Doubly Review: An Obvious Crypto Currency Scam

Doubly Review: An Obvious Crypto Currency Scam

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This review proves that Doubly is a scam and not a legit investment opportunity that gives daily returns. was privately registered in March 2018 and incorporated in the UK around the same time. The company behind this website is allegedly situated on this physical address 41 Plantain Place, London, United Kingdom, SE1 1YN and is associated with one person called GREENE Richard. Due to the generic nature of this name (i.e no LinkedIn profiles to prove that this is the identity of the real owner of the business), we can’t say much about him. But it is certainly a concern to find out that this website is privately registered to mask the identity of the true owner.

Doubly claims that they are generating 4.5% daily returns, and are using automated AI trading systems to make profits. The system is allegedly using a complex self learning Algorithm to generate high profits in a short time. This is highly suspicious and it’s one of the things we will be considering as a red flag.

Doubly is also the name of the company behind the system which they claim will generate these daily returns. It is allegedly a successful company in the world of Crypto currency trading. The team behind the company’s trading operations are experienced professional traders, and according to the website, they are in charge of managing trading activities at Doubly.

Before we even discuss why this is a scam, we thought it would be helpful to provide you with some reliable Crypto currency investment solutions. You can either start trading Bitcoin and other Crypto currencies or mine them as an alternative. The choice of what you want to do with your investments is up to you and may vary greatly between individuals.

Doubly review

Currently there are 3 investment plans offered by this website. Each of these plans offer unreasonable returns which clearly show that Doubly is probably out there to scam individuals. In as much as they claim to trade Crypto currencies, everybody knows that it is impossible to make 4.5% daily returns in any form of trading. They even offer a profit calculator to entice the financially naive into investing in this scam. When naive internet users see the numbers projected on the calculator, they will instantly think in terms of getting rich overnight by doing nothing since Doubly handles everything.


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But this is the first mistake. Doubly does not appear to be engaging in any form of Crypto currency trading with manual or automated. There is no concrete evidence to show that indeed this company is engaging in this form of business.

The website is only accepting deposits in form of Crypto currencies. These are the required minimum amounts for the various Crypto currencies which they are accepting.:0.004 BTC/ 0.6 LTC/ 0.16 ETH/ 0.16 DASH and 0.12 BCH.

Profits are allegedly generated through the use of Doubly Artificial Intelligence Crypto Trading bot which they claim is connected to dozens of Crypto exchanges. This Crypto trading bot is monitored by their professional traders to ensure that only profits can be made.

There is no explanation about what these professionals do or even their background as far as trading is concerned.

This appears to be a one man operation, and there are no expert traders associated with this platform at all. This is evident based on the company’s profile which states that only one person is associated with Doubly.

How are returns generated?

It is something that sounds like arbitrage trading because they claim to buy and sell from many Crypto exchanges. We need evidence of trading but this is not provided except the claim that they are engaging in this form of trading. Rest assured that what the site is promising is not the truth.

Fake testimonials

The website has some testimonials from random people who claim to have made money through Doubly but these reports are highly dubious and suspicious. If they were real, we would have at least traced them to their LinkedIn or even Facebook profiles because this is where we can investigate to establish whether the purported testimonials are from real investors of Doubly.

So that is just that. They are fake. We took one of the pictures and ran it through Google image search and discovered several other matches from various websites. This simply means that this scam was using photos of random people on the internet to try deceiving unsuspecting victims of their profit making capabilities. You have to understand that this is an old school tactic and it should never work in the modern age.

A telegram bot is provided

Now, this is the most interesting thing. Doubly does not provide any evidence of trading but they claim to have a Telegram bot which we can allegedly connect to in order to enjoy the benefits that it provides.

One thing you have to understand is that if there is no evidence of trading, you cannot go an extra mile of signing up for this Telegram bot since it would be a waste of your time and resources.

Payment accepted in Crypto currencies only

Crypto currency payment is very risky if you are sending payments to someone who is anonymous. With the questionable promises which they are making on this website, one would never risk sending funds in Bitcoin or in any of their preferred Crypto currencies.

The reason is simple. Once you send a payment in Crypto currencies, you cannot reserve that payment or initiate a charge back. That is the reason this scam is accepting Crypto currencies only. The scammer knows that you won’t be able to get your money out of their wallets.

Our best advice for you

The best thing to do would be to avoid wasting your time and resources on fraudulent sites or those that appear to be fraudulent. There are enough red flags on the Doubly website and you shouldn’t be persuaded to think that you will earn the promised returns. Stick to trading by first finding a reliable robot for trading these coins. 

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5 Replies to “Doubly Review: An Obvious Crypto Currency Scam”

  1. Bis Ende März ist alles gut gelaufen. Seit Ende März erhält niemand mehr Auszahlungen aus unserer Gruppe von Einzelinvestoren, die sich untereinander kennen und miteinander kommunizieren.

    Was allerdings hier auf der Seite steht, beinhaltet nur Vermutungen. Wir werden persönlich dieser Firma einen Besuch abstatten und sehen, was uns an der angegebenen Adresse in einem der besten Stadtviertel Londons erwartet. Die Adresse machte uns mißtrauisch.Wir werden sehen und dann berichten – besser als mit Vermutungen zu arbeiten.
    Die hohen Renditen selbst sind für echte Insider kein Indiz für einen Betrug. Diese werden anderenorts von anderen guten Tradern durchaus auch erwirtschaftet, aber normalerweise nicht an Kleininvestoren durchgereicht.

  2. Scam lost my money they stole all the old investors money and are now just paying new investors. Pretty soon they will do the same thing. They don’t reply to my emails and blocked me 3 times from telegram.

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