Operate Bitcoin Review – A Fake, a Scam and Shady Site

Operate Bitcoin Review – A Fake, a Scam and Shady Site

Share This! is a rather curious title for a website that claims to mine and trade Cryptocurrencies. These scammers are clearly running out of ideas. But they also claim that Bitcoin can be mined forever and fast like the lightening – a sign that we are dealing with a get rich quick website. Returns are also unrealistic. But the site insists that they have workers behind the curtains who are experienced in dealing with Bitcoins. Do we trust them?

Let’s see what Operate Bitcoin is all about and whether real trading and mining is happening behind curtains. According to the sales page, this entire project is overseen by a UK corporation known as Operate Bitcoin Limited. Investigations reveal that no such company exists in the UK.

Therefore, not only is this website lying about many other things in relation to their alleged Cryptocurrency trading and mining business, but they are also lying about the existence of their company in the UK.

The fact of the matter is that Operate Bitcoin is a mere website with no corporate backings. It claims to mine and trade Cryptocurrencies automatically without ever needing the contributions of the investor.

Investment plans don’t have an expiry duration. The site even claims that they are the 3rd largest Bitcoin producer in the world. This assertion is clearly false because there is no single entity that can own Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency and no one can say that they are the largest Bitcoin producers in the world.

Other false claims that Operate Bitcoin website is making is that in 2017, the entity became the largest Crypto currency mining company as output rose by 20%. The private pool which they are talking about is called BTCC.

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The problem with this statement is that OperateBitcoin is simply lying about their mining activities. There is no mining or production of Bitcoins through this entity. There is no evidence that OperateBitcoins owns a ”private mining pool” called BTCC. All these are claims that cannot be verified.

Let’s find out in this review whether this site is really mining or trading to generate the alleged profits. In case you doubt, this is hard evidence which we will be giving you and helping you make an informed decision.

Note: For real mining, click this link. 

Operate Bitcoin Review

While investigating this domain, we discovered that it was created in June 2018. However, on the official website of Operate Bitcoin, they are suggesting that Operate Bitcoin started engaging in Cryptocurrency investment operations as early as 2016.

Operate Bitcoin

If the site was created in June 2018, there is no way the entity could have started operating in 2016. This is the conclusion that we have arrived it. And unless they are not giving us some information about their operation, we will hold on to what we see.

On the domain inspection tools, Operate Bitcoin owner ensured that their details were privately registered. These include their identity and contact email as well. This is a red flag because an honest person will never see the need to hide their identity. Due to the risky nature of Cryptocurrency, operators are supposed to be upfront and honest about their dealings.

If a site is not upfront and transparent about ownership, then it definitely means that the site is hiding extremely important to know. Let’s see the investment plans of this platform. They are ridiculous simply because Operate Bitcoin is a scam. It cannot be trusted.

Operate Bitcoin investment plans

There are 4 investment plans in total which are promising daily ROIs of between 5%-15%. Minimum investment is $40 while maximum is $20,000. These returns are supposed to be earned daily and forever. These returns are exaggerated. Even if you combine trading with mining, you can never realize a daily ROI of 5% let alone 15%. These figures are impossible to achieve.

These abnormal returns suggest that Operate Bitcoin is run by scammers. They are probably not trading or mining. They are just accepting payments and aligning their pockets.

Company background

They claim that this site is run by experienced and talented Bitcoin dealers, traders and software engineers. They also claim that they are providing full investment service with focus on the Bitcoin market. But they cannot prove the stable profits which they claim to have made over the years.

Furthermore, the site does not disclose who the ”experts and dealers” are. They are all anonymous and faceless. There is no track record showing trading performance. We cannot verify their trading performance as well. For this site to mine Bitcoins, there must be one or more data centers. The site does not talk about whether or not they have data centers. We suspect that Operate Bitcoin does not have mining facilities.

OperateBitcoins is a mysterious business

The site looks enticing. A financially naive person might think that the site is truly mining and trading Bitcoins. Remember this: if an investment platform is truly mining Cryptocurrencies, there will be sufficient evidence that mining of Crypto currencies is taking place.

The site is claiming that they are a legal business. Their head office is allegedly situated at this address: 41B Beach Road Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 5JA, United Kingdom.

There is also a UK phone number suggesting that OperateBitcoin is operating in the UK. This address cannot be verified. The owner behind this operation is anonymous. The alleged staff members are also anonymous. However, the site is asking for your funds. They are laying a good ground for scamming you.

Since you are paying in Cryptocurrencies, you won’t get a refund out of this transactions.

Our best advice for you

A shiny but phony Crypto currency investing website is not to be trusted by any means. This site is only full of lies since their statements cannot be confirmed. Their company is nonexistent too. This is clearly a very dangerous site to put your trust in. If you want to truly mine Bitcoins, go to these sites. Don’t trust any other site that has not been included in that list because you risk falling into the hands of scammers.

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