Bitcoin Secret Review: Canning Scam with Changing Domains

Bitcoin Secret Review: Canning Scam with Changing Domains

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We are reviewing a complex scam called Bitcoin Secret. This would be another version of Bitcoin Secret Loophole because they show similar characteristics and even share one website theme. The scam is promising to make money through Cryptocurrency trading. The trading app is allegedly trading with a win rate of 99%. This would easily double your money with each day of trading. On top of that, the owners of this scam claim that one can make this money for free because they are giving away the scam software for free as well.

This is too good to be true, and we can’t believe for a second that Bitcoin Secret is a serious app for trading Cryptocurrencies. We just don’t want to take that kind of risk.

The truth of that matter is that Bitcoin Secret is a cloned scam. It keeps showing up with different domains and it’s even hard to keep track of. The scammers behind it are probably the same people who launched Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Trader Code and many others that we have reviewed here before. The truth is that they are using the same software but changing names and logos of the program to make it appear unique when it’s not.

If you are interested in finding out why the Bitcoin Secret is a scam, here is more info.

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Bitcoin Secret Review

We want to start off by focusing on the alleged 99% win rate which the site is proclaiming. This win rate is really high and too good to be true. Do you honestly believe that a robot with such a win rate can be offered for free if it ever existed? We think it would cost a fortune rather than costing nothing. So this is a big lie. There is no way we can have such a win rate. And even if someone came up with an algorithm which can win trades with such a win rate (highly unlikely), they would sell it for millions of dollars. We can guarantee you this.

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Therefore, Bitcoin Secret is a money losing software. You have to be aware of that fact before you proceed into the trap that the Bitcoin Secret website is laying for naive traders who think that trading is a walk in the park. Another thing is that we have carefully examined the testimonials and reviews which were published on this site and found them to be fake. They are not authentic since the admin edited those statements and used stock photos to lie to their audience that this software is receiving endorsements all over which is not true.

The use of stock photos is not acceptable. It shows that this software does not have endorsements from real users. It shows that Bitcoin Secret is not a working software but rather a money losing trading robot.

If this endorsement was real, rest assured that Bitcoin Secret would be a very popular software in the internet right now. It would make headlines in the news and also create buzz in the trading forums. But as you can see, the software isn’t popular at all.

In short, the software is malicious. It serves as a textbook example of how thieves steal money from naive investors who are looking for legit ways to generate some income from trading. We will show you how the thieving will happen in the event that you end up making a deposit so that the software can trade on your behalf.

The truth of the matter

Bitcoin Secret has made itself crystal clear that they are after ripping off traders. That’s why they are advertising impossible to attain win rates and insisting that the software will perform as claimed.

One thing you should be aware of is that all scammers who promote Cryptocurrency trading bots behave the same way. They use the same tactics to scam individuals, and it works.

We are not sure how an old school scamming method still works in 2018. All we know is that despite the method sounding so simple, there is a huge number of ignorant people who will end up falling for the trap.

This is what the trap looks like. When you sign up to the ”free software” because they claim it’s free, the app will force you to deposit $250 with an unregulated broker. You have no choice but to stick to the rogue broker they are recommending.

The scammers will inform you that if you don’t deposit that money, the software cannot be activated. Surprisingly, some people will go the extra mile to test the software with real money. The software will auto trade but it will lose the entire balance because the algorithm isn’t designed in such a way that it can win trades.

If the algorithm was effective, it would never be distributed to the general public for free. It would cost a fortune. So the reason why the software loses money is because it is a generic robot that doesn’t really perform calculated trades.

The shady broker is in partnership with the scammer behind Bitcoin Loophole. So when you eventually deposit $250, they can share the deposit with the scammer. On the other hand, you will become the looser in this deal.

Therefore, this is the real purpose of such a robot. Bitcoin Secret has no secret. It is just a name to entice you to perform a foolish act like that of depositing real money into a scam broker’s platform.

Our best advice for you

By the way, we have encountered this software several times before, and it’s a well known money losing app in the Crypto currency trading industry. In fact, nearly half of the Crypto currency trading bots reviewed here are the same app that Bitcoin Secret is using. Only names changed. So with respect to this, make sure you are using our recommended bots only. Otherwise, if you ignore this review, you will end up losing your money.

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