Cashprince Review: A Get Rich Quick Scam

Cashprince Review: A Get Rich Quick Scam

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Cashprince is yet another total fail of a get rich quick scam. It is clearly designed to steal your Bitcoins on the promise that when you send them your funds, they will exchange them to Ethereum and if the capital invested is significant, you will earn $350 per day or more. The scammer is even issuing a warning on top of the homepage to feign legitimacy. They list a couple of competitor sites that do the same thing as them while warning us that these sites are not legit, that they are copying what Cashprince is allegedly doing. The anonymous scammer behind Cashprince website claims that they have tested all the sites which they have listed there and received nothing and that we should only trust his site because they are guaranteeing profits.

This is a clever sales pitch because it plays around with the minds of desperate internet users who think they can earn money very easily. The fake even claims that if we can find similar websites that do the same thing Cashprince, we should contact the anonymous operator of because they want to give us a bonus for that. They have listed their email as [email protected] but this email is also anonymous and does not say anything about the scam operator behind this website.

If you want to earn Bitcoins, Ethereum or any other main stream Crypto currency in general, our advice is that you should utilize these cloud mining services and avoid scams like Cashprince for the simple reason that an individual with no mining rig or trading skill but clever enough to market a scam cannot generate any profits for you whatsoever. If you are not convinced that this is a scam, continue reading this review because we will give you more evidence that suggests that this website is definitely up to no good.

Cashprince Review

The anonymous entity behind this website tells us that they want to show us a new way to earn Bitcoin and Ethereum. They claim that they are going to show us how to make Bitcoin when the rate is low. The steps to earning these supposed returns are listed on the site.


They are as follows: You must have a BTC or Eth wallet. If not, you need to sign up in order to possess these two wallets. Then you need to deposit at least $50 in your BTC wallet. Then you need to exchange this amount of BTC to Ethereum using a certain exchange platform which the scammer has provided affiliate links to. In the end, you need to send Bitcoins to the exchange so that you can receive Ethereum after the first confirmation which takes 30 minutes at most.

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The fourth step is to exchange Ethereum back into BTC using a certain link which the scammer has provided. The websites where you will do these transactions from are called and The scammer behind Cashprince is providing affiliate links for both platforms but these exchanges are not very popular and could be having a dubious history. This action will allegedly make you some profits and if you repeat this 20 to 30 times, you will make $350 per day in pure profits. And if you start with a larger amount, the site claims that you will earn even more.

What you are doing here is called arbitrage trading, and if manual arbitrage trading was profitable, the scammer behind Cashprince would not share his method with you. Arbitrage trading is done using automated bots which are quick to monitor prices in different exchanges so that they can jump on the opportunity before it’s too late. There is no way a human can go through this process and make money. It is impossible, and so the whole idea behind Cashprince is fake. You have to understand that.

How does the operator benefit?

You might be asking how Cashprince operator is benefiting from this process. Well, remember that the links they are giving you for exchanging Crypto currencies are dubious and some of them are websites owned by the scam operator behind Cashprince website. A good example is This is a dubious website that is stealing Crypto currencies from naive investors who are careless with their coins. You can’t trust that imitation of an exchange because it is anonymously owned and operated.

Fake payment proof

As we have said it before, arbitrage trading is not possible without the help of an automated software. But this scammer goes ahead to show us ”payment proof” which is supposedly from his method of earning Crypto currencies. The supposed payment proof is found on this page and as you can see, the anonymous owner of the site Cashprince owns the full right to edit whatever data enters that page. That means what we are seeing now is the kind of information which they have manipulated to fool us. So this is not payment proof at all and if you believe this information, you will lose money.

The anonymous owner

Cashprince is owned and operated by an anonymous person who claims to provide us with an opportunity for earning Crypto currencies. But before you can trust such a person, you need to ask yourself who they are and why they are giving you this opportunity. Also, you need to question the reason as to why they are anonymous.

The site does not have an about us page and the scammer in question appears to enjoy the anonymity very much. This is a red flag and you have to understand that no anonymous person can be responsible for your financial freedom.

Our best advice for you

This is a basic scam and the methodology behind the operations of this site is not valid for making money. The method which they are suggesting is a form of trading but it is not viable if done manually. If you’re looking to trade Crypto currencies, our advice is that you should use a software to do so and especially if you lack the skill for trading.

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