Robin Hood Mechanical Forex System Review: Scam Alert

Robin Hood Mechanical Forex System Review: Scam Alert

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We are looking at a trading system that is allegedly infallible and is giving traders the unfair advantage that only 0.1 Forex traders have. We should take these claims with a pinch of salt because Robin Hood Mechanical Forex System looks like your average shiny Forex scam. It is allegedly authored by someone called Barry Ludlow but at the footer of the website, we find a different name, Daniel Malaby who is allegedly the Robin Hood Forex system developer. It is therefore not clear who the real owner of Robin Hood Mechanical Forex System is. The landing page is only confusing traders by introducing a couple of characters and not telling us who exactly is behind the system.

The domain of the Robin Hood Mechanical Forex System is quite dated as it was created way back in 2008. This is a very long period of time to have a website hosted on the internet. So one would actually be misled to think that this Forex trading system is legit. But it’s quite shocking that this is not the case. It is not the real deal.

We have gone through the entire website and analyzed everything there is to know and found that the site is potentially a scam. It is meant to collect email addresses for upsells at a later stage. This is because the Robin Hood Mechanical Forex System is currently being offered for free and that this is a limited time offer. We are sure that some of you are already wondering what the catch is. We will get to this shortly. For now, we are only warning you not to fall for this product because it is a complete waste of time and resources. If you need a reliable Forex trading product, pick a Forex robot from this list. By no means should you rely on scams.

The Robin Hood Mechanical Forex System review

As you can see, the website has lots of interesting things to promise and talk about. They even claim that this trading system has been endorsed by major news channels on TV and also on the internet which include CNN Money, Fox News, Newsweek among others. Clearly this is a marketing gimmick and you should never believe that any of these organizations endorsed the Robin Hood Mechanical Forex system at any one given time.

The Robin Hood Mechanical Forex System

The Robin Hood Mechanical Forex system is introduced as an astounding Forex break through. If this was the case, we are sure that this system would have been featured all over the internet and also on the web. Everyone would be a millionaire by now because copies are being distributed for free to anyone with an email address. So the reason why this system has existed for a very long time and people are not rich yet is simply because it is a scam meant to waste your time with plenty of up sells along the way.

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The Robin Hood Mechanical Forex system is described as a 100% mechanical trading system. But you can never be successful with mechanical Forex trading systems since markets change over time and what works today may not necessarily work tomorrow. Mechanical trading systems have been known to fail, and this one is no exception.

The author claims that the Robin Hood Mechanical Forex system generates $100 per trade many times a day. This is an impossible return to make in Forex trading. And if the owner of this scam believes that their system has been able to generate $100 per trade several times a day, they should provide some proof of their trading success. This would help prove that indeed what they are offering is effective.

But so far, there is no proof of trading success, and what you are seeing on this sales page is just empty sales talk. The author is setting high and unattainable targets which they cannot prove. When someone tells you that they are offering a trading system that can generate plenty of money in a day, it is best to ignore them because they are most likely scammers.

That is the reason we have disqualified a number of trading systems in our previous reviews, and we will still continue to bast these scams and stop them in their tracks.

Other supposed advantages of using this trading system include unheard of accuracy rate, a slick and effective trading method that has never been introduced to the public and 8 months of developing and perfecting the system.

Well, these promises don’t make sense and as you can see, they are considered as unverified claims.

Who owns Robin Hood Mechanical Forex system?

The anonymous owner of this Forex trading system claims to have 17 years of professional trading. Surely, anybody who has been trading professionally for 17 years should be able to offer much more than a colorful landing page. The reason we are not convinced that the person behind this product is a trader is because they cannot prove that they ever traded successfully. They may not be traders at all.

So what they are going to give you as ”blue print” or step by step implementation plan is just hogwash. It is most likely the same content that you will find everywhere on the internet for free. They are also offering it for free but with up sells. The consequences of using this system can still be detrimental to your trading success.

The truth

While the Robin Hood Mechanical Forex system is offered for free for a limited time (as claimed on the sales page), the problem is that they are collecting your email address so they can either rent your contact info or up sell similar products thereafter. We do not think that a serious trader who is in need of a professional Forex trading system would want to waste time signing up for this product.

Our best advice for you

As we have said it before, the Robin Hood Mechanical Forex system is a crappy product. Make use of these Forex trading systems if you want success. 

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