Fortune Academy Review: Is Hither Mann’s Mentorship Scam?

Fortune Academy Review: Is Hither Mann’s Mentorship Scam?

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Thanks for taking time to confirm through this review whether Fortune Academy is a legit or scam website. The first thing you notice is how professional the site is in terms of design and layout. However, the content of that website tries to manipulate or instill unnecessary fears in you before ultimately handing you a supposed solution to the ‘’what ifs’’ of life.

Therefore, in this review, we will discuss what Fortune Academy is and whether or not it is a good place to spend time and resources.

Fortune Academy review

This is just a brief overview of what Fortune Academy is. This is a supposed Forex trading academy run by a woman called Hither Mann. Some industry blogs have even called her a financial charlatan. Whether or not this is true, we can’t say.


The way we see her is that she is a silver-tongued sales person who wants you to believe that by age 26, she was already a multi-millionaire who participated in real estate investing, starting with nothing at all.

Now, somewhere down the line, she discovered how to make even more riches with Forex trading. Over time (a really really short time), she made even more wealth, and she now wants to give you those secrets if you will pay and listen to her.

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She also claims professional links with big brands like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Credit Suisse.

Through Fortune Academy, you call allegedly learn how to become a professional full time Forex and Cryptocurrency trader.

The Fortune Academy entity is based in the UK. It is promoted through free financial seminars which she hosts at 5-class hotel conventions. This entity is also aggressively marketed on hard print and also through social media. If you are economically desperate, you will most likely bump into this entity if you are a resident of the UK. However, Fortune Academy has expanded its wings, and is now appealing to a broke but greedy global audience who love to hear fairy tales of financial dreams.

The sales pitch is very attractive. The owner of Fortune Academy has learned how to deductively speak to an audience who is financial illiterate, desperate and naïve.

To be specific, her audience is people who are not sophisticated in the world of financial investing. These would include refugees with money, blue collar workers, minorities and individuals with limited education. As long as you fall in this category of persons and are dreaming of making money quickly, Fortune Academy will be appealing to you.

What exactly is Fortune Academy offering?

Fortune Academy is aggressively selling a Forex educational course that costs $4,995 per student. The moment you complete your training, you will be asked to open a Forex account with Alpari FX broker.

Also, if a student is able to reach a minimum threshold, they are supposed to be awarded with a sum that can go up to $1,000,000.

In short, Fortune Academy is marketing itself as a Forex education academy and a hedge fund entity managing assets worth millions of dollars.

Who is Hither Mann?

To know who this woman is, we decided to obtain a copy of her financial seminars. In that clip, we noticed that she was making some ridiculous claims about herself.

One of the claims she made was that she has financially supported her entire family since the age of 16.

She also claims that while she was studying to be an optician, she discovered a lucrative investment opportunity in the real estate industry. This opportunity didn’t require any deposit to get started. So in the first year of joining, she made over a million dollars.

She then discovered a secret for purchasing any property for half of its current value.

She also claims that she has been earning between 120K and 160K each week out of the real estate industry.

Finally, she says that she has become a multi-millionaire many times before reaching age 25.

This fairly tale suddenly turns into how she magically discovered how to make riches with Forex trading. Now, as a Forex trader, she claims to have earned millions of bucks trading the Forex market. She allegedly holds $10,000,000 in one of her Forex trading accounts.

Last but not least, she says she has given her students over $300,000 to trade with.

On top of that, she also claims that she has mentored some of the top professionals in Bank of America and so on.

In short, the owner of Fortune Academy is a trading guru who has to market herself thoroughly. They have to use hype in order to convince people to buy their super expensive trading courses.

We do not know how to validate these claims. As you can see, Fortune Academy does not do anything to legitimize these unconfirmed claims.

Is Fortune Academy a good or bad trading school?

Given the background of the owner and the fact that we already know that she is not a real Forex trader, we can say that a lot of what she teaches will not be of any help.

Truth be told, Fortune Academy isn’t worth your money or time. If you spend that much on this Forex training, you will have yourself to blame.

According to us, this looks like a scam. The entire entity is operated by a highly canning individual who has mastered the art of deceitful selling. You won’t have anyone to blame when things fail to work as expected. The probability of losing your funds is 100%.

Our best advice for you

The best thing about most ‘’trading gurus’’ is that they are somehow able to craft a very convincing message. Most of this message is conveyed in visual form. Their stories are mostly outrageous. We are still wondering how people can get lured into such a financial trap with such ludicrous tales of how financial gurus supposedly make their money.

If you want to really make money, there is no shortcut. You have to do it slowly but surely using investment tools that have been proven to work. We have already provided trading software that can do this job really well. However, we are not promising overnight riches.

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