they started their business operations.

In addition to this, they claim that their client base span across big financial institutions, corporate and individuals as well. We wonder when exactly did this platform acquire such a huge and serious client base. The website was just launched the other day. It is not possible to have such a big client base in a matter of weeks.

In fact, there is a sharp contradiction between this statement and what their website stats are saying about this platform’s activities.

It appears that these statistics are not accurate. A number of things which include the start date, number of days in operation and amount of client deposit are totally misleading. These stats have remained unchanged since this website was first launched. Therefore, visitors are being treated to generic information which can truly give wrong insights into the operations of this shady platform.

What exactly does Invexic intend to achieve for its clients? And can we overlook these elements and trust this platform anyways? We will answer those questions below.

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Invexic Review

They masquerade as a resource and go to place for anyone wanting an easy way to learn about global brands and invest in their stocks.

invexic review

Invexic has listed a number of multinational corporations on their site, claiming that they have partnered with them in one way or the other. This might suggest that Invexic is claiming to invest in these stocks on behalf of their clients because at some point, we see this website asking for investment money from random visitors for a ”guaranteed” daily return.

While they claim on their ”about us” page that they are professional and committed to serving their clients with quality service, the website does not give the slightest hind of professionalism. It starts with the dirt cheap ponzi scheme web template. It turns out that this domain is registered by someone who has absolutely no interest of revealing their identity to the people they serve.

Yes, this platform is registered in the UK under the brand name Invexic Ltd. The company registration number is 11196101, and their alleged physical location in the UK is 33 Dock St, Whitechapel, London, England, E1 8JR.

Although the picture of their company certificate is seen on the website, we can’t zoom in to see the details in that document. There is a ”view profile” button just next to it. Unfortunately, when that button is clicked, it takes us back to the same homepage of the website instead of the Companies House website.

This might suggest that Invexic Ltd doesn’t appear on the Companies House website yet. It is impossible to know whether this company has directors or not. It is also impossible to know whether this company was genuinely registered or not. Most ponzi schemes will obtain this registration even if they are doing it with false details such a fabricated names of company directors and category under which the company is registered. They will never register their company under the category of financial service.

Now that Invexic Ltd does not appear anywhere in the Companies House website, we can only suspect foul play. We can only conclude that this is a serious red flag which will end up manifesting into something ugly if ignored.

Why Invexic is an investment scam for sure

You might think that this platform is offering a legitimate investment opportunities in the aforementioned stocks. But that is a misguided thought since this platform has given us more than enough reasons to believe that they are a scam.

Let’s look at their absurd ROI claims. Those figures are unbelievable. There is no way you can earn 3%,6% or more on a daily basis. This is not sustainable in any of the stocks which they have mentioned.

The same thing applies to the other bogus plans where they claim where they claim this company will generate 10% for 25 days, 600% after 35 trading days and 1500% after 60 trading days.

These numbers are completely out of the norm and definitely questionable. At some point, we will be forced to seek evidence of their trading activities.

That is the toughest part of answering our questions and concerns. You see, Invexic is just weeks old. Even if they legitimately trade stocks (which we don’t believe), there is no way they can build a track record in such a short time.

That also explains why there are no trading records or activities other than empty promises and unverified claims.

It is safe to conclude that Invexic is a ponzi scheme because those returns are typically promised by ponzi scams. The web template tells it all. The promised return on investment is a dead giveaway. You don’t need to ponder about it so hard because evidence is there in black and white.

You might want to look at their referral program which further proves that this disastrous investment scam is only interested in building a pyramid structure rather than investing in stocks. As a matter of fact, this website is heavily dependent on new members who are supposed to fund older members. No legitimate trading activities are being conducted in the background.

Our best advice for you

Invexic is hiding behind stocks, thereby misleading website visitors to think that they are a professional portal for investing into the aforementioned brands. That is not the case. This is a ponzi scheme, a professional one. Click here to go to our list of legit trading opportunities.

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