Victory Crypto Review: 5K Dollars per Day or Scam?

Victory Crypto Review: 5K Dollars per Day or Scam?

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Victory Crypto is a new program by Victor Evans. Victor Evans is a fake name. The product which they are promoting promises $5,000 a day. But we know very well that such programs are scams because they make promises that are impossible to attain. Victory Crypto scam allegedly wants to make you rich. It trades altcoins (meaning Crypto currencies which are alternative to BTC). The scam trading program can allegedly make a million dollars within the first year of use. Victory Crypto is sold for $17 and you can image that a cheap trading program like this is being marketed using such hype. This is not realistic,which is why it is a scam.

If you want to lose $17, you can do it through Victory Crypto. Although this is not a significant amount of money, the fact remains that you will feel cheated for losing that amount of money. Psychologically you are not prepared for that loss. So it will be a setback.

Note: If you want to make money as an altcoins trader, you can do so with a reliable software. Don’t fall for this fake story of becoming a millionaire for $17 only. It doesn’t work like that.

Victory Crypto Review

The fact of the matter is that this web page is full of lies and misleading statements. If you spare a few minutes to watch the sales video, you will hear the voice of a fake presenter who will tell you lies and for the most part, impossible to attain goals. One of the lies you will hear from Evans is that Victory Crypto will not make any losses because it is impossible to lose money with Victory Crypto. This is yet another lie which means that the presenter is either seeking to mislead investors or is outright ignorant. Any form of trading must come with losses. That’s why we have draw downs in trading. Trading is a zero sum game. You win today and loss tomorrow. But if you are smart, your returns will definitely exceed your losses. So this means that losses are part of the game and no scammer should persuade you otherwise.

Victory Crypto

Who’s behind Victory Crypto?

The guy behind this trading program is anonymous. They are instead giving us false identity to feign credibility but it is so obvious that their details cannot be trusted. The real owner of this site created the domain and masked it for this purpose. So don’t think that they will all of a sudden tell you who they are.

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Also, this is a sign  that the site is up to no good. The program which they are offering is fake. That is why they are hiding.

More lies down the line

The presenter claims that the value of altcoins is on the rise and we can profit from this trend. Well, this is yet another big lie because the value of altcoins is not rising at the moment. This used to be true in 2017 when the value of Bitcoin hit the $20,000 mark. When the value of Bitcoin rises, the value of altcoins also go up. The opposite is true when the trend is down.

Fake testimonials

To reinforce the false message, the scammers have incorporated fake testimonials to lure naive investors. In the pitch video, the scammer is telling the story of someone who became a millionaire because he was using Victory Crypto trading app. This guy is apparently traveling all across the globe because he enjoys the money he makes from this trading app. In addition to that, the scammer also shows us a photo of the alleged client traveling the world. But this photo was sourced from a phone bank. It is a stock photo meaning that the story behind the person he is portraying here is a lie.

Victory Crypto has no past performance results

Now that this system is allegedly making 5K a day, we would like to see proof that indeed this is the case. But even before this, the scammers need to show us the kind of trading strategy which they are using to generate these kinds of returns. It is unheard of that a trader is making 5K a day. This is just big a profit and quite vague as well because the scammers don’t even tell us what amount of trading capital this person started with.

We are also looking at a trading app with no past performance to prove that the alleged returns are truly being generated by the app. If this scammer wanted to gain some trust, he would need to fake a bank statement or utilize a third party trading statement for verifying the numbers. But this is not the case. They cannot prove that Victory Crypto generates 5K a day. It is just a claim, and this is consistent with what scams do out there. They make claims and don’t bother to provide proof because they know that a few gullible individuals won’t ask for this proof. That is where they make their money from.

Think twice before you waste your time

The one thing you should have noticed is that this is a scam. There is no way you can become rich for free. Ask yourself this: what are the chances that an app costing $17 only can make $5000 a day? Those chances are not there. This is why Victory Crypto is a scam. This is just common sense and you do not need to think or imagine that this is going to be possible. It is an impossible goal. So keep off a site like this and the program which they claim to offer.

Our best advice for you

Our advice is that you should avoid anything that looks too good to be true. In this case, making 5k per day out of a one time cost of $17 is not realistic. So that means you should avoid this program at all cost. If you want to invest in altcoins, there is a software for doing that job.

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