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Share This! (not Bitworld) is a dubious Bitcoin investment program where users are likely to lose every single coin sent to them. The site admin is anonymous, and is in no way showing any interest in disclosing the owner. After going through their investment plans and considering a few things, we have no doubt that Bit World is a scam Bitcoin investment platform. 120% in 24 hours is not possible to realize. The site claims that they are investing in Cryptocurrency trading, yet we have always proved that even with trading of Bitcoin, one cannot make exaggerated profits and become rich overnight. So why exactly is Bit World announcing these ridiculous returns? The answer should be obvious by now.

But before we can continue with this Bit World review, we’d like to present you with a solution. Since Bit World is not trading or doing any economic activity that can generate revenue for the system, it is better to call it a ponzi scheme and consider real investment opportunities instead. You can trade with these Cryptocurrency robots for example.

Bit World Review

The site announces a lucrative return of 120% in 1 day. That’s not achievable and sustainable even for one day. Besides, trading of Bitcoin and other Crypto currencies does not double investments in 24 hours. We could say a ROI of 5% per month is reasonable. However, 120% per day is totally not reasonable. The reason why Bit World is announcing this ROI is because they want to lure the unsuspecting victim. They have to quote immense financial gains within a short duration for the financially illiterate to get persuaded. But rest assured that these people are not trading Crypto currencies. They are only using it as an excuse to get you convinced that a genuine revenue generation activity is going on here.

Bit World

Suspicious investment plans

There are 3 investment plans namely Basic Plan, Pro Plan and VIP Plan. The first plan plan promises 120% per day. The second plan has an alleged ROI of 140% in 3 days and definitely the VIP plans seeks to convince you that you can double your investments in 2 days. Minimum investment is $10 all the way to $1000 depending on which plan you have chosen.

Now, remember that if this anonymous admin was capable of doubling bitcoins, they would never ask you to deposit some money in order to multiply it. They would never need your input in any shape or form. Besides, if it’s too good to be true, then it is. There is no doubt that Bit World is too good to be true for a reason.

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Clearly this is far from trading. The kind of returns that this site promises can only be found in HYIP scam websites. Besides, the site does not disclose their trading results. This further proves that they are not trading but rather relying on new depositor money to generate revenue. This is typically how ponzi schemes work. They collect money from new investors and use a portion of the funds to make payouts. However, this is not always the case with scam ponzi schemes. Although all of them are scams because they tend to collapse at some point, most of them will never make any payout. We do not know where to categorize Bit World. But it definitely falls under one of the two categories.

Additional scam checks

Bit World says that it is a legally registered corporation in the UK. However, they are not listed with Companies House, and their company registration details cannot be verified. The certificate which they are showing us is obviously fake, and so this is not a company but just a mere website dedicated towards scamming internet users.

Secondly, the site does not disclose their so-called employees and trading experts. We believe that professional entities are always transparent with their operations. They never register domains anonymously, and they always do not see the need to keep their staff members a secret. Bit World clearly has a second agenda which most gullible internet users don’t realize.

No wonder this site is deceptive and is always giving its visitors lots of misleading information. From their alleged physical address to company certificate and economic activities. All are definitely fake because the website can’t prove a singe operation which they claim to participate in.

Fake testimonials

One of the common scam indicators that we use is to establish whether the website in question has external customer feedback and not just what we can find in their website.

First of all, the domain is very new as it was registered a couple of weeks ago and has a very short lifespan. That’s an indication that the site owner is not planning to host it for a long duration. They instead plan to do a runner in just 6 months from now.

But that’s beside the point. The problem is that we are not able to locate any customer feedback outside the domain. Furthermore, we are not able to verify if the testimonials which are found on this site are genuine. So we definitely know that these are obviously made up.

Fake ”latest transactions”

On the website of Bit World, we find a list of ”latest deposits and withdrawals”. In that list, we see various blockchain transactions. Unfortunately, the problem is that these blockchain numbers cannot be verified or confirmed that they are linked to users of Bit World. There is just no way we can take this information and link it to their alleged users.

The anonymous site admin knows this very well. But they still went ahead to present it as evidence that users and depositing and cashing out from their platform. This is not valid evidence, and so we refuse to consider it as proof that the site is paying.

Our best advice for you

Bit World seems to be a very dangerous website. It does not inspire confidence now that it lies about a corporation that doesn’t even exist. It can’t be trusted because of the weird ROIs which can’t obviously be achieved. If trading Cryptocurrencies is your game, you are better off with these robots. 

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