Coindiplo Review: The Worst Crypto Scam

Coindiplo Review: The Worst Crypto Scam

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Coindiplo is a Crypto currency investment scam, and this review is prove this assertion and warn you against sending funds to the anonymous admin behind the website’s operation. Coindiplo claims that they are using a high frequency trading algorithm which takes advantage of price fluctuations in Bitcoin so it can lock in a profit. The site is asking for a minimum deposit of 0.1 BTC, which is really high for an investment platform that is not regulated by any financial authority.

Coindiplo was registered privately in November 2018, but according to the website’s marketing content, Coindiplo was created in 2017 and has managed up to $30 million worth of investor funds. This is definitely a lie because there is no way a site that didn’t exist in 2017 could have managed the portfolio of their investors. It is a red flag and all the details here can be confirmed by a simple search.

Coindiplo claims that they have employed a team of binary options investment experts. These investment experts have not been introduced anywhere on the site. In fact, they are as anonymous as the owner of the site.

The reason why this scam wants you to invest is because they can double your investments in 7 days. There is a problem with this promise. How can you expect an anonymous person on the internet to double your investments in 7 days? What assurance do we have that a team of experienced traders will be handling our investments? As a matter of fact, this website is introducing a bunch of stock photos and suggesting that these people hold the top leadership of the company.

These people are introduced by one name. We learn that a Jonathan is the President of Coindiplo, but when we run a background check, we find that this is a stock photo. Mabel the Vice President is equally an entity that is represented by a stock photo. The rest of the members cannot be verified as their identity was fabricated and their digital footprints are also virtually non existent outside the Coindiplo website.


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There are definitely lots of red flags here, and you must always think twice when confronted with an investment website claiming that they will double your investment capital. If they knew the trick to making a lot of money within a short time span, they would never beg you to join hands with them. They would keep it a secret from the rest of the world. The reason why Coindiplo is soliciting public participation into their business is because they want to steal funds from innocent people, and the only way to do so is to make people believe that the website is engaging in legit investment activities.

Note: Don’t get scammed. If you’re looking to invest in Crypto currencies, trade them with these robots.

Coindiplo Review

On their website, Coindiplo claims that they have made 700% returns due to company decision and anti risk policy which is implemented by their traders. The first thing you should ask is whether this 700% return can be verified or not.

Coindiplo also claims that they are a privately owned non ponzi scheme company which operates in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash and Litecoin markets. The aim of this company is to allegedly give institutional and professional investors a chance to invest in these markets and get double returns in 7 days. Clearly there is a problem with this statement.

The kind of information that this website publishes on their promotion material has no specifics. It’s vague, plus most of it is a lie. Like we said earlier, the 30 USD million which they claimed to have managed on behalf of their investors is a big fat lie. On the header of the site, there is a fake counter that shows the number of Bitcoins that have been processed so far as well as the number of people that have joined.

This counter remains fake, and it’s meant to convince you that people are investing in this website. One thing you should know is that these guys are liars. The things they claim on their site have not been independently verified, and the numbers there are equally false.

Where is Coindiplo based at?

On their site, they have cited the address 444 West Lake Street, Chicago, IL 60606, USA which suggests that they are based out of the US. But this begs the question of whether this site’s operations are regulated by the SEC. The fact remains that as long as Coindiplo will continue to offer the supposed investment in trading with double returns every week, the SEC will consider them as a company that offers securities to residents of the US. They are liable for obtaining a license from the SEC. Otherwise, they are acting illegally.

In short, this operation is not regulated, which means that if you send them your funds, they will steal them. There is no way they can be reliable if they don’t have their papers in order. You must avoid this scam by all means.

The fake numbers

The site claims to have created over 2000 accounts for its members and that they have 18 staff members. Other numbers have been published there to suggest that this is a serious investment operation. You have to understand one thing. It is really not helpful to provide numbers if they cannot be verified.

It is one thing to use numbers for marketing purposes but it’s quite another to prove that those numbers are true. In this case, Coindiplo did not prove that the numbers on their website are true. Definitely they are fabricated to create the impression that this is a serious investment destination.

Our best advice for you

Coindiplo is definitely a scam and it is written all over the website. The red flags are too many to ignore. It is not regulated and the returns which they are promising are too good to be true. Their marketing materials are also quite misleading. The best thing you can do is to trade Crypto currencies for yourself using this robots.

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