Bdeposit Review: 800% in 3 min Scam!

Bdeposit Review: 800% in 3 min Scam!

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BDeposit is a shady investment platform for Bitcoins and other assets. As always, they are claiming to give ordinary internet users a chance to invest in the Bitcoin market. They also claim that BDeposit is managing the funds of a number of well-known ”corporations” and individuals. The sales page also claims that these individuals are able to double their money on a quarterly basis because investing has become safe and easy.

BDeposit also claims that the reason why they are giving everyone the ”opportunity” to invest is to build a financial turnover to launch their own internal exchange. As a result, investors can buy and sell Cryptocurrencies of all kinds. The company is claiming to use automatic and advanced Crypto currency trading and mining software.

The question is, can these claims be confirmed? Is it true that BDeposit is trading and mining Bitcoin? Are ”specialists” involved in the operations of this website? That’s the question we want to address in this review.

Since this site is obviously spreading lies that cannot be believed, we should treat it cautiously. Here are some of the best Bitcoin mining sites on the internet.

BDeposit Review

The first thing you’ll notice is the ROIs on this site. The basic plan has a daily ROI of 800%. We believe that this is nonsense. Never in the history of Cruyptocurrency trading did people achieve such ridiculous returns. If this caught you by surprise, you should look at the second plan which is even more ridiculous than the first one. It claims that Bdeposit is offering a whooping 800% every 2 hours and 800% every 3 minutes. We all agree that these plans are unbelievable and not true.

By making these ridiculous claims, Bdeposit is suggesting that they are neither trading nor mining Bitcoins. These returns are simply outrageous and laughable. You do not need to sit in an investment class in order to realize that these income claims are far-fetched and cannot be real in any shape or form.To make money from every internet investor, the dubious site is accepting as little as $40 investment. To look legit, they claim that the maximum investment is capped at $50,000.

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Each of the 3 investment plans have a referral commission as well. You are supposed to earn between 3% to 10% per referral. If the site is actually scamming depositors, do you think these commissions will be paid out to you? It is not likely. Common logic suggests that such a website will never pay you a dime. But of course they will make you work to send referrals their way. That has always been the case with most ponzi scams. Bdeposit is no exception.

Transactions in Cryptocurrencies

Given the above red flags, this site cannot be trusted with Crypto currencies. Unless an investor is a foolish risk-taker, there is no need to go that extra mile so as to test them even with $40. It is not worth losing $40 just like that. That money could be used for trading or in other important things that require spending. You are better off buying a pair of shoes worth $40 rather than sending it to the anonymous admin.

Bdeposit is capitalizing on greed. They know that most internet users are greedy and are dying to multiply whatever small investment that they are willing to part with. They also know that in every population, there is a small segment that will never ask questions when faced with something that looks too good to be true. In this case, there are still a few people who will fall for the claims that 800% can be generated in 3 minutes or in a day. If that was true, the site would not be available on the internet today. In fact, everyone would be begging them for a chance to invest with their site.

But you see, even Wall street traders have never achieved these ridiculous returns. And they have certainly never heard of this site despite the platform claiming to have the ability to create 800% per day. The reason the site is’t popular among serious investors is because it’s like any other HYIP that does not pay. Bdeposit does not pay. It would not be possible for a site like this one to pay 800% in a day. Even if they wanted it, it would never be possible.

Remember, payment is done in Crypto currencies. And if that is the case, this dubious site knows that Crypto currency transactions are not reversible. That means anyone who sends their precious coins to this scam will definitely lose them without having the option to recover the stolen funds. It is as simple as that.

The truth that we must all known concerning Bdeposit

The truth of the matter is that this is a ponzi scam. First of all, Bdeposit is not able to describe their company in their about us page.Instead, they are giving us generic explanations which do not address the date that this company was founded, their employees, their performance records, location and so on. Instead, they are using this page to pitch more sales. In fact, this page is of no value to any serious investor looking to learn what the site is all about and whether it can be trusted.

We’ve seen this trend in many ponzi scams. They claim to trade and mine Bitcoins even if that is not the case. You will know that this site is not engaging in any of those activities by their style of presentation. Ask them for proof that mining and trading is happening and you will automatically get ignored. That’s the rule of all ponzi schemes, and also a test that majority will fail to pass.

Our best advice for you

You do not need any more explanation to be persuaded that Bdeposit is a scam. There are many indicators on the website. Also, recall the fact that 800% in 3 minutes is not a realistic goal no matter how we trade or mine. Therefore, to actually make money from legit mining, we implore you to make use of these sites.

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