Pebbles Fund Review: Tricky Scam

Pebbles Fund Review: Tricky Scam

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Pebbles Fund website is a pretty interesting website because it keeps the owner 100% anonymous. But at the same time, the anonymous owner is hustling internet users of their funds with the promise that they will earn a certain return from their donations.

The domain of Pebbles Fund website was privately registered in October 2016. In addition to that, it seems there is a connection between Pebbles Fund website and many other scams on the internet. For example, scams like Donor’s Club, AloBit, Fund My Cause and a few others are hosted on the same private server where Pebbles Fund is hosted at. There is no reason why we should think that these scammers are not associated with Pebbles Fund.

The other thing to take note of is that all of these scams are based on Bitcoin cash gifting. What is not clear is whether the admin of Pebbles Club is the same person as the one overseeing AloBit, Fund My Cause or Donor’s Club.

As we have said before, do not always be in a hurry investing with a website whose owner is 100% anonymous. Think hard before you send an anonymous entity your money. There is a good reason as to why they do not want to reveal who they are upfront. Take note of that.

Note: Avoid scams, start investing here.

Pebbles Club Review

As usual, Pebbles Club is operating much like any other ponzi scheme with no real product or service to help inject revenue into the business. The only product here seems to be the Pebbles Club own affiliate membership which affiliates are required to promote.

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The compensation plan utilizes a 2X5 matrix which basically means that one person should be at the top of the pyramid supported by two members with each member being supported by other two members. In total, this matrix houses 62 positions. Each one of the levels operate as an individual cash gifting tier.

pebbles fund

Pebbles Fund is supposed to begin by gifting its members 0.02BTC. To participate in this ponzi scam, you will be required to pay a monthly fee of 1.93BTC.

The way we see it is that Pebbles Fund is supposed to be a platform where people pay and receive donations. But definitely there has to be a loser in the grand scheme of things because this is usually not considered a viable business structure.

To start with, Pebbles Fund, ALobit and Fund My Cause are just clones of each other. These scams are disguised under the veil of giving donations while promising affiliates fake cash gifting.

When you think about it critically, you will recall the fact that legitimate donations never entitle others to receive donations from those who contribute. The meaning of a donation is to help others financially and not to reciprocate that favor with the receive giving donations back to you. So the manner in which Pebbles Fund is operating suggests that it is a scam unless proven otherwise.

The truth

The way these cash gifting scams are set up is such that the admin will be the ultimate beneficiary of the scheme. The money always flows in the direction that the admin wants it to flow.

The way they are designed is that the admin must first preload the system with one or two positions before they can officially launch the scam. These positions are supposed to cycle first in the upper matrix tier. Those who are lucky to have participated in the first matrix will therefore receive the lion’s share.

When other affiliates come in, they receive whatever little that remains. By the way, each time an affiliate comes on board, his deposit goes to the admin, same as in the first tier of the matrix. In the end, the admin gets to keep 90% of the funds. The 10% will go to members who are lucky to receive a reward. Even then, it is not a guarantee that you will receive a reward since most are outright scams anyway.

Also, there is always a disclaimer to these scams. They state that donations are given freely and willingly and that nothing is being purchased. Based on that alone, one should not expect a refund. Ideally, one should expect that this scam is disguising itself as a donation. It should not be seen as an avenue for making any profits.

However, this is something that the admin will never tell anyone. While they are in need of your money, some of them are careful enough to add this disclaimer. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t make it a legitimate way of earning money. It doesn’t make it a genuine platform. Instead, it makes it look like a scam ponzi.

Once the number of affiliates drops or stops growing, the anonymous admin will run away with the rest of the money. We told you earlier why they must be having a very good reason for maintaining anonymity. It is because they want to steal from you. They also love the fact that when you pay in Bitcoins, you won’t retrieve your money and you won’t even know who they are.

Therefore, Pebbles Fund is a calculated scam. It intends to fleece individuals of their hard earned money by using donations as a disguise. There is no legitimate business activity going on in this website. Even from the way it looks, you won’t be confident enough that your money will bring any returns.

Our best advice for you

We are sure that when you are asked to bet on this website, you’ll opt to keep your money instead. Pebbles Fund isn’t trust inspiring. It has a bad reputation too, one of them being that it is connected to a number of well known scams which are operating the same business model. It is quite obvious that such a business model is designed to benefit the owner and not the investor. If you cannot see or get any value from such a website, then it makes sense to keep your money in the bank where it will probably accrue interest or invest it elsewhere.

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