Solar Mining Green Review: Scam Alert for

Solar Mining Green Review: Scam Alert for

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We’ve heard this over and over again and we strongly believe that this type of operation is targeting those who would like to mine Crypto currencies at the same time doing little to no damage to the environment. That’s where comes in. They claim that they can offer Crypto currency cloud mining operations and guarantee returns of up to 90% a month using solar energy.

The idea is that solar energy is cheaper, more efficient and less damaging to the environment. While this is the truth, the fact still remains that there are many operations that claim to mine Crypto currencies even when they are not legit.

Is a legit mining operation? Maybe yes and may be no. But one thing we can tell you is to exercise caution when dealing with any website out there. There are no customer feedback for this website, and we believe that the site is quite new to this market place, which is why they haven’t received any ratings and testimonials yet. We are going to review them still and let you know what we think concerning their operation. In the meantime, we advice that all of you who want to mine Bitcoin should do so with these trusted companies. review

On the website of, we are told that the security of their clients’ investments is important to this company. They also claim that their data centers are located in Dorset and that they are the largest suppliers of cloud mining hardware in the UK who use green energy to mine Crypto currencies. This is a statement that is far-fetched, and if there is no proof to support the same, then it could only mean that is probably lying about their operations.


There are a few pictures on the sales page which showcase solar panels and open fields which are supposedly where has set up its resources for mining Crypto currencies. These photos look generic, plus they do not tell us whether the claims made by can be trusted.

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While the site is talking of how concerned they are with their clients’ security and safety of funds on their platform, we do not believe that this is true since the site even lacks the most basic security feature. Just look at the browser and when you fail to see the padlock sign, it is a good indication that this site does not mind when hackers steal personal information of their clients as they input them on the site.

So we do not believe that this is a safe site to invest in. Equally, we don’t believe the pictures we are seeing and the thick wall of text which provide a generic explanation of what they do and why is allegedly the best.

Solar Mining Green is allegedly owned and operated by SOLARACCESS UK LTD. This company was incorporated in 2010 and listed as a company that specializes in the production of electricity in the UK. Unfortunately, this certificate does not tell me whether SOLARACCESS UK LTD is really associated with

Monthly returns

By now, you should have a clue on where this is going. We do not agree with this website and its claims at all. They tell us that 90% is their monthly returns but the way we know it is that we can never generate 90% monthly returns in cloud mining. That is just not the way the economy works, and if it was real, it would be as easy as investing in a plan offered by Solar Mining Green and becoming rich overnight.

In all the genuine mining operations that we have come across, we have never come across any operation that can generate this kind of return in a month. Therefore, we are even tempted to think that Solar Mining green is a scam, just like what we reviewed here a while ago.

What is the truth about this site?

Based on our careful analysis of the site and its sales pitch, we are convinced that this is going nowhere. The fact of the matter is that this is a dangerous site hiding behind solar energy and trying to persuade people to believe that they are genuinely mining BTC while conserving energy.

You have to be aware of the fact that people cannot become rich overnight by just mining BTC for a few months. Mining difficulty tends to increase and it does not matter whether we use regular electricity or solar power to mine.

One thing we cannot confirm is whether Solar Mining Green has any data centers. We don’t want to rely on claims because most sites that genuinely mine will post videos of their data centers on YouTube and even try everything they can to ensure that people can trust them. However, with Solar Mining Green, they are just giving us some vague statements about what they do and what their ambitions are. Nothing is convincing.

Is Solar Mining Green really mining Crypto currencies using green energy? Nobody knows for sure. Is mining happening in the background at all? Again, this question is hard to answer because no customer feedback have surfaced yet.

While we still doubt their 90% monthly return story, we would like to watch this space and see whether something good or bad will come up in the due course of time. At the moment, there is so much uncertainty as to whether Solar Mining Green is really generating returns and issuing payouts to anyone.

Our best advice for you

Crypto currencies are here to stay, and the earlier you build your investment portfolio, the better it will be for you especially if part of it is dedicated towards increasing your coin reserve through mining of Crypto currencies. So that means you have to find a legit mining operation to get started and never worry of getting scammed or losing your funds at some point. These cloud mining operations have been trusted for a long time and we believe you can generate good returns.

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18 Replies to “Solar Mining Green Review: Scam Alert for”

  1. сайт СКАМ НЕ ПЛАТИТ УЖЕ !!! тупо блокируют вывод и все – пидарасты

  2. im new, i try to check the withdraw thing but everytime i click unto it my browser stops loading.. lol… maybe i did not reached minimum payout. lol.

  3. НИХЕРА не выплачивают!!! Скамище, выплата прошла а денег нет, сапорт молчит. Не ведитесь на это гомно!

  4. My LTC balance 0.005, on FAQ they says if min WD 0.001 LTC. With my currents balance i still can’t WD and got warning pop-up my request below minimum payouts. i think this site’s currently scam.

  5. now is scam website, they only give my first payment $1.01, after I withdraw they deducted money from my account but not send in my perfect money account. after again I withdraw 3rd time they block me for lifetime.
    so this is big scam website, never given reply to any mail. support system also big fraud.

  6. так же заблокировали вывод…сайт платил,выводил 4 раза по 500догов,теперь заблокировали вывод,по причене мол создан мульти аккауут,хотя на самом деле не так.я и не на что и не надеялся,такие проекты долго не живут,мой вывод Скам!

  7. Es una estafa yo ya llegue al minimo de cobro y me dice que mi paswoord de cobro es incorecto y soporte norespende poque no tirner

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