Bit2XP Review: The New Binary Network Scam

Bit2XP Review: The New Binary Network Scam

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If you are not experienced in Crypto currency trading, a scam called Bit2XP is looking to take advantage of your wallet. That’s the plain truth that a newbie wouldn’t know when he is handing over their money to Bit2XP. The website claims that it is owned and operated by a UK company called Expert Leaders. This is an attempt to feign credibility because one of the things that scammers often do is to create companies in the UK to supposedly make them look legit. Company registration in the UK costs next to nothing and the authorities who register these companies don’t put special requirements that must be fulfilled. So that is why it is easy for a scam like Bit2XP to register a corporation called Expert Leaders.

The best investment plan can make you 90% monthly returns. This site wants to make you believe that this is the plain truth. It describes itself as the new binary network never seen before. In another tag line, they claim that they are experts who create fresh business concepts that the world has never seen or heard of.

There is no disclose of who the experts behind Bit2XP are. The website is anonymously registered which makes it difficult to associate it with any one in the company which they call Expert Leaders. We will only hope that this company really owns Bit2XP. In addition to this, the website runs an affiliate recruitment system where commissions are paid up to 20 levels deep. The first level pays 10% commission while the subsequent ones pay 1-2% respectively. This is the same kind of thing that ponzi schemes do, and they are all scams because you can’t rely on them in the long term.

To avoid losing money in 2019, you must learn to do your own due diligence and the fact that you are reading this review means that you are cautious about not getting scammed. These resources can help you get started easily as far as Crypto currency trading is concerned.

Bit2XP Review

The website has a vague description of what the company Expert Leaders does. According to the website, this company is looking for people who are willing to grow their Crypto currencies but have no expertise in trading. They are offering stable returns for investments in Crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Dash and Litecoin with a daily return of up to 3%.


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In addition to that, their referral system promises to offer returns of up to 10%. When you combine these two alleged income streams, your returns could possibly hit the roof. But there is a problem with this kind of presentation. They are never real. A ponzi scheme is meant to trick you into investing. You never know whether you will get your money back, let alone a profit.

The scam is requesting a minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC and up to a maximum of 10 BTC. This will automatically upgrade your account to ”Leader” status and the earnings will start to roll in. It sounds so simple to make money with this site, and the reason is that Bit2XP is a scam. Otherwise, it wouldn’t sound too good to be true.

By the way, if these folks knew how to generate over 90% monthly returns, they would never share this website with you. They would make the money without the need to involve anyone. The reason they want to make money for you is because no money is being made on this website in the first place. They are not conducting legit trading activities. This brings us to their trading performance, which is not there at all.

No evidence of Crypto currency trading

The age of believing nonsense is long gone. This year you should be requesting for trading performance or some sort of trading statement to determine whether or not an entity is making returns for their clients through trading. Claims of trading Crypto currencies simply don’t work in the modern day investment age.

There are many scams around that simply take advantage of the ignorance of traders who will not hesitate to jump into an opportunity that seemingly looks genuine. However, the safest thing to do is to ask whether we can see their trading performance for at least 3 months to prove the 90% monthly returns. So far, Bit2XP cannot produce any because their only source of income is new recruits who make a deposit and when they like, they can pay out a small portion of that money to existing members while pretending that the proceeds have come from trading.

Who is behind this website?

When you resolve to contact the owner of this website, you will be doing so knowing that you are speaking to an anonymous person. There are two ways to contact the owner of Bit2XP. You can do it through chat, email or contact form which is found on their website.

The most likely reason to contact these crooks would be to see whether you can get concrete proof of trading and performance because for someone to say they generate 3% returns, they must be having proof to show for it.

So far, the owner is anonymous and their trading is questionable. It is safe to believe that they are not trading at all.

Not registered with the FCA

This is yet another serious problem. Scammers who start a business in the UK don’t register them with the FCA even though its clear that their business is offering securities to members of the public.

Bit2XP does not hold any license or authorization from the FCA, which is an indication that they are potentially a scam. If they have their papers in order, it would be easier to trust them. But now see, they are not doing anything to persuade us of their ”legitimacy”.

Our best advice for you

There are many scams on the internet. Most of them have been reviewed here already. Bit2XP does not bring anything new to the table. It is better to take control of your investments by utilizing these solutions. 

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