Bitcoin 125 Review: 125 is the Counting of a Scam Operation!

Bitcoin 125 Review: 125 is the Counting of a Scam Operation!

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Long time ago, Britain used to have a train called Intercity 125. is even worse that this shitty train. But we do really appreciate their efforts to persuade us that Bitcoin 125 trades and mines Bitcoins. They are even selling electricity and hardware power for mining altcoins. These guys even claim that their data centers are situated in Panama and Japan. We would have believed this claim if at least they made an effort to verify the address of these data center locations.

This ridiculous Cryptocurrency ponzi scam also claims that they have been able to maintain an abnormally high interest rate and are guaranteed the safety of their client funds through a wide array of diversified investment portfolios.

Bitcoin 125 allegedly started trading of electricity in 2012. Combined with their state-of-the art data centers and experience in this industry, they believe that they can bring a revolution to this industry.

The question we are asking is whether 20% hourly for 12 hours is something that Bitcoin 125 can realistically achieve. What of 500% in 5 days or 5125% in 35 days?

Clearly this conversation is leading to nowhere. We have stated many times before that these figures can only be mentioned by scams.

Bitcoin 125 is definitely one of them because they are hustling your Bitcoins and at the same time promising the impossible. Why can’t they make their own Bitcoins instead of asking you to send them your coins so they can multiply it miraculously? Do you smell a rat in this deal?

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It’s because Bitcoin 125 has nothing to offer. It’s just a cheap scam aimed at swindling the financially naive. No wonder the owner is anonymous and is selling a non existent product where the investor is the cash cow and the owner is the beneficiary.

Bitcoin 125 Review

We started off this review with the analogy of Intercity 125 train because Bitcoin 125 is basically a scam that robs you in high speed. Before you even blink an eye, your Bitcoins will have disappeared into one of their many anonymous Cryptocurrency wallets.

bitcoin 125

They call it a lucrative market simply because it’s lucrative for them but not to you. Every time you send them coins, it becomes payday for them and a crying day for you.

The ambiguous explanation about their operations is strong evidence suggesting that these people neither mine or trade the coins.

They have shamelessly included a button showing their status as ”paying”. The next question to wonder about is whether there are any real people in this planet who get paid by a scam like Bitcoin 125.

Do you reflect the sound of the words Bitcoin 125 as they ring in your mind? Well, you do not want that sound to haunt you when you commit the mistake of sending coins to these guys.

A word on their investment plans

So here we have 4 different types of investment plans. They all do not make any economic sense. If the entire world was making 5125% every 35 days, probably everyone would be a billionaire. Poverty would have been eradicated long time ago.

Apparently, it appears that these scammers do not know this fact yet. 20% hourly for 12 hours is an equivalent of 40% in one day. The scammers are essentially saying that they will generate for you a whooping 1200% in one month.

The problem is that we do not think people can fall for this lie. But even if some people end up getting trapped, they must ask themselves whether it is really possible to make free easy money without any risk involved.

Dubious payment records

To convince us further than Bitcoin 125 is paying and people are actively responding to what they have to offer, they have included a table that shows fake deposits and payouts.

There are hundreds of freely available themes and plugins that provide this functionality. Values can be keyed into the various segments of that table. Sometimes these tables even come with generic information that site admins can opt not to edit at all.

The main thing is that the names of these investors are fake. The amount of Bitcoins which they paid or received is also fake. This is merely a fabrication of scammers.

No experience in trading or investing Cryptocurrencies

In their about us page, Bitcoin 125 claims that they have been around for 5 years now. But on their website, they claim that they have been around for a couple of days. We choose to believe the claim that they have been around for a couple of days. Why?

Because these anonymous group of individuals cannot produce their history of how they invested or mined Cryptos for their members.

Basically, they can’t convince us that they are engaging in any meaningful business activity since there is no data to prove that mining and trading of coins has been going on through this website.

The fact that Bitcoin 125 is operated by an anonymous group of individuals is also a disturbing thing. We cannot trust anonymous people who make empty promises like ”we guarantee to generate a profit for you”. There is no guarantee of an income in any form of investment. Only scams can guarantee an income. You obviously know how this will end though.

Fake physical location

Bitcoin 125 claims that their physical location is 178 Katherine Road, London. However, the authentic of that physical address cannot be verified. It would almost appear as if everything mentioned on this website is a lie. If the operator of this website chose to remain anonymous, it would be in their best interest not to reveal to you their true physical location. The aim is to rob you and continue to operate from an anonymous location.

Our best advice for you

Bitcoin 125 is definitely going to rob you. Like we said, that name should never send echoes in your mind after getting a bad experience in the hands of this website. The best thing to do would be to avoid them at all cost. If you truly want to mine Bitcoin, there are credible websites that do so. If trading is your game, use these robots instead.

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