Pattern Sniper Review: Scam or Real Deal Forex Signals?

Pattern Sniper Review: Scam or Real Deal Forex Signals?

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Pattern Sniper promotes itself as one of the most accurate providers of trading signals on the internet. Pattern Sniper even has a 10 day trial which costs $1, and we do believe that traders who want to test their service before making long term commitments can take advantage of this trial. They seem to be confident in this trial, even to the point of saying that 90% of traders who test them end up signing up for the premium package.

However, Pattern Sniper is not transparent when it comes to introducing themselves and their location from which they are running this business. In fact, there is no information anywhere on the sales page about the vendor, their location and even contact form/email address. This is a weird way to do business on the internet.


The only way to contact the team or whoever is behind this operation is through a live contact form situated at the bottom of the page. Honestly there needs to be some level of transparency in how they present their product to the world. Otherwise, traders will just assume that this is another mediocre Forex trading product.

On the same note, traders who are serious enough should consider signing up for these trading resources. They are the most reliable trading products on the internet.

Pattern Sniper Review

According to the Pattern Sniper website, their service has everything that a trader needs in order to be successful. The reason why they are different from other signal providers is because all their trades are carefully planned before they can be sent to traders. This is a claim that we have heard several times. Many vendors make this claim and without proving that indeed their service is the best, there is no other way to verify those claims.

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They also claim that their team of traders is continuously on the lookout for trading opportunities. But they do not tell us what type of trading experience this team has. In fact, the team is anonymous and we don’t know whether there is a team involved in this operation in the first place.

The vendor is providing trading signals through email as opposed to using web-based platform or a mobile app like Telegram or Whatsapp. They are targeting between 150 and 300 pips every month. In addition to the signals which they send through email, they also include two trade analysis and intraday ideas every single day. This is to help traders interpret the markets accurately and better anticipate what will happen next.

What is the trading methodology?

They claim that Pattern Sniper is using proprietary technical analysis which depend on reversal areas, specific pivot points as well as top and bottom forecasts. By using this methodology, Pattern Sniper believes that they can find the best entries and increase chances of winning their trades. So far, this is all they had to tell us regarding their Forex trading strategy, and we do appreciate this explanation because it is more elaborate and in-depth compared to what we have seen with many other Forex signals vendors.

In addition to this, Pattern Sniper also provides live mentoring chat room which can help provide more clarity on how the team is usually trading.

Quick breakdown of the trading signals

Trading frequency has not been disclosed. So if you are a trader who is concerned with the number of signals which you can receive on any given day, it is important to keep this in mind.

They trade a number of pairs a day which include  BITCOIN, AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, AUDJPY, CADJPY, EURJPY, GBPJPY, NZDJPY, EURGBP, AUDNZD and EURCHF. This is a subscription-based service, and users are expected to subscribe for the cost of $50 all the way to $100. So it is quite an affordable Forex signals service.

The Pattern Sniper has 3 plans which we can choose. The lite version is $50 per month. The pro version costs $60 per month while the expert version will attract a charge of $100 per month. So far, these plans look all the same. There is a slight difference though because other plans have different session overviews and intraday alerts which are sent through email at specific times of the day.

Do they have past records of their trades?

They provide us with a performance page showing charts and sometimes videos of how they have performed so far. Both the charts and videos show us a full breakdown of the signals that were traded. We can get details such as the analysis of the trend, a few complementary notes and finally the trade details.

This is a good job because they have gone an extra mile to document what they have been doing in the market. However, we still aren’t getting the full picture. Keep in mind that this performance page is only showing us 10 trades which are separated by a span of 1 month. This vendor has been providing more than 10 trades in a month. So we are only wondering why they have provided us with 10 trades and ignored some trades. This simply means that Pattern Sniper is cherry picking the best trades and not showing us all trades regardless of their outcome. Again, there is a low level of transparency in how results are presented.

In addition to this, they are not utilizing myfxbook to verify their performance. We can only ask why this is the case.

Are there any reviews?

Currently there is only one customer feedback, and they were rated with a star. Although this is just one review and we can’t put much weight on one review only, it shades some light on what it’s like to use the services of this vendor. No one can rate a service so poorly if they truly believe that it delivered as promised. So we will leave this to the vendor.

Our best advice for you

Pattern Sniper is a service that is of interest. However, they need to practice some level of transparency before they can gain the trust which they are looking for. We still vouch for these products though. 

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