InvestmentBeta Review: Ridiculous Cryptocurrency Investment Scam

InvestmentBeta Review: Ridiculous Cryptocurrency Investment Scam

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InvestmentBeta is supposedly going to help manage your portfolio. However, the scheme possess a great deal of unknowns. The services was allegedly founded in 2016. The site does not openly render investment information as well as guarantees to the people they target. So far, we only know that InvestmentBeta is a Crypto currency investment scheme. But it’s quite elusive due to the fact that it does not present us with the kind of information needed to make an informed decision.

According to the marketing material posted on their website, InvestmentBeta is privately owned non-ponzi scheme company with special operations in Crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin trading.

Their about us page claims that InvestmentBeta has managed over $30 million in investor funds since 2016. They also claim that they recently opened their platform to worldwide investors and anyone can now invest with InvestmentBeta.

The site claims that all investor funds are managed by ”Binary Options trading experts”. But we would like to know who these experts are because they have not been introduced by name and their pictures as well. In addition to this, no reference to licensing has been made. It could possibly mean that these people are required to have a license which they do not have in the first place.

And last but not least, these folks can be reached through their contact submission form or through their email which is available on the website.

So the assumption is that when we invest some funds with this site, their expert traders will begin trading them for profits and we will earn a specific monthly ROI. This is a very common thing on the internet and nearly 90% of sites that make these claims are often not honest with their potential clients.

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This can be a ridiculous Crypto currency scam. Let’s find out whether InvestmentBeta is an exception in this case:

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InvestmentBeta Review

InvestmentBeta.Tech is the full domain name of the site. But nowhere on this website have they introduced their corporate details or even their terms and conditions page reveals that Investment Beta is operating on its own. There is no entity that is responsible for overseeing its activities.


Their website also mentions a person known as Sean Brooks who is allegedly the CEO of InvestmentBeta.Tech. Other alleged board members on the site include CFO James Pedro, Senior Board Member Lucy Michaelas and Sarah Lawson who is also another Senior Board Member.

Surprisingly, these people have zero digital footprints and their background information cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. By the way, we were able to discover that this information was fictitious. If the site is not honest about the identities of their team members, you should avoid it altogether because the site is not being honest. Something looks fishy here and don’t be surprised that as we continue exploring this site further, we will find even more disturbing information.

How it works

InvestmentBeta.Tech tells us that investor portfolio are managed by a team of binary options experts. But we have already seen that this team is fake. The board members including the alleged CFO are fake people. Their images belong to other people who have nothing to do with this business.

However, the site insists that investor funds are doubled through the following method:

”We use a high frequency trading algorithm and since the price of Bitcoin keeps changing by the minute, our algorithm is able to transact thousands of Satoshi every minute.”

They also claim that the trading system is able to lock in the price difference, hence we make a profit. Whereas this sounds very convincing, there are a few issues with the way this statement is being told. The first problem is that InvestmentBeta is claiming to double investments of their clients in record 7 days. This is suspicious because even the best hedge funds in this business have no realistic way of doubling their clients’ funds. In fact, it is not possible.

But if this was possible, we believe that InvestmentBeta would never share with you this opportunity. The fact of the matter is that anybody would can double invested funds in 7 days is a very smart person and they cannot share their success with you for a couple of hundreds of dollars. So this is just too good to be true.

At the time of writing this InvestmentBeta, the site claimed that they were only accepting deposits in form of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

Based on our observation, we realize that InvestmentBeta is only accepting irreversible forms of payment. There is no Visa or MasterCard payments that are being supported. PayPal is also a big no. This means that when you have sent your money to these scammers, there is no hope of ever recovering it unless it turns out that they are not criminals. In that case, they will reverse the payment.

More evidence that this is a scam

In their FAQ section, InvestmentBeta claims that they will pay you double the amount invested into the program, and this is 7 days.

Only a scam can promise to make you rich in a short time. There is no form of online investing that doubles investments in 7 days. The site is definitely lying about the potential returns it can give simply because they are scammers. We have zero doubt about this.

Again, they are blatantly concealing ownership information which is working against them because no sane trader will be asking for your money while hiding away on the internet. There is no way you can trust such a character even if he says he is registered with the financial regulators.

In short, this is an attempt to scam internet users and those who are looking for opportunities that can let them earn a passive income.

Our best advice for you

InvestmentBeta is a dirty scam and you should never be involved with such a website unless you plan to lose your funds. In the meantime, make money with these Crypto bots.

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