Auto News Trader Review: This is a Scam

Auto News Trader Review: This is a Scam

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Have you seen the Auto News Trader landing page? If that is the case, you will agree that the owner is more concerned with marketing and making money than demonstrating the viability of his trading app. This is demonstrated in the pitch video and also the promotion material which is found on the entire landing page.

The Auto News Trader has two licenses which come with performance settings. These cost $197 while the second license costs $397. This is yearly and lifetime membership respectively. This pricing model makes Auto News Trader quite pricey because similar trading apps go for much less and do not have an annual subscription like the Auto News Trader.

Basically, Auto News Trader is all about trading the news. It is presented by an anonymous person called Josh Hamilton. We have conducted a proper background search for his identity and also about the trading products that he has produced in the past and found nothing. In short, his digital foot prints cannot be traced outside the Auto News Trader landing page.

Moreover, this sales page consists of a short video which explains how this software works and the potential benefits that we can enjoy from this app. Josh does not bother to show his face on this sales pitch video because this looks like a fiverr gig and the person who created this video is definitely not a Forex trader.

For us to find out whether the Auto News Trader is a scam or not, we need to analyze the most important details. These include the trading and development experience of the owner and the past performance of the robot which they are selling. Unfortunately, we have hit a dead end when trying to research any of these things to come up with a solid reason as to why one might believe that the Auto News Trader works. For that reason, we will ask you to sign up with these Forex trading tools instead because they have proven performance and their owners are real people who never used fiverr gigs to mislead potential buyers with fake promises.

Auto News Trader Review

Josh Hamilton gives us the usual fake stories which can never be verified. He claims to be a college drop out who made over 1700% returns in a short time trading economic news release. He claims to be 28 years of age and that he has tried various methods of making money on the internet without success.

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Auto News Trader

Some of the methods which he claims to have tried include stock trading and MLM where he allegedly failed terribly before discovering that he could trade economic news release.

The story behind this guy is not convincing at all because for one, his identity cannot be verified and secondly, his background and life before he discovered that economic news release can be traded to make profit. In short, this Josh is fiction and the real owner of this software is somebody else who does not want to reveal his true identity. That means he is not a successful trader since he has no portfolio which can demonstrate successful trading and development of trading software that consistently make money.

Performance of the Auto News Trader

He claims that he made 150% in 3 months and during this time, he only experienced a draw down of 4%, thanks to his 3 step trading method in economic news release. The methods have been highlighted on the sales page but we are more concerned with the sales pitch which keep quoting astronomical numbers without giving us real proof of earnings.

While the anonymous vendor claims that he has tried very hard to produce various proof of earnings, we are not able to find this proof at all. They claim that they have a Myfxbook widget on the sales page but when we scroll down and finally find it, that widget cannot be clicked. So this means that this is not a widget at all. It is just a screenshot showing us the numbers.

The question is this: why can’t we access their myfxbook account? There is a fishy reason behind it. There is also a trading statement on the sales page but this is not up to date because it shows trades that were taken back in 2015. This no longer works. We only need a live myfxbook account. If he can provide screenshots of this account, it means this account was created at some point. The reason why they didn’t provide the link to that myfxbook account is because they blew it up.

Misleading marketing tactics

They claim that there are only 150 copies left but the fact of the matter is that this is a big fat lie. This is a digital product and copies cannot be limited in supply. It is just a trick to get you purchasing without thinking twice.

On the cover of this software, we see this developer claiming that the Auto News Trader made over 1700% returns. But this information cannot be verified. It is one thing to use numbers but it’s quite another to prove those numbers in an effective marketing campaign.

So clearly this landing page is looking to appeal to the financially naive or people who have never traded before but would like to try their hands on Forex trading.

Is Auto News Trader scam?

The Auto News Trader is definitely a scam and a rip off because the vendor cannot prove their trading results. In addition to this, they are selling it for a big price tag which most traders will find disappointing if they can’t recover the purchase price with this robot’s trading style.

Our best advice for you

There is zero trading performance and the sales page relies on hype to sell copies of this robot. The Auto News Trader is definitely a misleading sales page and the robot which they claim to sell is definitely bogus. Having said this, you should only stick to these trading robots because they are much reliable. You can thank us later for the lead.

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