Me Profits Review: It’s the Next Senseless Scam

Me Profits Review: It’s the Next Senseless Scam

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Another new day, another new scam and a way for people to lose money, thanks to the anonymous owner of that scam operation. That describes what is all about. The name Me Profits would suggest ”me too profits” but in the real sense has nothing to do with the act of generating profits for you. Me Profits is a suspicious website as all claims made by the admin are unverified while profit potential is just too good to be true. By the way, investors are being promised up to 5000% in 60 days. That’s absolutely crazy. It’s the kind of ROI you get in a ponzi scam site. Since Me Profits fits this description very well, we will go ahead and warn you in advance.

This review is all about Me Profits and how it intends to scam gullible investors. For $5, you are promised 20% for 8 hours. For $200, you will ”double’ your investment because daily returns are 240%. For $350, this scam intends to enroll you on an investment plan that will yield 350% in 5 days. For $550, you can enjoy up to 2200% in 27 days.

These figures are ridiculous. They are concrete proof that Me profits is not trading but rather ponzi scamming. Clearly we would millionaires in just one month of using Me Profits. Unfortunately, these figures can’t be attained. They are empty lies. They are typical of what a bona fide ponzi scam can promise you. Yeah, you won’t see any ROI once you send your money. Either your account will be suspended with the funds or they will simply ignore your request to cash out. It’s as simple as that.

Note: You should only mine Cryptos with these companies.

Me Profits Review

Me profits cites that they are located in London and are involved in a number of investment operations which include trading, mining of Cryptocurrencies, real estate management services and many more. They are allegedly serving institutional investors, businesses and individuals who would like to get rich quickly.

me profits

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.

Me profits is apparently composed of a team of independent contractors who are freelance financial consultants, traders, investment managers, venture financiers and so on.

What is the qualification of this anonymous team? It is alleged that they are former employees of ”many brokerage houses”.

When you read the introductory part of their about us page, you feel no confidence at all. In fact, there is a sense of ambiguity because no specific details like names and where these individuals have worked at are mentioned.

The other thing is that this about us statement seems to have been copy pasted from somewhere. We have come across several ponzi scam sites using the same exact statements and words to describe who they are. This shows that not only is the anonymous admin of Me Profits lazy, but he is also not keen on the fact that investigators can pick out these details when writing a review about Me profits.

In any case, these are all red flags that must be considered before throwing away money. They are valid reasons as to why you should never send money to the admin of this website. With such a huge amount of unverified information and lack of persuasiveness to ”invest” with them, we can only state that Me Profits is not a safe and secure place to put your money in.

Video presentation showing their alleged mining activities

Yeah, there is a video presentation which allegedly proves that Me Profits is truly mining Cryptocurrencies. This video is animated and is done with a voice over of someone who is clearly an actor and 100% anonymous. Can this be accepted as proof that this website is mining Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies? No is the answer. Honestly speaking, you don’t expect to be persuaded by this sales pitch. It is not inspiring any confidence.

Referral program

The 5%, 2% referral program of this website only adds an element of pyramid scheming to this website. It suggests that one can promote the scam to make 5% on the first level and 2% on the second level of the pyramid scheme. It is the safest way to participate in a scam. But honestly, you just don’t have the time to, plus there is no guarantee that you’ll ever withdraw your commissions if you ever refer clients.

Dubious user statistics

Basic scam scripts come with this feature which basically lets the admin manually assign names and random deposits and withdrawals on a table. This table is then displayed on the scam site to persuade visitors.

What you might not know when you come across this information is that the alleged depositors are fake. The same applies to the people that are allegedly cashing out from this website. All this information can’t be verified, and is the work of a scammer who lacks creativity.

The anonymous owner of the site

Well, have you considered why most of these scam admins are anonymous and at the same time hustling you for your Bitcoins? It is because they don’t have what it takes to generates the ROI which they claim on their website. The only way for them to make money is to rob you when you send Bitcoins their way.

An anonymous website admin is unacceptable. It depicts someone who is insecure and suspicious. Why would they want to maintain a secret profile if indeed they are out there to help you make money?

Furthermore, there is no verifiable evidence to suggest that Me Profits is working with traders or mining Cryptos. This is just a claim that has not been verified. So it is possibly a lie when you consider that this site already has countless other red flags.

Our best advice for you

The best advice we can give you is to avoid dodgy sites like Me Profits. If mining of Cryptocurrencies is what you want, make use of these companies. If you are into buying and selling of Cryptocurrencies for profits yet you have no experience at all, consider using these robots instead. The bots will give you a trading edge, and are user friendly as well.

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