Inrex EA Review: Is this a Scam or Legit Developer?

Inrex EA Review: Is this a Scam or Legit Developer?

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Inrex EA is the name of the developer of 4 trading robots so far. The first thing we notice on their website is the claim that they have 10 years of experience and would like to share with the rest of the Forex trading community because they supposedly have skill and knowledge. The website is owned and operated by a Hong Kong based developer called Yip Sin Hang. For you to get in touch with these guys, you have to fill out a contact form which is located at the bottom of the website.

Now, the reason why we have reviewed Inrex EA is because they appear to have interesting products, and their website too is equally interesting. First off, the owner of Inrex EA website believes that traders should use multiple strategies to diversify their automated trading portfolio while managing risks in a proper way. They believe that with Inrex EA, we will be able to achieve what the developer believes. Based on this philosophy, the developer has put together 5 different trading styles which are meant to meet the needs of every trader out there.

These include low risk, medium risk, high risk, extreme risk and news scalping. Most of these trading styles can be found in a single trading robot. Specifically, the Stone Breaker expert advisor is a predominant trading system on this developer’s range of products. It can be used to trade every level of risk. But if a trader wants to utilize low and medium risk trading styles, the developer advises that they should go for Stone Breaker Lite or Miner Parafly instead.

Note: These robots have stood the test of time and you cannot go wrong with them whatsoever.

Inrex EA Review

In this review, we will look at each one of these trading systems in details. One product that is of particular interest is called True or Dare EA, which is designed to trade the news and work with accounts starting $1000. In addition to this, True or Dare EA also has the ability to conduct semi auto trading operations where the trader does half of the work while the robot completes the rest. They call this feature ”flash mode”.

Inrex EA

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Now, there is very little information about this robot but according to their MQL5 signals page, a ”flash crash” happened and blew up an entire trading account. Such kind of volatility can only be survived by the best Forex robots. These are hard to come by and if you lay your hands on one of them, you should order a license immediately. But for the reason that 90% of Forex robots don’t survive this level of volatility, we will not condemn this developer yet for getting a tough blow. On the other hand, it’s safe to say that this is not a very reliable Forex robot.

Stone Breaker Lite

If you are a news trader who wants to keep their risks between low and medium, this robot by Inrex EA is the best product you can choose. The cost of this robot is $599 and requires a trading account funded with at least 1K. This robot is however not very pocket friendly, and most traders would rather go for more affordable options since there is no way you can purchase a robot for $600 when there are good Forex robots going for $200 only.

Miner Parafly

This Forex robot from Inrex EA requires a minimum deposit of $500 and costs $599 per license. The main thing with this Forex robot is that it is a scalper. So if you are a trader looking for scalping systems, this would be your best pick because it works within low risk parameters even when scalping the market. It works with all currency pairs as opposed to being restricted with only a few pairs.

Now, we have noticed that trading results for this robot are not available too. This makes us wonder if it also suffered the loss that was experienced by their other Forex robot.

Perhaps the developer should tell us what happened and if he can convince us, we will have to look at other factors and decide whether or not this Forex robot is a good one.

Why you might not want to buy any of Inrex EA Forex robots

First of all, the price is the factor. Most traders just can’t afford to spend $600 on a Forex robot when there are cheaper options. The fact that a robot is cheap does not always mean that it will under perform.

Secondly, some of these robots do not have a proper description of how they work outside the explanation that says they use low, medium or high risk trading styles. We would like to see much more from this developer, which will eventually help us gauge whether or not Inrex EA is manufacturing decent products.

And of course we wouldn’t like to spend that much on a Forex robot that can’t stand the test of time, i.e when there is too much volatility. If the price was favorable, maybe this would be a consideration for us when making purchase decisions.

Our best advice for you

One thing we have realized is that this developer has some knowledge about the market. But despite having this knowledge, they have not figured out how to deal with excess volatility in the Forex market place. This is something that very few Forex robots can handle. We were expecting them to be proactive in this issue by figuring out how to not get damaged again.

Another thing is that Inrex EA appears to have some potential. That means we won’t leave this review unchanged over time. It means we will be revisiting them just to see what progress they have made so far and if we find something worth talking about, we can revise this review to reflect the appropriate change.

Some of the things we would like to see are their myfxbook performance and a much more in depth description of how Inrex EAs work. In the meantime, just make use of these Forex robots.

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