Stock Master Review – A Really Dirty Scam

Stock Master Review – A Really Dirty Scam

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Stock Master is ready to steal your money because it is a dirty scam. There is no doubt that this is the case. The website has a short sales pitch video which is presented by David Campbell. The reason why his name is in italics is because this identity cannot be verified. No social media profiles or bios anywhere to help us verify this identity. So we are 100% confident that this is a fake name. Stock Master is supposed to be trading stocks for Apple, Facebook and many other big corporations. It is supposed to make it easier to earn money, hence the name Stock Master.

Stock Master is 100% automated and according to the promoter, if we decide to use this trading system, we will make over 12K in monthly returns. They have not specified whether this amount is dependent on the capital that we will start trading with. What is clear is that this is too good to be true. If that was the case, we are sure that everyone would be rich because right now there are dozens of trading software on the internet being offered for free, and these fake apps are promising a lot of money just like Stock Master.

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Stock Master Review

The reason we have concluded that this app is a scam is because it is a very well known app that takes money from innocent traders and loses it to shady brokers who then pay commissions when they receive clients from their equally shady affiliates, in this case the anonymous presenter who is promoting Stock Master app.

stock master

By the way, if you look at the sales pitch, you realize that they are trying to use tactics that will force us to sign up without wasting time. You should be aware of these tactics because they can be dangerous. The vendor is truly pushing us to sign up without thinking twice. They do it by letting visitors to that web page believe that opportunities are scarce and that the web page could be taken down without notice. So we should be watching this video to the end because no one knows when the site will be taken offline.

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Well, this is just a lie and you should ignore such notices because nobody is interested in taking down such a pathetic site. For what reasons? If anything, they should be arrested and the site closed completely because they are robbing people while pretending to offer them a solution for trading the stock market.

The trading strategy

Stock Master’s website does not reveal what trading strategy they are using other than using generic statements to try explaining what this app is doing and how it is doing it. It comes across as vague, and this is the first red flag that we should consider. You see, they only tell us that this is an automated trading system and that we don’t have to follow the stock market or analyze anything because the software does it for us.

Well, automated trading is not a trading strategy. We are interested in the specifics, which this scam is not providing. They call it proprietary trading software and are allegedly giving a few visitors the opportunity to test it. This is a funny offer because the software is free and yet they claim it will generate over 12K in a month. You cannot believe this nonsense because there is no trading app that can generate that much while costing free. It would have costed a million dollars if this was the case. It would be selling for a premium subscription price instead of being distributed for free. You should therefore know that this is a scam.

Fake testimonials

Scammers use fake testimonials when they want to fool us by convincing us that other people are already using the app. If you look at the screenshots where some pictures and texts are appearing, you will see that these profiles are not real because they can’t be clicked. The identities of these people can’t be established. That’s something we consider very weird and a deadly trick. The reason they are providing a screenshot instead of a real Facebook widget is because they know very well that the profiles are fake and the stories have been fabricated as well.

30 spots left – a fake announcement

Don’t be tempted to believe that a fake trading app will be in high demand. There is nothing like limited spots. This is just the creation of shady marketers behind this app. There is no way a fake app like Stock Master can be on high demand when everybody else is clearly seeing that it is a scam.

These spots are fabricated to make you rush towards purchasing a fake software. You should resist the urge if you’re one of those who easily get convinced by these fake apps for trading.

Who is behind Stock Master?

The person behind this app and web page is anonymous, and yet they want us to believe that they can give us a truly profitable app for free. It does not make sense. Therefore, the reason they are using false identity is because they are actors who were hired from the popular gig site fiverr to lie in this video. They were paid a few dollars to do that job. In the end, anyone who believes this nonsense loses his money. It is as simple as that. We have reviewed many similar apps before and this has always been the outcome.

The rule of thumb is that you must never trust an anonymous person claiming to give free money because there is never anybody in the world who can give a profitable trading software for free.

Our best advice for you

You will lose money if you fool around with Stock Master. The shady brokers won’t refund you. Therefore, to be safe from scammers, stick with these recommended trading apps.

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