247 Bitcoins Review: Never Trust a Scam Please

247 Bitcoins Review: Never Trust a Scam Please

Share This! is an investment scam. In this review of the 247 Bitcoins, we will be revealing the cold truth which the owner of this website doesn’t want you to know. On the landing page of the site, we see this self-proclaimed fraud declaring that they are the best Bitcoin doubler in the industry, and they are giving free signups starting 0.0001 BTC. Also, the site claims that they will update stats by the hour so you can watch as your BTC grows on a daily basis.

Now, 247 Bitcoins is a straight forward fraud. You don’t need to be told so. The site makes it clear from the word go. Just look at the site and reflect within yourself. Is this something you want to deposit funds into. Does this site’s design inspire your trust? Definitely no is the answer to these questions and concerns.

Let’s find out the real problem with the site. We have already made the assertion hat is a scam. What is remaining is to support the claims.

But before we can discuss the facts, we need to remind you that there is nothing like free Bitcoins. You have to work for the money. One way of doing so is to trade Bitcoins for good profits. If you can’t trade Crypto currencies, then why don’t you mine them instead? We are champions of the two investment methods because we simply can’t entertain the idea of sending a stranger your Bitcoins and hoping that they will double it. Never will that ever happen.

247 Bitcoins Review: The truth must be revealed

When we look at the landing page, nothing persuades us that the site is honest with their visitors. First of all, it lacks professionalism. Simple features like contact info or page is missing. The site does not even have a terms and conditions page, which leads us to believe that the scammer behind it was extremely lazy and was only focused on making quick backs. These mistakes are costly because they tell us that this site is nothing but untrustworthy. 247 Bitcoins has some characteristics which makes it qualify as a Bitcoin scam.

247 bitcoins

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One of them is that they will double your Bitcoins every month and for a lifetime. The site also claims that 247 Bitcoins is the best way to earn Bitcoins for free. That pitch sounds too good to be true because in the real world, no one can give you free Bitcoins. Bitcoin is real money and if you don’t work for it or figure out how to earn it, then nobody will ever transfer their precious bitcoins to you.

The site claims that visitors can invest 0.001 BTC and have that amount doubled every month. Their fees is supposedly 0.0001 BTC which they claim is very affordable for those who want to make money with their Bitcoin doubler.

You should know that there is no place in the world where Bitcoins can be doubled for nothing. This site is just taking its visitors for a ride. You will never receive the ”doubled Bitcoins”. This is an impossibility, and we can’t fathom the idea of minting free cash. That’s just not in the vocabulary of a true and sensible investor.

The site is not telling us how these funds are doubled. That’s a red flag because if the site claims that they are doubling Bitcoins, they should be able to give more explanations on how this process happens. But so far, 247 Bitcoins is avoiding that question like the plague. They are not discussing it at all. This leaves the inquisitive investor wondering what on earth is going on here. If a site cannot prove where or how its ROI is generated, then it’s clearly that it is a fraudulent ponzi scheme. The amount which they claim will be doubled is not true.And if such a website gets to pay out at any ROIs, it will be at the expense of other user’s deposits. When it’s their turn, guess what? The scam will close down and exit the market.

Do you want to know how they will do that? It’s simple. Let’s start by discussing the following things:

The anonymous owner of 247 Bitcoins scam

They are anonymous and they do not want any form of contact with their audience. That is why 247 Bitcoins does not have contact information or address on their site. That is why there are no term and conditions to start with. The site is designed in such a way that all revenue coming from the user will be channeled to the anonymous owner’s wallet. In the end, the investor will lose whatever they sent the scammer. It is as simple as that.

Common logic dictates that such a scammer should remain anonymous to survive the longest in the game. If they can privately register their domain the same way they did to 247 Bitcoins, it can help them a lot.

And then the exit will come. Here, the ponzi scheme owner will decide that they do not want to continue with the operations due to massive negative feedback which their fraudulent business is attracting. In the end, they will close down and make away with the rest of the funds.

247 Bitcoins is simply a fraud

At some point, you will be required to send some money in order for your Bitcoins to be sent back to your wallet. In reality, these scammers don’t have any Bitcoins to pay you. The fee they are requesting is the amount they will scam you. You cannot give scammers the benefit of doubt unless you are comfortable with losing. So far, we have seen countless of similar operations on the internet. They always result in losses. 247 Bitcoins is just one of the many cases of Bitcoin fraud.

Our best advice for you

What we need is your action. The site has nothing to offer, which is why its landing page is filed up with nothing but generic information. The scammer behind 247 Bitcoins is taking the joke too far. You can rest assured that they are not generating any BTC.

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