Nexusmine Review – 16% Daily Returns or Scam?

Nexusmine Review – 16% Daily Returns or Scam?

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NexusMine is a new Bitcoin cloud mining site offering up to 16% daily returns and a 10% referral commission to boost revenue for its users. These returns are quite astronomical, and we are just wondering if a 16% daily return can be realistically achieved through mining of Bitcoins in the cloud. Nevertheless, there are some reviews and testimonials here and there from people who are purportedly earning with NexusMine.

While it’s difficult to believe that is able to generate such returns out of their SHA-254 contracts, it is encouraging to see that the company’s Facebook page is getting a fairly decent engagement from people who are seemingly excited by the fact that this company is issuing payouts.

For the average person, it can be extremely difficult to  make the right decision especially where an investment opportunity is sounding too good to be true and yet there are testimonials which are confirming otherwise.

We are assuming that the reason you are reading this NexusMine review is to find out whether or not this site is legit. Can it be trusted? Is it paying? Can we trust the testimonials? These are some of the questions we shall be answering in this review.

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NexusMine Review

Nexusmine Ltd was incorporated in June 25, 2018. The website is therefore backed by a real corporation in the United Kingdom. We have checked the background of this company and discovered that it is owned by Michael Carroll.  The domain of this website is registered to this name, and there was no attempt to conceal this information – something that has contributed immensely in building this site’s reputation.

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Note: If your language is not English, you should use the language dropdown menu at the top of their page to select your language.

Nexusmine is located at 45 Henry RoadCM1 1RG, Chelmsford, United Kingdom. We are unable to establish whether or not it’s true that this company is really operating out of this location. However, since that is what they have listed on their company registration documents, we will just assume that this is the correct address. We are more interested in what this company can deliver rather than their physical location and such like details.

The company maintains an active Facebook page with a fairly decent engagement. We have reviewed conversations here and discovered majority of the people who write comments on this page are either promoting their affiliate links or claiming that they have been constantly receiving payouts from this company.

Wheres this is certainly an encouraging thing to look at, we are not so sure if everyone is getting a payout from this company. Maybe we are right or wrong. But the most transparent way to send this information to the masses would be to have this company showing us some transparent evidence of their activities.

Even if members are receiving payouts, it’s extremely difficult to assume that everyone will receive payouts especially now that some of them are even confessing that they hope NexusMine will continue to issue payouts.

Nexusmine Limited

Nexusmine investment plans

There are 4 investment plans in total. These contracts expire in 7 to 12 days. Daily return start at 8% all the way to 16%. However, the fourth option allows customers to customize their how much hashpower they want in relation to what they are able to afford.

What we like about this company is the fact that it is letting investors get started with a small minimum investment of only 0.0015 BTC. We have also been watching the statistics on their site to try and identify if discrepancies will appear. The site seems to be accurately and truthfully counting the amount of payouts issued and the hashrate used.

While this can be a widget function on the website, we strongly believe that these numbers are sort of honest. They are not inflated. Given the alleged number of active members on the site and the pace at which the payouts are increasing, we are tempted to believe that the advertised 16% daily returns are not very accurate. The site may be paying. But 16% is just too much. They can’t confirm it either.

There has been a serious attempt to make this site as transparent as possible. From the way the owner is presenting himself to how they are conducting their operations. That’s something we truly appreciate. However, we feel that certain  promised made by this website can be truly misleading.

We all know that the cost of Bitcoin mining is rising by the day. Even the latest mining technology is really struggling to generate decent daily returns for investors. By saying that Nexusmine is issuing 16% daily returns, we can only wonder about the kind of technology they are using to mine Bitcoins.

There is no disclosure on this question. Perhaps the site is keeping it a secret because this is their business edge. But again, some users tend to feel that it’s their right to be treated to this information before they can decide whether or not to invest.

General thoughts about Nexusmine

This site is also promising to mine Bitcoins without charging any fees for the transactions. We consider this a very weird way to advertise a Bitcoin mining service. We actually don’t understand what operation model this site is using. In fact, we cannot figure out how the huge cost of mining Bitcoin can be absorbed by this company instead of passing it to the client.

Perhaps they have an abundance of hash power to waste. We may never know. As a matter of fact, the company is giving away 200 GH/s of free hash power. That’s yet another strange thing about Nexusmine.

While we are finding it difficult to believe these claims, no one has ever come out in the open to claim that this company is not giving its clients what it promises to give.

Therefore, we are generally seated on the fence with regards to the services of Nexusmine. It would be hard to believe that people are receiving up to 16% daily returns. At the same time, we don’t think their members are being denied their earnings.

Our best advice for you

We are watching this space to see whether the company will mess up. At the moment, we are seated on the fence. For Bitcoin cloud mining sites with good reputation, click here.

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120 Replies to “Nexusmine Review – 16% Daily Returns or Scam?”

  1. it’s a scam site i am one of there victim i try to invest btc to get hashpower but they never give me hashpower i try to contact there support no reply for 3 days and there facebook page no response either so be careful..

          1. I have not been paid since started. Had made 3 withdrawal requests already and none had been paid so far. Please send me screenshot of payments you received.

        1. I thought this nexusmine was real legit. Yes I got my withdrawal 3 times but as of now on my 4th withdrawal NOTHING. now I am sure this site is totally FAKE. they used only your money and your data from the internet BEWARE OF THIS SITE IT IS TOTALLY FAKE!

    1. I invested 10178 hashpower (aprox $50) and so far i can withdraw BTC 0.0006 (approx $4) every day.
      You can register using this link

    2. Definitely not a scam. I have received 8 payouts so far and the ROI was within 11 days. Now it is pure profit. Just pulled another $5 worth over to coinbase today, and thats my average with only $25 invested and 1 referral

  2. works for me get almost all investments back only some days for break even
    #4727 31. Juli 2018, 22:45 bfd5c60f8f21f5c585b39b1e481c59636878b4def44ab3264e29bda92d25f99d 0.00047654 BTC Done
    #3953 30. Juli 2018, 22:37 0b5f9ccd863905265b5597085f702e3c61baeda189e8fff11e449e0998ec0c48 0.00087038 BTC Done
    #2796 28. Juli 2018, 21:05 ffa6480c5ceddbb817defdd4cda4086a2a267b1678082b532ecc8bf60cf366de 0.00041745 BTC Done
    #2195 27. Juli 2018, 15:01 029a4f004366308eeecda09771ea4ada45b43594e060bebca3938b34eb5883d1 0.00049391 BTC Done
    #1522 26. Juli 2018, 03:27 30ef5293be658b6cb0f63bcefe69e36e003c58efcad13ad6dc767910a127a71e 0.00048190 BTC Done
    #1080 24. Juli 2018, 16:45 2a83a17189b7d616cd86a172e657617d8be04f1a165908c75c7aafac10f46c49 0.00028898 BTC Done

  3. I got a proof and a good technique so you can earn more and profit within few days. join my downline and i will tell you the secret to profit a huge amount of bitcoin in nexusmine.

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