Litecoin Trader Review: Just Another Good for Nothing Scam

Litecoin Trader Review: Just Another Good for Nothing Scam

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You’ll lose money if you end up trading Cryptocurrencies with a software like Litecoin Trader. It is presented by someone called Tony Davis, and it’s quite clear that the robot was designed by people who are not real traders, just programmers.

If you are wondering, let’s put it across clearly. Litecoin Trader should be equated to a scam since programmers only know how to design software. It does not mean that they are good traders who will program a robot to trade for profit.

Furthermore, this man who calls himself ”Tony Davis” is claiming that he is an experienced financial professional with a penchant for software creation. This claim cannot be verified as he has not provided proof to show that he is indeed experienced in the field of trading and creating software that trade for profit.

The reason why they decided to call it Litecoin Trader is because it focuses on trading Litecoin Cryptocurrency. There is no explanation as to why this software only trades Litecoin though.

Now, there is one serious claim that this man is making on the landing page. He says that Litecoin Trader makes $2000 in daily profits.

However, we have said several times that this kind of return is impossible to earn. Unless you are a experienced hedge fund manager working with huge client portfolio, there is no way you can consistently generate this amount of profit as a retail trader. It is just not possible. And definitely it is too good to be true.

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.

Therefore, in this review, we will be discussing what this site is all about and why you should never use this software to trade any Cryptocurrency market.

If you want good software for trading Litecoins and many more, consider this option.

Litecoin Trader Review

There is bad news. The bad news is that this software doesn’t have what it takes to make any money. It is a generic robot, just like Ethereum Code and Bitcoin code. Since it will never make you any money, you should expect that it will make you losses instead. That’s common logic.

If you want proof that this is a scam in the worst case scenario, lets consider this man called ”Tony Davis”. Is he real? Can we find out if this guy really exists?

Litecoin Trader review

We are afraid that he is a fictitious character. That means he is an imagination of the person who is in charge of this website. There is a video on the homepage where the so-called Mr. Davis is showing himself to his audience in a still picture format. Unfortunately, the picture of this man is a well-known stock photo. That means Davis is not real at all. It should raise a red flag. If they can lie about the owner of Litecoin Trader, then chances are that they lied about other aspects of this software too. You shouldn’t be surprised.

The fake testimonials in support for Litecoin Trader

Fake testimonials are a dead giveaway and indication that we are dealing with a scam website. We don’t understand why on earth people still insist on faking testimonials even if it’s easy to pick out the silly lies.

On the website of Litecoin Trader, there are some alleged user reviews which depict how profitable this software is. But as you may have guessed. These reviews were made up or faked. The admin of this site is the person who edited those user reviews to look as if they were written by happy customers. You can’t afford to get convinced by this BS.

Also, you must remember that the pictures you are seeing on this page are stock photos are not people who are trading with Litecoin Trader. They have been published on this website to mislead you instead. Stay away.

Impossible daily returns

Even if you ignored the things we discussed in the above paragraphs, you should ask yourself whether it is possible to make $2000 per day as a trader. Which trade in the world makes this much of profit? There is no one particular example.

The lie is that Litecoin Trader is 99.7% accurate on all trades. Perhaps you need some financial lessons to learn that this win rate is so high and unheard of. It baffles us to realize that in this day and era, some people are still trying to promote bogus robots using obvious lies.

So if you don’t have the time to carry out your own research and realize that this win rate is not achievable, just trust us. It is impossible, and especially when trading Cryptos which are extremely volatile. If you don’t want to lose, please avoid using such a robot at all cost.

The secret that scammers don’t want you to know

While you were told that Litecoin Trader was free, you will find that the software isn’t free since you are required to deposit $250 and accept the terms of a scam broker before you can activate the software.

They claim that it is free. So test them by asking if you can use this software with your own preferred broker. If they ask money or refuse this proposal in some way, you’ll be convinced that what you are getting into is not really free.

The reason why Litecoin Trader isn’t free is because scammers who run it are affiliated with unregulated brokers. They make money when you place a deposit and gamble your money using this software.

You lose while they make money. The broker is clearly a market maker, and he will not hesitate to make you lose. In the end, you will have thrown away your $250 to the dogs. It is that simple.

Our best advice for you

We have already given you a link that will lead you to a trading robot that works. Cryptocurrency traders should be using Verified Robot instead of any other robot. The reason we are recommending it is because we are sure of its performance track record. Avoid any other robot that we have not endorsed.

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  1. Trading is all about luck. after reading this article it helps me to find out the information about the Litecoin Trader. this is the way of loosing your money. if you invest in this kind of trading company, so I am afraid you will loose your money. here, I suggest you not to invest money in these kind of bogus trading company.

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