Bet Earn Review: Don’t Bet on a Scam

Bet Earn Review: Don’t Bet on a Scam

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In this review, we expose a financial game and a scam known as Bet EarnBet Earn masquerades as an investment platform with returns of up to 625% in just 12 hours. When you do the math, this would mean 1250 per day. You are basically making 10X your investments in a duration of just 1 day.

Any normal person would be able to see that these returns are unrealistic. They are definitely not sensible. That is why internet users are seeking to know if there is a catch somewhere down the road. And the answer is yes, there must be a catch.

For that reason, we will be exposing their operations here. If you have already lost money to Bet Earn, feel free to leave a comment as well.

Bet Earn Review

You just have to look at the name of the domain to be convinced that this is a casino in disguise. But even a casino gives you a small chance of making money. This one does not, even though its name starts with the word Bet.

The truth of the matter is that Bet Earn is a smart, shiny but phony ponzi scheme. Initially, they intend to pay out profits just to keep people coming back for more. And we mean that when you come back a second time after having been persuaded that Bet Earn really profits its members, you will place a bigger deposit. That is when they will steal your funds. For now, they are just trying to win the hearts of their users.

You can’t be sure whether Bet Earn will be there tomorrow or the day after that. There is just no assurance, thanks to the crazy returns which they are announcing. Even if it were a genuine business offering these returns, it would soon collapse because those returns are not sustainable. Such a business cannot survive if they are paying as high as 625% in 12 hours.

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We all need to use our common sense because we can clearly see how this financial game is planning to ruin our lives. You want to know why Bet Earn is even considered an illegal website and far worse than a gambling website? Read more below.

A fake company

Most ponzi schemes of this nature are registered in the UK. As you can see, Bet Earn is also claiming that they are registered in the UK. That would mean that they have a Ltd status in their name.

However, that also gives us the advantage of searching them on the Companies House platform in order to verify whether or not a company by the name Bet Earn Ltd exists in the UK.


Funny thing is this, we can’t find that company anywhere on the internet even on the Companies House website itself. That would mean that it does not exist and that what Bet Earn is telling us is a big fat lie.

But how could they lie about their registration? They lie because they are scammers, and scammers don’t care what you do. If you bast them and word ends up spreading like bush fire, they will simply stop operations in this domain and launch another one. They keep moving from one hyip script and domain to another. That is why even though we are basting them, these scams can never stop their criminal activities on the web.

The anonymous owners of Bet Earn

We consider it a red flag when they lie that they have a company when they do not actually have any corporation in the name of Bet Earn supervising their activities.

Therefore, the owners of this website are also anonymous. As we have said before, scammers are people who will lie over one thing and continue lying some more. They will also ensure that their identities are concealed.

If you reside in the same country as these scammers, you will have the benefit of suing them. But what if you do not reside in the same country as them? It becomes so difficult especially if you end up losing a lot of money to this financial game.

Bet Earn is owned by a mysterious website admin. You can rest assured that their intentions are not good. They have a second agenda.

Impossible to earn returns

What exactly is the motive for promising 180% in 2 hours, 240% in 4 hours or 625% in 12 hours? The scammer knows it better. However, based on our assessment on this matter, we believe that these figures cannot be earned. Nobody has ever accumulated wealth overnight. This website appears to be suggesting that people are making 10X the amount they invested. It’s a lie since they can’t produce evidence to prove that indeed they are multiplying their investors’ funds over and over again in short duration.

Things to remember when taking risk with this scam

Remember that Bet Earn is making it clear that they will take your money and disappear with it. Those returns clearly send a strong message that they are scammers.

The other problem is that they are anonymous, and are not willing to divulge any information concerning their operations or even how they are able to make such huge returns in a short duration.

And thirdly, this is an entity that lies openly to its prospective clients. If they can lie that they are a corporation when that is not the case, rest assured that they will mislead you — something that will result in a big loss for you depending with the amount invested.

Our best advice for you

If you have read this review to this end, we believe you can anticipate our verdict concerning Bet Earn scam. It is a place where people lose money. There is nothing like multiplying your deposit with a factor of 10 or more. These figures can only be found on scam websites.

You are responsible for safeguarding your funds. We want to make your work easier by saving you from the rat race. These Cryptocurrency investment websites are currently the best in the industry.

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