Envelope Scalper Review: Scam Scalping Guide for $97

Envelope Scalper Review: Scam Scalping Guide for $97

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Envelope Scalper is allegedly a scalping strategy for the masses. The reason the author believes that Envelope Scalper is effective is because it uses the trading principles of professionals, plus there is no need to use special charts and indicators when using the Envelope Scalper. This sounds like a convenient system to use indeed. The question that many of you are asking is whether this system is reliable. Can traders who love scalping really make a fortune with this system?

To get answers to those questions, read this review to the end because we will be giving our input on the product as well as useful insights that can help you make a wise decision before you spend $97.

Note: Cut the chase. Use these profitable trading systems.

Envelope Scalper Review

First of all, this is a relatively shallow sales page that does not dwell much on the specifics of the product being sold. We do not know who the author of this product is because it has not been revealed.


There is no about us page anywhere on the site. So even traders who are willing to buy this system can develop skepticism due to the mysterious nature of the the owner of this website.

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We generally prefer some level of transparency coming from developers or Forex system vendors who claim to possess products that help traders make money ”easily. The Envelope Scalper does not tell us anything about the person behind the operation. There is no reference to locations and you cannot contact them as well. This is quite unprofessional, and we doubt if a serious trader would be willing to spend their $97 buying a system whose owner is not transparent and is offering no means for contacting them – not even an email address.

The sales page tells us that proprietary trading firms are allocating a great deal of their budget to developing scalping strategies. There are no facts cited in this statement though. So we may not know whether this is a valid claim.

The reason this developer believes that Envelope Scalper works is because scalping is allegedly a better way to control risks and is often considered ”easier” than trying to chase bigger gains. We agree with the second opinion. However, the first opinion does not really hold water because even traders who chase large gains have a way of controlling their risk.

The developer of this tool also claims that this scalping tool can be used by the most experienced fund managers to newbies who are just starting out. It is allegedly advantageous because it does not use lagging indicators. It uses simple math instead.

Features of the Envelope Scalper system

In the previous sections of this review, we had gone into deeper explanation of the product without describing what the Envelope Scalper really is. So, what is the Envelope Scalper? It is a trading guide that claims to teach a unique scalping strategy.

According to the author of this trading guide, learners are going to get the actual trading strategy and not some useless pages that don’t add value to their trading.

They also claim that the Envelope Scalper is unique in the sense that it does not use recycled ideas. It is hard to verify this statement though because this is a digital product and until we use it, we cannot tell whether what is contained in that guide is unique.

The Envelope Scalper is a 30 page trading guide that also features a spreadsheet which makes learning easy and convenient. The product features links to useful resources which also include links to demo accounts which the author is promoting in this trading guide. The trading guide also contains a checklist that can help with formulating traders’ scalping approach in the market.

And of course such a purchase usually comes with some sort of a bonus. Therefore, for this order, traders will get a subscription to a popular investment website called Stockweblog.

To make learners feel like there is no risk trying out this product, a 56 days money back guarantee has been included into the purchase as well. This is to give traders the chance to decide whether or not Envelope Scalper is something they’d like to keep. Obviously such a dubious sales page does not look like a place where traders can get a refund from. Perhaps the process is going to be long and tedious at some point. They never issue refunds quite easily.

What we think about the Envelope Scalper System

At first, the landing page of the Envelope Scalper system may seem convincing especially if you’ve been looking for a system that can truly scalp the market with greater accuracy. However, you should think twice when faced with the decision of whether to buy such a system or not.

The issue with this product is that the sales page already has a lot of red flags which we cannot just ignore. Many scams in the Forex marketplace will somehow leave clues behind if their operations are not legit.

The first thing we are wondering is whether any serious trader who wants to learn scalping can trust the anonymous vendor of this product.

Secondly, before you make such a purchase, it is very likely that you will want to contact them first. How do you reach them in the first place? Only scammers make it impossible for their intended online victims to reach them. So this product falls in that category.

And the third most important hint is that a profitable scalping system can never be sold for $97 only. Quality trading products come with a steep price tag. Envelope Scalper is therefore not being honest with their audience.

Our best advice for you

As always, such products are send to the blacklist since there is no point recommending a product that will cost traders money and time. Envelope Scalper is not making it to our list of recommended trading products because it doesn’t meet the strict criteria we use to vet our products.

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