Forex Hubs Review: Scam or Legit Signal Provider

Forex Hubs Review: Scam or Legit Signal Provider

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Forex Hub is a Forex signal provider who wants us to know that they are ISO certified and have been serving clients in 95 countries. Forex Hub is focusing their efforts on Currency pairs only. Signals are sent out as alerts so that traders can receive instant notification. This is to ensure that traders are not caught off guard so that they end up entering trades at the wrong price. In addition to that, the signal vendor claims that they are trading with effective risk management in order to preserve the capital of their traders.

According to the promotion material on their site, Forex Hub claims that they have connected independent clients since 2001. This information is not very accurate because according to, the domain where the website Forex Hub is hosted at was created back in 2015. So we are not sure what the signal vendor means by saying they have connected independent clients since 2001.

In addition to this, the signal vendor does not provide us with their location or address. What we have on the sales page is a phone number, whatsapp and email contact. Before you proceed with this review, we invite you to check out these Forex trading resources. If you find any product that you like in that list, don’t be afraid to sign up because those products already have our green light.

FX Hubs Review

The site where FX Hubs is hosted at looks quite organizations and rich with the kind of information that we need to gauge the usefulness of their service. What we don’t like is the fact that the service is characterized with linguistic issues. The grammar is terrible and this generally makes the service come across as less viable and therefore not useful. Although this is an issue with most vendors who claim to provide some type of solution for those looking for Forex signal services, we will not let it influence this review because there are certain things we need to look at as opposed to the grammar part of it.

FX Hubs

The vendor also claims to be the fastest growing signal provider. This means that we should be seeing them in many websites. But FX Hubs is not a household name either. So when they say they are the fastest signal provider, we end up questioning this statement because it is not backed by any fact.

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The reason they believe that FX Hubs is the fastest growing signal provider is that their intraday signals are generated using valuable indicators and financial data. The developer does not elaborate what else the site is doing to ensure that they will provide us with quality signals. In fact, outside this short statement of how they generate signals using valuable indicators and financial data, there is nothing else explaining their trading approach.

The vendor does not even disclose which traders are going to handle our signals. Therefore, it only means that if we ignore these warning signs and instead go ahead to sign up, we will be doing it blindly. We are sure that this is something that most signal buyers will never do no matter how convincing the signal provider is.

However, the vendor re assures us that they will be providing complete guidance on what their customers are supposed to do with their signals. They elaborate that their signals comes with entry price, exit price, take profit, stop loss and risk management.

But there is one claim that caught us off guard. The vendor claimed that their mission was to become the best Forex signal provider by 2020 and that they have a client base of 20k. The reason this statement does not make sense is because we don’t believe that FX Hubs has this number of clients as claimed on their sales page. It looks like a marketing gimmick as opposed to somethings real. To be honest, we would be surprised if we found that this service has over 500 clients. It doesn’t look like they have numbers.

Anyway, we do believe that it is just a marketing technique. We have seen the technique across many signal vendors who do not have the numbers but are insisting on attracting clients to their substandard signals service.

FX Hubs in a nutshell

FX Hubs charges anywhere between $135-$799/month for their subscription products. They are utilizing intraday trading strategy. They tell us that they can send up to 2 signals per day if there is something to trade. The currency pairs which they claim to trade include EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, NZD/USD, EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, EUR/AUD, GBP/JPY and GBP/CHF.

What we have discovered is that the pricing structure is also quite odd. These mistakes may be considered minor but in the real sense, they chase customers away. There are 3 plans in total. These include silver package, the gold package and the Forex HNI packages. The Silver plan can be purchased for 135/month. Some of the features for this provider include 2 signals per day which are supposed to be sent through  Whatsapp, Skype, Email and website portal.

The Gold plan costs $250 per month and promises to provide up to 2 signals per day. These are intraday signals. There is no significant difference between Gold and Silver plans. So we actually do not understand why the vendor is insisting that we pay $100 more just to get an extra signal. Finally, the last signal plan costs $799 per month and targets high net worth clients. You get between 3 to 4 signals per day.

In short, the pricing structure is weird because this is not the typical price for signal providers in the industry. What we know is that for a subscription price of $800, you should get an annual subscription as opposed to a monthly subscription. The cost is not making sense.

Our best advice for you

FX Hubs does not provide us with their real trading history and performance. Overall, we don’t think the site is any attractive and that means many clients will find it quite repelling. Trade with these resources instead.

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