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Primus Trade is a suspicious trading and mining operation with no verified evidence of these activities taking place in the background. In fact, Primus Trade even lies to investors that their BTC mining platform is generating 3% a day for 8 months. They claim to have a Bitcoin mining pool, although these claims have no evidence to back them up. They claim that the aim of Primus Trade is to manage their clients’ portfolio and earn them profits.

Their Forex asset management plans guarantee a minimum of 45%, which is quite suspicious given that even the best asset managers on the internet cannot make 30% monthly returns. These returns are simply too good to be true. We need to ask many questions because indeed when you go through the site, you will be left with many questions to ask the anonymous admin.

We have gone through their mediocre FAQ page to try learning a few things about the Primus Trade platform. You can rest assured that this page does not do anything to give us a sense of security when our money is in the hands of these crooks. Simply put, we believe that this is a scam, and we have enough evidence to prove that this rip off is targeting naive investors who think that people can make 45% monthly returns in profits and consistently. They are selling a dream that is not possible to achieve.

Having said that, we want to dive into the details that show how you will lose money in this dubious operation which could see victims send as much as 0.5 Bitcoin as minimum investment. This can be a very costly scam to fall for.

In the meantime, we want you to know that not all mining operations are scams. Make use of these BTC mining platforms if you want to make money as a BTC miner.

Primus Trade review

Primus Trade claims that they are an asset manager based out of London who were founded in the year 2015. They also claim that they are licensed by the Cysec, and that they have 3000 plus members and are managing $350 million in funds which their clients have trusted them with. When we look at this website, it does not look like a website which can be trusted by people to the point that they can invest that much.

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They also claim that their Crypto currency cloud mining business was launched in 2016 to create a means for generating passive income. Primus Trade has allegedly employed expert Forex traders and fund managers who are also good at risk management. Primus Trades claims that their success is as a result of professionalism and transparency with their clients.

But none of the things mentioned in this about us page can be verified as truth. The domain might have been created in 2015. But that does not mean that they are doing a good work or that their company can be trusted with client funds. In fact, one wonders how these guys have survived this long.

We have several issues against Primus Trades and we will raise them here once and for all so that you can see why this fund manager is more than just a scam. Let’s start with their alleged Cysec license. They are listing a licensing number which belongs to B.O. TradeFinancials and claiming that their company was licensed under that number. The number in question is 216/13, and it can be confirmed that this licensing number does not belong to Primus Trades.

So other than lying to us that they have a Cysec license number, they are also impersonating another company, which is another crime. You cannot trust a company or entity that tries to impersonate another entity. It gets worse when you try to imagine that Primus Trades has even gone a notch higher to use someone’s license without their permission. In fact, this has earned them a place in the Cysec’s blacklist. Therefore, this is full evidence that the entity which we are reviewing here is shady and potentially a scam.

Too good to be true returns

If you sign up to start mining BTC in any of their pools, the site claims that you will earn a minimum of 10% in weekly ROIs. This can go up to 25% in weekly ROIs. Consider that this is mining of Bitcoin and difficulty is currently in its all time high, you can’t really trust what Primus Trades is saying in these plans.

Simply put, these returns are too good to be true. They show that this entity is simply a scam since mining of BTC does not make people rich overnight. There are challenges along the way, which include the number of miners on a network, the cost of electricity among other things. These factors cannot let you make handsome profits like 10% a week.

Their Forex trading plans also make it very suspicious because Primus Trades claims that they are making 45% monthly returns. We cannot help but point out that this is how scams. Do not believe even for a second that you can generate these returns with any fund manager out there. Even our most recommended asset managers do not generate this kind of revenue.

Who are behind Primus Trades Scam?

They claim to be a company just to distract people from trying to query their identities. In the real sense, even companies have human directors, and we expect Primus Trades to introduce them. But this is not the case because this is a fraud. Primus Trades does not say who is behind their operation. It is simply a suspicious fund management operation.

Our best advice for you

You must only invest with reliable fund managers or real BTC mining platforms that have a proven track record. This scam claims that it is combining Forex trading with mining of Bitcoin. But this isn’t the case. The truth is that they are not mining or trading. They are simply collecting funds from naive investors by first telling them lies and then ripping them off. Avoid.

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