Scam Alert: Become A Master Of Candlestick Trading Review

Scam Alert: Become A Master Of Candlestick Trading Review

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Become A Master Of Candlestick Trading by “Joe” Parker is a very strange system for trading Forex. We have analyzed it carefully, and we already doubt if the man behind it is really getting honest with his audience. Become A Master Of Candlestick Trading is found on, and it’s the subject of this review

The guy behind claims that the reason traders fail is because they do not know how to properly read Candlesticks. So he has a solution, and failing traders can turn things around once again since it is not too late. He also claims that trading is so simple and that robots and indicators do not work.

He believes that indicators are especially bogus because they read what happens in the market many hours after the change has occurred. While this statement is true, we do not entirely agree with the anonymous owner of this landing page,

So the question is this: should we trust and the ”Become A Master Of Candlestick Trading” system? Here’s what we think regarding the system which ”Joe Parker” is selling for $37.

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Become a Master of Candlestick Trading Review

It’s one of the many Forex landing pages that we have seen before. It looks like a get rich quick system because there is a lot of promises but no action to prove that those promises hold water. By the way, the owner of this trading system, ”Joe Parker” is a fake because that is not his real name. He is using a fake name and he even admits it. That is why the name Joe is engraved in quotes on the landing page to suggest that we are dealing with a fictitious character whose real identity has been hidden.

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Forex Candlesticks Mastery

But what exactly is Become A Master Of Candlestick Trading? It is a trading course that teaches about Candlesticks and promises to change our trading if we follow the advice that is published on the course. When students buy this course, they are assured that there will be no more uncertainty when taking trades or regretting for taking profits too early. In addition to this, the course promises users that they will never have doubts as to whether or not to enter trades.

One of the most critical claims that the Become A Master Of Candlestick Trading is making is that trading is easy and with this system, traders should be able to start making money immediately. We don’t agree with these claims because they are very misleading. Trading is not easy, and if it was easy, everybody would be making lots of money from trading today. So that is the evidence that trading isn’t easy and Become A Master Of Candlestick Trading is all about selling a product and making quick bucks.

Features of Become a Master of Candlestick Trading

This course promises to teach how to read the markets and understand it the same way professionals do it.

It claims that it will impart the knowledge to learn what processes go inside the formation of a candlestick.

The owner claims that the course teaches how to pin point the exact entry and exit of trades with deadly accuracy.

It teaches how to utilize candlestick to improving trading with other systems – meaning that this system can be used with other Forex trading systems.

And finally, Mr Joe claims that with Become A Master Of Candlestick Trading, traders can know for sure whether a trend will continue or the trade will suddenly reverse against them. 

In other words, Forex Candlestick Mastery is a site that claims to have what it takes for Forex traders to learn the behind the scenes happening in the Forex marketplace.

However, before we can believe this sales page, we need to ask ourselves a few questions. Is this man a trader or an internet sales man? Where is their trading performance to prove that they are teaching what works? We will be answering those questions in a short while.

Forex Candlestick Mastery – the package

Forex Candlestick Mastery course is selling for the price of $37. The person behind it claims that he originally sold it for $97, then slashed the price to $67 and then figured out that more people needed to afford this system. So he brought down the price to $37.

On top of this, he claims that the Forex Candlestick Mastery course comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. This means that if traders buy and don’t get satisfied, they should ask for a refund.

Of course no one can get a refund when they buy this product. First of all, Forex Candlestick Mastery looks like a Clickbank product. The owner hopes that you won’t ask for a refund after getting scammed. He is selling it to everyone who comes across the landing page. Not everyone will ask for a refund anyway.

Forex Candlestick Mastery and the trading performance

This man called Joe claims that he is a trader. But that claim cannot be verified because he is not telling us his real name. This is quite common among Forex scams out there.

For us to trust this person, they must be able to demonstrate that they have a strong track record of trading. Since they are traders, it should not be an uphill task giving us the link to their account. Unfortunately, this has not happened. So this clearly means that Forex Candlestick Mastery is a scam since it is not backed by proof of trading performance. We can’t prove that the owner of Forex Candlestick Mastery is a trader.

Our best advice for you

This is just a lengthy sales page with marketing fluff and nothing more in terms of material. The truth is that this is a simple Forex trading course that teaches candlesticks. These materials are freely available on the internet and you must also commit time for you to learn and become proficient. We don’t believe that this is a good investment. Use these Forex trading resources to become successful. 

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