Super One Review: Ether Smart Contract Scam

Super One Review: Ether Smart Contract Scam

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SuperOne is a platform that does not provide any information about the owner or the person that is in charge of its operations.” website was registered on the 24th of July 2017. However, this domain was recently updated on March 2018, meaning that the website is now owned by somebody else and not the original owner of Super One.

We have also reviewed a marketing video featuring a man with a heavy European accent. Also, a lead which we have received suggests that Super One is linked to 3 Norwegians who also have a reputation of managing ponzi scams.

Their names are Andreas Christensen, Fredrik Skjoldt and Stian Alexander Karlsen. These folks are associated with a ponzi scam called  top Zeek Rewards Ponzi net-inners.

It also seems that the main shareholder at Super One is Andreas Christensen. He has also been running another ponzi scam known as Mowjow. This website has scammed many people for quite some time now. Also, he is currently doing an ICO on that website. This is just an attempt to cash in on the ignorant investor who believes that Mowjow might have some value to offer.

However, Super One’s management team has not officially confirmed their association with Mowjow. Furthermore, their identities is something you cannot find on their website.

We have always warned that when a website that is hustling for your money isn’t upfront with ownership information, you must think twice before sending money to the owner of that website. It makes matters worse when doing so with Cryptocurrencies. Just be on the lookout for sites that don’t reveal their owners. Super One is just one of them.

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.

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Super One Review

What exactly is this website offering? It offers nothing it seems. There are no products or services either. But there is an affiliate membership, which members are required to market as the product of Super One.


As a member of this phony site, you are required to invest a certain amount of Ether in order to ”win a secret amount of Ether”’ since the amount isn’t disclosed by the site owner.

Your investments on this website are apparently tracked by 0.1 ETH token bids. Winning bids will be determined by the site’s ”proprietary algorithm”.

There is also referral commission to be paid on each amount invested up to 3 times that amount. But there are also conditions that are supposed to dictate how referral commissions are paid. At some point, the site states that referral commissions will stop. The criteria that is being used here doesn’t make a lot of sense. But it’s definitely something interest to think about giving the ”complex structure” of Super One’s reward system.

The truth behind Super One

The idea of ponzi schemes is that people should contribute so that profits can be paid out appropriately. But the problem with this model of business is that it is not sustainable in the long run.

It was just a matter of time before scammers could combine ethereum contracts with ponzi schemes. When these two are merged, the end product is a scam. No question about it.

Proof of Weak Hands was the first project that implemented this idea. Ever since, a number of ”proof of” companies have emerged. These include Proof of Craig Grant, Proof of Trevon James and so on. The idea of these ”proof of” something is always the same. Members are required to purchase smart Ethereum contracts for a set price. Because they are aggressively promoting the idea and gullible investors are joining, the price is supposed to go up. The invested funds will be held on the contract and only accessed when the investor decides to sell his tokens.

Eventually, the entire thing collapses because thee ”proof of” something is always the same as a ponzi scheme. They are never sustainable. Some people like to call them pump and dump investments. But the reality is that the unwitting investor will always lose money in these projects.

The reason why investors will incur loses is that it reaches a point when early investors are pulling out and they are making profits while the rest are counting losses or are probably left with useless Cryptocurrency that has no real value outside that ecosystem.

As we write this review, we want to let you know that Super One is on its way to collapsing, same as Proof of Weak Hands. Proof of Craig Grant just collapses as soon as it was introduced, same as Proof of Only Hodling.

The other ”proof of” scams are yet to collapse simply because early investors haven’t withdrawn their funds. And if they do, you are guaranteed of a big loss depending on how much you invested.

Also, before we forget, we’d like to remind you of the fact that BitConnect Ponzi was a ”proof of scam”. It collapsed in a spectacular way because it was a ponzi scheme and ponzi schemes are not designed to last. They are designed to make the owner the most amount of money and probably early investors. But majority are outright scams that will never even reward early investors.

Super One, is just hiding under the guise of running a lottery algorithm. The truth is that it does not have what it takes to differentiate itself from a real ponzi scam.

What they are calling the gaming bid token is the proof of scam that we are talking about here. You basically invest in the gaming token and when you want to sell your tokens, you can do so provided there is a reserve to steal from.

This reserve can be depleted. And as it gets depleted, so is the value of the token. If you entered late, you will face the biggest problem of losing your funds. That’s a guarantee and a way of life for these scams.

Our best advice for you

It’s a sad thing that most internet users still think that these things can make them money. Super One can never do any good to your wallet. These best investment opportunities can be found here. 

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