HourlyInc Review: One of the Most Useless Ponzi Scam

HourlyInc Review: One of the Most Useless Ponzi Scam

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HourlyInc is an investment platform that raises a lot of questions as far as their credibility is concerned. They claim to be involved in scientific research platform and also a trust fund where people can be guaranteed of stable income and 100% financial security. HourlyInc also claims that they have a flexible investment system where funds are diversified in order to bring high yield returns in a short period of time. They also claim that they have knowledge of experienced Forex dealers.

Can we trust HourlyInc? Of course not. This website has all the elements of a ponzi scheme. For example, we know that only scammers do promise hourly income. This site is doing the same. HourlyInc is even promising guaranteed income and 100% financial security. We think this is the biggest lie that we ever heard on the internet. No one can guarantee you total financial freedom. You have to figure it out on your own.

There is no stable financial growth with this website either. It looks too suspicious to offer us any returns. Returns range from 1.1%-8% per hour. They are focusing on short duration investment plans which last up to 30 hours. By doing so, HourlyInc hopes to persuade you to take part in this project which will obviously result in a big loss for you.

The reasons why we are against this website have been listed in the subsequent paragraphs.

HourlyInc Review

HourlyInc is promising impossible returns, and that further confirms that they are a ponzi scheme. You cannot earn 8% per hour in any legitimate business. Furthermore, the site has not mentioned what they are doing in order to generate such crazy returns for their alleged customers. But you can rest assured that no business activity is going on here. You can rest assured that ponzi schemes are not transparent with their dealings because they do not have a genuine business to back their claims. Basically, they want your money for the sake of scamming you, not for the sake of investing it in Forex or any of those markets.


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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.

One might argue that HourlyInc actually invests in Forex and many other markets. But the question is, can we see evidence or proof of trading? If they claim that they have the experience and knowledge of Forex dealers, can we see proof of their trading activities from at least one of the brokers whom they work with?

That seems to be a tough question for a scam website like HourlyInc. If you ask this question, you are likely to be ignored because this website is nothing genuine. It does not offer what it says it offers. This is something you will realize when it is already too late. But rest assured that no form of trading is going on in this website.

More proof that HourlyInc is a ponzi scam

We just have to look at the so-called investment plans in order to determine whether or not this is a ponzi scam. Apart from the high yield and impossible returns that they are promising, we can see that a 3% referral commission is in place as well. This further confirms that this company has nothing to do with Forex trading.

Furthermore, they are accepting as little as $5, suggesting that these scammers are ready to rob any pocket. If you want to test them with $5, they will gladly take it and even offer you some returns so as to get enticed to invest more money. On the other hand, those who invest a lot of money at first will obviously get scammed outright. There is no question about that.

An illegal investment scheme

Ponzi scams are illegal in most developed and developing countries. You can rest assured that HourlyInc is targeting people from all walks of life and in different countries. After all, it is a website.

There is no reference to their location and license as well, yet they continue to operate like a trust fund. This is a big red flag. Most ponzi schemes claim a fake UK company identity. We hoped that HourlyInc would be the same. But so far, that has not yet happened. The website is not stating who they are and where they are based out of. Instead, it is 100% anonymous and the admin is still expecting that we will trust them even if we can’t establish who they are and what their experience is.

The other scamming element has to be lack of a regulator’s license. You see, HourlyInc is a trust fund. They need to display a licensing number on their website if they have it. But chances are that they don’t, which is why we can’t find one on their website.

It is therefore an illegal business that is intended to scam internet users. That is the reason they have not approached regulators to apply for a license.

Fake statistics

Fake statistics are the hallmark of this scam. HourlyInc has published their alleged user and payment numbers on their website. But the problem with this information is that it can’t be verified. It has not been verified by a third party. That means you can’t really trust the numbers which you are seeing here.

The fact of the matter is that these guys are 100% anonymous and would not want to display any real statistics. The figures which you are seeing here are meant to mislead you on purpose. They are meant to persuade anyone who comes into contact with this website.

Our best advice for you

When you get scammed by HourlyInc, you will feel sorry for yourself. That’s because evidence of scamming activities is already present on the website. It is crystal clear that this is not a genuine investment platform. So if you ignore, you will later face disappointments especially if you lose a lot of money. If you want to make money with Forex, it is better to use these trading robots. We have not seen anyone making money with ponzi scams. However, we have seen and proved several times that good FX robots do work.

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