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Share This! is a supposed Bitcoin mining platform. They claim to own state of the art hardware for mining in addition to having lucrative payment plans and a global supportive community. They also claim that their aim is to build the largest Crypto currency mining hardware. In addition to this, they claim that they are always optimizing their mining hardware to guarantee their members the best profits.

However, 21coinworld does not disclose a number of pertinent information about their service. There is no about us page which discloses the ownership of this platform. No corporation is associated with 21 Coin World and you can also expect that 21 Coin World does not have a history or reputation of making returns for its so called members. As a matter of fact, this website is devoid of useful information needed by miners to make a decision on whether or not to use them.


To make matters worse, they claim that 21 Coin World has mining plans but those plans are nowhere to be found. They are not explicitly highlighted on the homepage of this so called Crypto currency cloud mining website. And without upfront disclosure of what they offer, we can’t know the prices for their alleged mining plans as well as the cost involved in mining with this site. At this point, we believe that 21 Coin World lacks transparency which is needed for us to trust a site like this. They also fail to tell us their pricing for the amount of hash power which they are selling on this site.

The only thing that 21 Coin World expects new members to do is to sign up for their so called Crypto currency mining opportunity using a simple form that requires a user’s name, phone number, email and country of origin. As you can see, there is a level of vagueness on this website that is considered unacceptable. The lack of transparency is also disturbing. We need to find out whether this is a legit or a scam mining operation.

In the meantime, if you came here looking for a legit cloud mining platform, this list of platforms that mine Bitcoin in the cloud can help you achieve your aim.

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21 Coin World review

The main issue is that 21 Coin World doesn’t disclose anything about the service which they purport to offer on their site. If they truly mean that this website offers Crypto currency mining services, it should include the amounts of hash power which they are offering for specific price points. They should also tell us the various features that these plans can have. This information cannot be found anywhere on this website.

As if that is not enough, we are also not told about their data centers. The site does not disclose any information regarding their data centers. This lack of transparency is disturbing because we cannot blindly trust this operation if they don’t have proof of mining taking place and members getting paid the alleged daily returns.

We have investigated the origin of the traffic that comes to this website and discovered that it is popular in Australia. This could shade some light on the potential origin of the person in charge of managing the affairs of 21 Coin World. Since the date of registration for the domain and other details pertaining to ownership are not known, it is safe to assume that the owner didn’t want to disclose his details, and this should be considered a serious red flag. Always remember that anyone who is concealing their identity is a dubious person. 21 Coin World therefore looks like an attempt to dupe unsophisticated Crypto currency investors.

A ponzi scheme?

So far, 21 Coin World has not provided evidence to suggest that they truly mine Bitcoins in the cloud. That would lead us to think that no mining is happening at all. If this was a legit mining operation, we are quite sure that they would have provided more proof of mining activities. Apart from their data centers, they would have also showed us their various plans, pricing, maintenance costs and a payment ledger.

But this is not the case. The website is devoid of useful information. The text is vague and the promotion video is not even addressing the issue. It is full of generic information which basically talks about Crypto currency mining and not about the service that 21 Coin World is offering.

Therefore, if this site claims that they are generating returns for their members, it has to be through member deposits. There is a link for signing up and under it, it is written ” sponsored by GETRICH_S.” That suggests that 21 Coin World is not a legit mining operation but a ponzi scheme. With this kind of operation, it is guaranteed that payouts are made out of new member deposits.

90% of investors will lose money while the other 10% will receive a small amount of profit. Generally, this type of investment operation is designed to reward the owner of the website with the most amount of profits. When the number of new members begins to dwindle, the ponzi scheme will simply close down and escape with members deposit.

In short, 21 Coin World is not a reliable and long term investment venture that you can trust. It is operated anonymously and they don’t even disclose what kind of service they are offering. They only hint that it is a Crypto currency mining operation but no evidence has been given whatsoever to prove so.

Our best advice for you

Having disclosed all the wrong things about 21 Coin World which makes it an obvious scam, we don’t expect you to waste your time and funds on this type of operation. It is simply a ponzi scheme, an anonymous money robbing operation and an illegal investment destination. If you want to lose your investment, 21 Coin World offers the surest destination for incurring your losses. On the other hand, if you want a secure and reliable way to mine Crypto currencies, then these sites are offering the best mining experience.

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