Bit Crypto Investors Review: is Scam

Bit Crypto Investors Review: is Scam

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Bit Crypto Investors claims to be a company that deals in Crypto currencies and offers high growth investment opportunities in the Bitcoin market place. They also claim that they are implementing the best practices in mining and trading of Bitcoin. The aim is to utilize their ”extensive knowledge and expertise” to allegedly benefit their world wide clients. They also guarantee that when you work with Bit Crypto Investors, you will better understand the world of Crypto currencies thus you will be able to avoid common issues and pitfalls that are usually experienced by those who get in for the first time.

From the description which they have given us concerning the mission and purpose of their company, we still were not able to establish whether Bit Crypto Investors was a brokerage or not. In their statement, they mention that they are mining Bitcoin as well. But with mining there needs to be data centers that will enable mining of Crypto currencies to happen. So while they claim that part of the revenue is generated through mining, they are not talking of whether or not they do own data centers. We are even tempted not to believe the mining part because it is just too vague and specific details are not provided.

On the homepage, they have listed a few steps that shade light on how to get started with Bit Crypto Investors. The first step is to download the Bitcoin wallet on your PC or mobile device to facilitate convenient sending and receiving of funds. The second step involves adding funds in form of Bitcoin. These can be purchased with user’s credit card. The third step involves requesting for withdrawal and receiving it within 1 day.


Clearly this means that Bit Crypto Investors is acting like a fund manager who receives your capital so they can invest and return it to you with profits. There are no specific details which hint that users can trade with Bit Crypto Investors. There is no hint that they have a trading platform on board. However, what makes it even weird is the fact that they claim to offer reasonable fees for takers and market makers. They also claim that they run a high liquidity for the top Crypto currencies. This suggests that Bit Crypto Investors is operating like a Crypto currency exchange though they are not admitting it directly.

So what should we believe concerning this weird operation? Should we believe that they are a fund manager or an exchange for that matter? And if so, why is it that they are talking of providing high liquidity? Quite confusing indeed, but that also shows the vague nature of the people who run Bit Crypto Investors. And by the way, they are also anonymous, and thus they cannot be trusted.

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Bit Crypto Investors Review

First of all, the official name of this website is not very specific as they sometimes refer to it as Bit Crypto Investment. Some of the features or advantages that are touted here include security against DDOS attacks (not very helpful because we don’t see how these attacks will ever affect your investments with this site assuming it was a legit investment destination. Other features or advantages include world wide coverage, support for major Crypto currencies and e wallets such as BTC, ETH and Skrill and mobile friendliness of the platform.

Now, when we come to the investment plans touted on this website, that’s when we get a clear picture of what this platform does. They promise a certain weekly ROI for each of the investment plans. So this means that these people want investors to send them funds with the promise that they will invest those funds and return a profit at the end of the day. That’s where problems start to arise because when an entity wants you to send them funds, you must first vet their credibility.

Are they trading and mining for real? We doubt it. And if they insist that they are trading and mining, we will need to see evidence of past performance as well as a payment ledger for their payouts as a result of mining Crypto currencies. These are not available so far. So this makes us believe that no form of trading or mining is happening on this website.

There are starter, silver and gold plans on this website. These plans promise a ROI of 25%, 50% or 85% per week. The minimum that this site is asking for is $300. For the plan that pays the most, they want you to send them $20000.

Unreasonable returns

You need to think twice because there are lots of things that don’t make sense here. Let’s start with the alleged profits. They are not real. We have never heard or seen a Crypto currency investment opportunity where people make as much as 25% returns per week.

It its just too good to be true, and if you want to know the truth, ask them for their payment ledger. If they ignore you (which they will most likely do), then it means this site is cheating you and wants to dupe you.

In short, those profits are unreasonable. You cant believe those figures whatsoever.

Our best advice for you

To us, this looks like a ponzi scheme because even though they claim to generate returns from the above activities, there is zero proof that returns are generated from trading and mining. The only thing they have suggested is that these returns are generated out of thin air. In short, they are making payouts as a result of collecting new deposits. That is only true if there are people who have already received their payouts from the site. Avoid like the plague. If you want to trade, use these Crypto bots. 

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